How much money to donate eggs?

Egg donation can be an extremely gratifying and rewarding experience. Becoming an egg donor is a selfless act that can completely transform the life of another individual or couple. A simple two-week procedure will not only leave you with a lifetime of satisfaction, but also generous compensation.

How much do you get paid to donate eggs?

On average, first-time egg donors get paid $7,000 to $25,000 per cycle. How much you get paid to donate eggs depends on many factors, including education, donation history, ethnic diversity and other factors. Experienced donors are likely to earn even more because the intended parents can review information from their last retrieval and have a better understanding about the number and quality of eggs retrieved from that donor in the past. Additionally, experienced donors understand the process and level of commitment required for egg donation, reducing compliance risks with the intended parents.

Why do egg donors get paid? 

Egg donor compensation exists to cover your time and effort in the egg donation process. It guarantees that throughout hormone intake and multiple check-ups, you can focus on taking care of yourself. Egg donors should be celebrated and rewarded for all they do and intended parents are more than happy to compensate you, as a show of gratitude.

What can you do with the compensation?

Our egg donors use the money from egg donation to pay off student loans, continue graduate school, travel the world, and even buy a car! This process gives you the flexibility to pursue your dreams as well as provide a financial cushion.

How to start the egg donation process

We recommend filling out the application to see if you qualify. This allows you to speak with one of our intake coordinators during your interview to learn more about the egg donation process and to fully understand your compensation package.

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If you have any questions about compensation, the process or how to get started, please contact us at or call or text (858) 342-3327 .