About Our Surrogacy/Egg Donation Program

//About Our Surrogacy/Egg Donation Program
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Surrogacy/Egg Donation Program Based in San Diego


Welcome to our all-encompassing program includes our in-house Psychologists, Attorneys and surrogacy service all under one roof. But it does not stop there! Our exceptional and reputable network of OBGYN’s fully understand the surrogacy arrangement and are ready to work with not only our surrogates but also with our Intended Parents allowing you to have direct contact with those taking care of your surrogate mother and developing baby.

We understand that there may have been many emotional and financially burdening avenues traveled prior to deciding on surrogacy. We know that the aspects of trying to create your family can be overwhelming. That is why your search for the perfect team starts and ends with our center. Our numerous years of dedication and extensive knowledge is only part of what we offer you at Physician’s Surrogacy. Our center provides our clients an all-inclusive service oriented approach to making your dreams of building a family a reality.

Because of our innovative approach to integrated services, we are able to provide you with surrogate mothers who have already been screened, both psychologically and medically, therefore offering your peace of mind and controlling a lot of the risks from the very beginning.

At Physician’s Surrogacy you will have the opportunity to consult with our doctors, psychologists, attorneys and surrogacy team all in one visit and all under one roof.

Physician’s Surrogacy is here to help your dreams become a reality.

The Physician’s Surrogacy team and been the guiding light for over 1,000 families, leading them through successful surrogacy and egg donation cases.  Our team has over 25 years of first-hand experience working with families from all over the world and have become the leaders in the industry, proving we are doing it right.

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