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Physician’s Surrogacy is a top-notch leading agency in the field and offers an array of fertility services to fit different needs. With our professionalism, compassion, and experience we are committed to helping families grow through surrogacy and as a result, we stand out above the rest. We are able to provide assistance to couples experiencing fertility problems, same-sex couples, and individuals of any gender (man or woman) seeking to start a family through assisted reproductive technology.


Our select and thorough screening process will connect you with the most qualified, open-hearted, and prepared Surrogates to make your family dreams a reality. We do not stop there. Our surrogacy agency in Denver also offers integral services by supporting and protecting the health and finances of both the Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Denver – The Ideal Place of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Did you know that Denver has one of the most surrogacy- friendly judicial systems in the country? That is one of the major reasons why we are able to be so successful in Colorado. Denver courts grant Intended Parents pre-birth parentage orders (PBOs) even before the baby is delivered. The Intended parents’ name goes on the birth certificate of the baby which in turn eliminates any lengthy and expensive adoption process. Our courts in Denver issue PBOs in a timely manner, which is usually within 2-3 weeks while still charging comparatively low court fees.


Most importantly, the surrogacy agency in Denver does not use gender to dictate who can be a Parent. Because of this, any Intended Parents of either gender, regardless of marital status, and living anywhere in the world could actually start their family through surrogacy in Denver. We look forward to connecting with you and being a positive influential support system while you take the essential first steps towards this very important journey of your life.

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Become a Parent in Denver

We understand the decision to begin your family by the means of gestational surrogacy can be extremely overwhelming. We know this better than any other surrogacy agency in Denver. That is why we ensure our guidance and support is at your fingertips to streamline the entire process. Our professionalism, compassion, and transparency are absolutely priceless as we walk with you through every stage from beginning to end. Our agency will do everything we can to help demystify the process of surrogacy. So that we can make your journey as comfortable and smooth as possible.


Physician’s Surrogacy focuses on quality matches with Surrogates. Our Surrogates not only meet all of the physical and medical qualifications required but also must undergo and pass a psychological screening. This assists in finding Surrogates who possess personality traits that match perfectly with our Intended Parents. We are proud to be a member of the third-party reproduction community, offering gestational surrogacy services to all Intended Parents and Surrogates in Denver, Colorado.

Our Surrogates are Healthy and Compassionate

We love the fact that our surrogates are ranked as the healthiest in the country. All of our surrogates rely upon our agency for every kind of support, from scheduling their appointments to even reviewing insurance forms. Our Surrogacy Agency in Denver makes it a point to check in regularly with your surrogates so that we can keep our Intended Parents updated on each and every detail.


As can be seen that a surrogacy journey is truly one of the most exciting, life-changing experiences for both Surrogates and Intended Parents, and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and supported as much as possible.

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Surrogacy Laws in Denver

Like a few other states, Colorado has no state laws that deal specifically with surrogacy. Furthermore, Denver does have many laws that deal with assisted reproduction. For example, the law affirms that the male/husband of a couple who conceives a child through donor sperm can be considered the child’s father, while the mother/wife in a couple who conceives a child through an Egg Donor can be considered the child’s mother.


Keeping this in mind, however, the law explicitly excludes surrogacy from this statute, by addressing any woman who seeks “to conceive a child for herself, not as a surrogate.” Surrogacy Agencies of Denver has yet to have any laws that deal specifically with surrogacy for gay couples, although in 2007, a law made it legal for LGBT individuals to adopt the child of their same-sex partner.

We Strive to Be the Best Surrogacy Agency in Denver

As the leading surrogacy agency in Denver, Colorado, we possess the expertise and knowledge to make your journey truly special. Physician’s Surrogacy is well known for helping individuals and couples find their most preferred gestational carrier. This extensive matching process is managed by our reproductive experts here in Denver. Not only that but we also assist with the handling of all financial aspects in the process. Thereafter we follow a personalized approach and have some of the highest success rates in Denver. We have a team of supportive staff available 24 hours, who are ready to assist you unquestionably with anything you need.


Reach out to us at our office in Denver to begin your surrogacy journey and fulfill your dream of becoming a parent today. To take the first step, fill out the form below and you will be contacted by Physician’s Surrogacy to set up a consultation.