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Today 95% of all traditional agencies are started and managed by former surrogates, egg donors or Intended Parents. While these parties may understand the emotional aspects, some may not have the clinical background to effectively manage the other intricacies of this complex and costly medical process.

At Physician’s Surrogacy, our agency is managed by in-house physicians, specifically obstetricians, giving us a unique advantage over the traditional agency model. We are raising the standard of care in surrogacy management and guiding you through the family building process from selection to beyond delivery.


Our mission is to provide all the necessary resources to help make your journey a smooth process. Through comprehensive education, case management and support, our team of physicians and other medical professionals guide you through the entire surrogacy process, ensuring your safety and peace of mind each step of the way.

Our Values and Commitment

Physician Managed Journey

Your journey is managed by a physician from surrogate selection to beyond delivery. It starts with our surrogate selection criteria, which is established by our physicians and far exceeds ASRM and FDA standards. Our strigent pre-screening protocols not only include preliminary lab work, but an internal OB records review of prior pregnancies and deliveries. We also facilitate all clinical communication with your IVF center and your surrogate’s OB providers. Your surrogate will be closely monitored throughout their journey and detailed reports will be sent to you. If you have any questions, you’re able to communicate directly with our in-house physician.

No fees until a confirmed match

We offer a complimentary consultation and surrogacy profile review before any fees are collected. Our goal is for you to understand our process, get to know us and be confident that your surrogacy journey will be as smooth as possible. While other agencies take an initial fee upfront before profiles are presented, Physician’s Surrogacy waits until a match is confirmed with both you and your surrogate before we collect any fees. This saves you both time and money.

Accelerated Timeline

With most agencies, Intended Parents will wait 6-12 months to find a surrogate. Having the largest surrogacy program in the nation, our average matching timeline is one week from profile presentation to confirmed match. Coupled with our integrated service approach, we can reduce the average time of your journey by 200% or more.

Stringent standards ensure commitment

As experienced OBs, we understand there are many factors that could potentially impact a successful surrogacy pregnancy. Using our medical expertise, we have created one of the industry’s most stringent pre-screening processes, giving us an unmatched advantage. Prior to you spending money on travel and medical screenings, we require a comprehensive household background check, internal OB review of prior pregnancy and delivery records as well as preliminiary diagnostic screenings to ensure the physical readiness and commitment of your surrogate.

Transparent physician-monitored reporting

Our physician team oversees all aspects of the process from selection to beyond delivery. This includes facilitating direct clinical communication. We closely monitor your surrogate’s jouney through reports, and where necessary, through physician-to-physician interaction with their OB and IVF specialist. Detailed reports are sent to the parents who can communicate directly with our in-house physician.

Transparent Costs

We have designed a comprehensive financial structure that allows us to be transparent from beginning to end. Our surrogate compensation packages are flat-rate, minimizing unexpected costs and providing financial peace of mind.

Distinct support for all parties

We realize needs may differ for each party, which is why we provide you and your surrogate 4 distinct support teams, who work together to ensure a successful outcome for all parties involved.

Our Team

Our in-house team of medical and professional staff partner in all aspects of the journey.

Medical Experts Team

  • OB-Managed Surrogacy Journey
  • Direct Contact and Communicate between Parties
  • Reliable Medical Expertise

Surrogate Support Team

  • Responsible for stringent screening process
  • Provides support for surrogates during and after their pregnancy
  • Offers around-the-clock support

Clinical Coordination Team

  • Works with surrogates one-on-one
  • Liaison between reproductive endocrinologist, case manager and surrogate

Case Management Team

  • Multilingual to support families from all over the world
  • Works with physicians to closely monitor surrogate and baby progress and report to the Intended Parents
  • Interfaces with intended parents, internal and external clinical teams and surrogate


Surrogates are passionate about helping other families become whole.

egg donors stories

“I think it’s beautiful that I have the potential to give a mother the chance to experience the joy in carrying and then giving birth.”

first surrogate mother

“I have always wanted to give back in some way. My pregnancy was not a difficult process, I thought I would like to bless a family another with a child.”

egg donor woman

“It was a calling for me to help bless someone and make their dreams come true”

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