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Surrogacy is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

You don't have to choose between surrogacy or a job. You can do surrogacy as a stay-at-home mom or as a second job, all while getting compensated for it. We admire your desire to give the most beautiful gift in the world to a family, while financially helping your own.

How It Works

There is NO genetic relationship between the baby and the surrogate

Our surrogacy agency exclusively offers Gestational Surrogacy, which is the process by which a fertilized embryo is implanted in a surrogate, who will carry the resulting child to term.

Gestational Surrogacy Process


We are not JUST an Agency

Physician's Surrogacy is a physician-managed, all-inclusive surrogacy agency. With dedicated physicians managing your journey from selection to beyond delivery, we provide an unparalleled advantage over the traditional agency model.

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What are Our
Surrogate Qualifications?

  • Be 21 to 37 years old
  • Have at least one child of your own
  • Have a BMI under 32
  • Be able to pass a background screening
  • Either be a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident of AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, IL, FL, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NV, OR, RI, SC, TX, UT, WA or VT
Application Process
  • Complete the application to see whether you qualify
  • Brief phone interview to explain the process
  • Background check
  • Medical records review
Screening Process
  • Medical screening
  • Psychological screening
Comprehensive Matching Process
  • Surrogate and Intended Parents matched upon detailed criteria
  • Comprehensive legal contract with clear legal guidelines for each party
IVF Process
  • Start Birth Control, begin self-injectables
  • Internal monitoring for 1st trimester
  • Embryo transfer
  • Confirmation of pregnancy
OB/GYN Supervised Pregnancy
  • Close monitoring of Surrogate on a regular basis
  • Psychological support
  • Case manager available 24 hours
  • OB/GYN Delivery
  • Birth Plan Preparation
After Delivery Support
  • Continued support and guidance for post-delivery

The Surrogacy Process

Surrogate Stories and Testimonials

My Surrogacy Journey was Incredible Thanks to Physician’s Surrogacy and Their Wonderful Coordinator

I feel so lucky I found them when I was researching on becoming a surrogate. When I first came into contact with the Coordinator at Physician’s Surrogacy she made us feel so comfortable, I knew I had found the right agency. I felt confident that everyone knew what was going to happen and no questions went unanswered. Making the decision to become a surrogate was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life (aside from having our own beautiful daughter). The adventure from meeting the Intended Parents to finally watching them interact with their baby is indescribable. I was able to help give them a beautiful Read more

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My ultimate goal in this is to bless a family the way I was blessed with my angel baby

"I don’t plan on having another child of my own. My body is perfectly capable of carrying a child, so I decided it would be the perfect choice to become a surrogate. Pregnancy is an amazing experience from start to finish. Not being able to bare their own children isn’t something that women ask for. I feel for those who want it so badly but can’t do it on their own. I understand what it means to be a surrogate.

I understand the child is not “mine” even though it will be in my body. My ultimate goal in this is to bless a family the way I was blessed with my angel baby

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It was a calling for me to help bless someone and make their dreams come true

The first time I ever heard of the term “surrogate” was a few years ago. At the time I had no idea what it really was. It was not until I had a close personal experience with my older sister wanting another child but not knowing if she herself was able to carry the pregnancy. She asked if I would ever consider carrying a child for her.

The hope and the little bit of faith it gives a woman with a chance to have a child was so beautiful.

The term and idea lingered since then. It was a subject that came up over and over, and peaked my interest to do more reading and research on it. The deeper I looked, it felt right, like it was a calling for me to help bless someone and make their dreams come true

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Why not? My surrogacy journey with Physician’s Surrogacy

I had thought long and hard for many years about surrogacy but often wondered if I were brave enough. I finally said to myself why not? Life is too short… there are many couples out there who wish to start a family and why not be the one to help them do so as a surrogate you want to share the wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth to those who simply cannot for themselves. One day I asked my seven year old daughter what she would think of me if I carried another child in my belly for a mommy and daddy who cannot. She simply replied, “That would be nice of you mommy."

The only words that mattered, motivated me even more

Having the support from friends and family; the ones who mean the most to you, made me feel so much more stronger and prouder of myself. The journey was incredibly wonderful to have all the support I needed, especially from my surrogate support person and team at physicians surrogacy! What made it even more special was hearing from the intended parents throughout my journey-knowing how much I “was truly appreciated and how happy they were, made me feel so honored and blessed! In the end, my journey was simply about giving life

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What You Need to Know About Surrogacy.

  • General
  • Process
  • Medical
  • Compensation
  • Coronavirus Concerns

Can I be a Surrogate if I am a single parent?

Yes. We believe single mothers are just as capable of being Surrogates as a woman who is married. If you are single, it is very important that you have some type of support system in place prior to committing to any Surrogate program.

Can I be a Surrogate if I don’t have health insurance?

Whether you have insurance or not, a Surrogate-specific insurance plan will be purchased for you by the Intended Parents for the duration of your pregnancy. All medical bills are handled by our accounting department.

Is surrogacy legal in my state?

If you are uncertain about the laws in your state regarding surrogacy, please fill out an application to see whether you would qualify based on the state you live in. You will get a response within 72 hours of submitting your application.

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

A gestational surrogate is a woman who becomes pregnant using an embryo created by the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Pregnancy may be achieved using the mother’s eggs and the father’s sperm. Donor eggs or donor sperm can also be used. There will be no genetic relationship to the Surrogate.

Why should I choose Physician’s Surrogacy instead of other agencies or independent surrogacy?

  • Surrogacy is a medical process which is why we believe that you should have full medical support during your pregnancy. While other agencies are managed by previous Surrogates or past Intended Parents, we are an OB managed agency. Previous Surrogates and past Intended Parents may understand the emotional aspects of surrogacy but often lack the clinical background and business skills to efficiently manage the complexities of a pregnancy process.
  • We pay the highest compensation for first time Surrogates in the industry. While other agencies advertise high compensation amounts, you will find out after going through their application process that the advertised amount is not what you will be offered. We are very transparent about the compensation and make sure that you understand from the beginning what your financial situation will be during this journey with us. Transparency is crucial when it comes to money and our approach gives you financial clarity from the start.

Will I be biologically related to the baby I am carrying?

No, you will NOT be biologically related to the baby that you are carrying for the Intended Parents. As a Gestational Surrogate, your eggs will NOT be used. It will be the eggs of either the Intended Mother or the Egg Donor that is being used.

Will the birth certificate have my and/or my husband’s names on it?

Your name and your husband/spouse’s name will NOT be on the birth certificate. The Intended Parents will be the ones who will have full parental rights to the baby and it will be their names that appear on the birth certificate.

Surrogate FAQs

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Surrogacy 101

Everything you need to know about becoming a Surrogate with Physician's Surrogacy. There's a lot to learn. This comprehensive info session covers all aspects of surrogacy, from the requirements to the process, compensation, considerations when selecting an agency, and the experiences of other women who have given this incredible gift. Invite your partner or support system to join you in watching. We're standing by on live chat to answer your questions.


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  • Traditionally, surrogacy compensation is a combination of a base amount plus a variable benefits package, which can be confusing.
  • We have thoughtfully designed our compensation plan with you in mind, which is why our Surrogates get paid an absolute fixed amount. Your compensation is divided into equal lump sum monthly payments helping you understand your benefits and financially plan.
  • Here is an overview of our compensation plan. Once you complete your application, you can ask your coordinator questions about compensation and they can even show you ways to increase your earnings.


We believe transparency about compensation is essential

First Time

Surrogates Earn

* Experienced Surrogates earn more 

State Employed Unemployed
Southern California $ 60,000 $ 53,500
Northern California, Nevada $ 55,000 $ 48,500
Arizona, Colorado, DC, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, Oregon and Washington $ 50,000 $ 43,500