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Understanding the Working of Female Reproductive System

When the Female Reproductive System Parts are Working Together, Magic Happens The female reproductive system has several functions, all related to the propagation of the species. Female reproduction system is the cornerstone of reproduction, the male’s contribution is a lot less involved and complicated. To understand the female reproductive system, you first need to recognize

How to Win the Battle of Infertility

Infertility is a Battle, You Fight with Everything You Have and Then You Reach Acceptance Infertility is an insidious enemy, it often attacks with no warning and leaves its victims perplexed, angry and sad. So how do you fight an enemy that can rob you of your self-esteem along with your thwarting your biological urge

How to Support Your Partner During Infertility Treatment

During Infertility Treatment Women Suffer Guilt and Stress, By Reminding Her That You Love and Support Her You Can Lift Some of the Burden Infertility treatment can be one of the emotionally charged things a couple can go through and most of the stress and worry is taken on by the woman. It’s not fair,

Ovulation Signs – Determine Your Best Fertile Time

When You’re Trying to Determine Your Fertility Days You Start Charting Your Period Then Narrow Down Using Ovulation Signs That pregnancy you now desire so much starts with knowing when ovulation occurs, so you can schedule intercourse for the optimal chance at conception in any given month. The funny thing is, to find out when

Family Building – Path to Being a Parent is Different for Everyone

If Being a Parent is Important to You, There Are Many Ways to Build a Family Most people who want to build a family eventually have a family. It isn’t always built exactly the way they envisioned, or on their original timeline, but if they’re intentions are there to become a parent, they will become

Why Egg Donation is the Right Option for You

Egg Donation is an Incredible Gift for Women Without Viable Eggs Most people know what egg donation is, but very few realize they know someone who has used an egg donor to build a family. A lot of people view it as a cross between fertility assistance, since IVF is used for gestational surrogacy, and

How to Help Someone Who is Struggling to Conceive

If You’re Trying to Help Someone Who is Trying to Conceive Stay Positive and Supportive When a woman is trying to conceive she, and her partner get all sorts of advice and nosy questions. Most of the time the advice isn’t helpful, and the nosy questions just add to their stress. Here is a list

Coping with Infertility While Thinking of Adoption

The Stages of Grief Experienced While Undergoing Infertility Treatment Can Help Prepare You for Life After Infertility and Adoption Most people who go through an adoption have gone through infertility treatment first. This is not because adoption is a “second best” scenario when it comes to becoming parents but because humans are programmed to reproduce

7 Habits that Can Negatively Affect Fertility in Women

Female Infertility is Affected by Numerous Factors, Here Are 7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Impact Women’s Fertility There are so many factors affecting female fertility that it’s remarkable anyone ever gets pregnant but, as we all know, most women who want to become pregnant eventually do. Women’s fertility, in particular, is influenced by a large