Egg Donation

Extensive Donor Program and Egg Bank
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Egg Donation

Extensive Donor Program and Egg Bank
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Our donor program is internationally renowned, consisting of a wide variety of donors from around the world. This allows you to find your ideal match.

how egg donation works

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process where eggs are removed from a fertile woman (usually under the age of 35) and donated to another woman in order to help her conceive. In some cases, donor eggs are used in conjunction with surrogacy (usually for individuals and LGBT couples).

Once the Intended Parent has chosen their donor, the eggs are then fertilized in our laboratory. The resulting embryos are transferred into the recipient via in vitro fertilization (IVF). Some or all of the embryos may also be frozen for later use.

Egg donation is typically recommended when a woman can no longer produce healthy eggs to become pregnant on her own (usually women of advanced age or  have suffered from premature ovarian failure).

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Why Consider an Egg Donor?

Many couples struggling with infertility will consider egg donation during their family building journey. Egg donation offers a very high success rate and in most cases the egg donor and recipient remain anonymous. It also provides a way for same sex couples to start a family.

Medical reasons may also factor in a couples decision to use an egg donor. Some reasons include: premature ovarian failure, a recent cancer diagnosis, or inherited genetic diseases.

Egg donation provides a new hope for couples and individuals in making their dreams of a family possible.


  • Single men

  • Same-sex male couples
  • Advanced maternal age


  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Ovarian failure after cancer treatment
  • Repetitive IVF failure or miscarriage
  • Anatomical issues preventing oocyte retrieval
  • Inherited genetic disease and chromosomal abnormalities
Egg Donor Database

Extensive Donor Database

  • Our database consists of a wide variety of donors from around the world. No matter what qualities you are looking for, our extensive donor database allows you to find your perfect match.

frozen donor eggs

Do Frozen Donor Eggs Lower my Chances of Becoming Pregnant?

With the many advances in egg preservation technology, you have almost the same chance of becoming pregnant whether you are using fresh or frozen eggs. There are a variety of reasons why Intended Parents choose to use frozen eggs:

  • Vitrification is used so eggs are less likely to be harmed during the freezing process

  • The recipient is able to create their own timeline (no cycle synchronization or scheduling logistics).

  • Less expensive than IVF cycles with fresh donor eggs

  • Shortened timeline between selection and transfer. Complete treatment takes 6-8 weeks compared to 3-5 months for a fresh cycle

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