Egg Donation

Extensive Donor Program and Egg Bank

Egg Donation

Extensive Donor Program and Egg Bank

Our donor program and Egg Bank are nationally and internationally renowned and acclaimed, consisting of a wide variety of international and domestic donors from around the world, allowing you to select what’s most important to you.

Egg Bank

  • Our egg bank puts intended parents in complete control of their timeline, as banked eggs are available for immediate use.
  • Selecting donors from our bank eliminates waiting time and unforeseen setbacks.
  • Ideal for families seeking to create multiple embryos or dual parentage, allowing for future siblings.
  • Maximize success rates due to a guaranteed yield of mature eggs.

Extensive Donor Database

  • Whether it’s IQ, aesthetics, cultural diversity or gifts and talents you’re looking for, our extensive database features thousands of options to assure you have the opportunity to select the characteristics most important to you.
  • Wide variety of international and domestic donors from around the world

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation, more commonly referred to as “donor egg”, is an assisted reproductive technology that uses In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to allow a woman to experience pregnancy and motherhood using another woman’s eggs. Thousands of women have used donated eggs to become pregnant.

In some cases, surrogacy is used in conjunction with a donor egg if the woman is unable to carry the pregnancy to term, or for single men, LGBT-individuals and couples.

One of the main benefits of IVF in conjunction with a donor egg is its high rate of success due to the use of young, high-quality and fertile egg donors. Success rates are more dependent on the age of the egg than the uterus. Therefore, women who have not been successful in getting pregnant on their own may have more success with a donor egg.  Success rates for donor egg IVF can be three to 10 times higher than with traditional IVF.  Additionally, the donor egg recipient has both options of either carrying the pregnancy herself or alternately, working with a gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy to term.

Why Consider an Egg Donor?

There are many reasons one considers using an egg donor. For some, the option will be an expected step in the IVF and ART process, while for others it may be a decision they arrive at after lack of success in using their own egg. Whatever the circumstances, for all couples and individuals, the donor egg options offer hope in the promise of creating a family.


  • Single men

  • Same-sex male couples
  • Advanced maternal age


  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Ovarian failure after cancer treatment
  • Repetitive IVF failure or miscarriage
  • Anatomical issues preventing oocyte retrieval
  • Inherited genetic disease and chromosomal abnormalities

Quality Frozen Donor Eggs Reduce Risks on Your Path to Parenthood

  • Vitrification has advanced the technology so eggs are less likely to be harmed during freezing process

  • Recipient enjoys the convenience and control of scheduling treatment cycles on their own timeline (no cycle synchronization or challenging scheduling logistics)

  • Less expensive than IVF cycles with fresh donor eggs
  • Shortened timeline between selection and transfer. Complete treatment in 6-8 weeks compared to 3-5 months for fresh cycle

  • Less time consuming, inconvenient and costly than fresh donor cycles

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