Physician’s Surrogacy Exciting Updates

We’re not just an agency.
We’re the nation’s only physician-managed agency.

What’s New

OB Ordered Lab Testing

Physician’s Surrogacy now allows your Intended Parents to directly elect for additional testing during the first and second trimester, offering reassurance about the health of their child and assurance that it’s not omitted. Antenatal testing is used to evaluate the baby’s well-being throughout the surrogate’s pregnancy. For many of your Intended Parents, antenatal testing provides reassurance that their baby will be healthy and reduces the chances of unforeseen challenges.

While in many OB offices this testing is reserved only for high-risk pregnancies, most Intended Parents who undergo IVF and surrogacy view it as peace of mind that their child will be healthy. Unfortunately, most Intended Parents are not even aware these tests are available, nor do they have the opportunity to elect to have them done. As an OB-managed agency, Physician’s Surrogacy secures your option and provides reassurance for a successful outcome.

LabCorp Partnerships

Physician’s Surrogacy is excited to announce a national partnership with LabCorp! This supports our OB ordered testing as well as our rigorous pre-screening for our surrogates. Bringing you a synonymous level of service.

Available Surrogate Page

We have launched our available surrogate page, that is updated daily to give your IP’s peace of mind. As the largest surrogacy program in North America, and our extensive resources, your Intended Parents will enjoy little to no wait time. This allows them to quickly fulfill their dreams of building a family.

We have created one of the industry’s most stringent pre-screening processes, which includes a comprehensive background check, internal OB review of prior pregnancy and delivery records, and preliminary diagnostic screenings. This ensures your Intended Parents surrogate is physically and mentally ready before they are even presented to them.

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Illinois Launch

Physician’s Surrogacy is growing! We have launched our program in the state of Illinois. This expansion allows more surrogate options for your domestic and international Intended Parents! We have plans for further expansion in 2020! Stay tuned to see where Physician’s Surrogacy goes next!

Advisory Board

Announcing our Advisory Board to improved surrogacy outcomes! The Physician’s Surrogacy Advisory Board offers its experience, expertise and insights to our leadership to support our vision, actualize our mission and continually improve the standard of care in surrogacy.

Our Advisory Board, comprised of experienced specialists in obstetric, fetal and neonatal medicine, has come together to proactively collaborate on opportunities to minimize risks and maximize successful outcomes. This Advisory Board helps us to navigate and mitigate the potential uncertainties and complexities of the pregnancy and delivery processes. We aim to raise the bar in the surrogacy industry and set a new standard of care for surrogacy management among providers, within hospital systems, and within the community.

2020 ACA Concerns?

With the 2020 changes in the ACA plans requiring liens, we have developed new insurance options that will make surrogacy insurance affordable and straight forward.

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How to Refer

Our complimentary consultation offers your patients an opportunity to learn how we can work together to support their family creation dreams.

Three ways to refer:

Send your patients contact information directly or a warm introduction email.

Provide your patients contact information and our Intended Parents team will reach out.

Submit a secure referral form located under the “Become a Partner” menu.

Benefits to Your Patients

We offer a complimentary consultation and surrogate profile review, saving your patients both time and money.

Our average matching timeline is 1 week from profile presentation to legal referral.

Eliminates drop off rates and disappointment.

Allows your patients to benefit from additional testing that may be otherwise omitted.

Intended parents are able to directly communicate with our in-house physicians.

Intended Parents enjoy a comparable cost for a far superior service.

Our staff speaks multiple languages in order to support international clientele.

Our absolute pricing and proprietary newborn insurance policies eliminate unforeseen costs.

Benefits to Your Clinic

Ensuring the best outcomes for both you and the intended parents. Our clinical expertise allows us to enjoy less than 50% of the national average preterm delivery rate.

Due to the size of our program, patients do not have to wait to find the ideal match.

As a featured partner, we will recommend your center for consultations for Intended Parents that have not created embryos.

Supports our collaborative effort and expedite the process for your referred Intended Parent.

Support monitoring for our surrogates in your local area.