Tips for Filling Out

Your Donor Application

Tips for Filling Out Your Donor Application

As you begin moving through the steps to become an egg donor with Physician’s Surrogacy, you will find that there are certain requirements you must meet to qualify. While our team will carefully consider all parts of your application, we’d like to share a few tips and words of encouragement to help your profile stand out among the donor crowd and quickly match with intended parents!


  • Providing quality photos will be your most effective path to matching with intended parents. Please upload photos that meet our ideal guidelines: (at least one of each)
    • Childhood
    • current headshot
    • full body
  • Do not submit photos that have heavy editing, multiple people, poor lighting, sunglasses, heavy make up, or filters. Intended parents want to clearly see your beautiful face and distractions may impact their decision-making.

Example: Instead of a selfie with the trendiest Snapchat filter, opt for a photo from your graduation ceremony or family vacation. We love smiling faces, bright lighting, and family-friendly content.


  • The application will ask that you provide information related to your educational background, hobbies, family history, medical history, blood type, etc.
  • Please take the time to be accurate, detailed, and grammatically correct with your responses. From the intended parents’ perspective, there are several moving pieces when choosing a donor, so we greatly appreciate the effort and time taken to thoroughly complete the application.

Example: Instead of listing “European” as your ethnic background, please specify country of origin (French).


  • Choosing to become an egg donor invites you to help grow a family, and we are incredibly thankful for your generosity.
  • We hope that your donation experience is just as rewarding for you as it is for the intended parents, and this can best be achieved when you bring your most authentic, genuine self.
  • Please be honest in your application, so our team can meet you halfway and support you from day one.

Example: NONE. Just be yourself, nobody is perfect. An open mind and authentic attitude will get you farther and make for an overall more positive experience.

If you have questions about the process or your application, we would love to help you navigate through this process.


Please contact us at or call 858-847-5939.

Fill out this form and we will send you a reminder to complete the application.