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The nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy program.
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Why Choose Physician’s Surrogacy Over Other Agencies?

Since the first gestational surrogacy in 1985, the science and technology of third party reproduction has progressed over time.

Surrogacy has become more common and professionalism around the industry has matured. However, the evolution of the surrogacy agency model and standards have not. Unfortunately, for gestational carriers in the agency world, there is no set professional standard.

Physician-Managed, All-Inclusive Model

Physician’s Surrogacy offers our gestational carriers the unparalleled advantages of a physician-guided surrogacy journey as well as a comprehensive infrastructure to support the medical aspects of this journey. This ensures you and the intended parents are supported throughout the journey.

Important Considerations When Selecting a Surrogacy Agency

You have decided to embark on this journey and give the most altruistic gift. Before selecting an agency, these are important considerations that you owe to yourself and we feel that we owe to you.


  • Is the compensation structure a straightforward flat rate package?
  • How much do their first-time surrogates make?

Clinical Experience:

  • Are physicians managing all facets of surrogacy journey from selection beyond delivery?
  • Are all embryos PGS-tested prior to implantation?


  • Do they provide surrogate-friendly insurance policy specifically for your journey?

  • Do they provide independent, in-house legal counsel for you?

Comprehensive Care/Support

  • Do they have distinct support teams designated forintended parents and surrogates, dedicated to providing equal support for each party?

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We believe transparency about compensation is crucial to allow you to make a confident decision when selecting an agency. We’ve designed a straightforward compensation structure to ensure our surrogates are paid an absolute fixed amount. Our first-time surrogates enjoy the highest compensation in the industry. We also realize the value of experience and offer experienced surrogates opportunity for increased compensation for each journey they choose to embark on.

As you’ll see, our structureis outlined for both employed and unemployed surrogates. We choose to compensate employed surrogates at the outset for any potential time they may take off work, whether its physician ordered or by choice.

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Clinical Experience

Our clinical experience raises the bar and sets the standards. As a physician-operated agency, we pride ourselves on setting the most stringent standards, designed to keep surrogacy safe.

While the general requirements for surrogacy are broad, as experienced OBs, we understand the pregnancy and delivery variables that are important to minimizing risks for the surrogate and child theyare to carry. All applications are reviewed by our clinical team and all pregnancy and delivery records are thoroughly examined by our in-house physicians prior to a huge investment oftime and energy on your part.

Our experience also offers distinct advantages over traditional agencies in that the OB and clinical team acts as a liaison between you, your managing physician and the intended parents, to ensure that there is medical oversight and you are not left to perform all clinical communications. A dedicated physician will support you from selection beyond delivery.

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A safeguard we feel is invaluable to our surrogates is ensuring that all embryos are PGS tested. All intended parent embryos undergo PGS testing to ensure there are no chromosomal abnormalities, which dramatically reduces the risk of miscarriage by 60%, giving you the best chance of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. While this isn’t an industry standard, this is a benefit in working with physicians who understand how to minimize physical and emotional risks.

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We strongly believe that it is an ethical obligation for us to be able to provide protection to the generous women who are willing to help another couple or individual. While other agencies accept or ask you to use your own insurance, we believe that you deserve peace of mind in having a surrogate friendly policy put in place specifically for this journey.

This ensures that expenses incurred during your surrogacy will be covered and you will not have concerns of insurance denials or fear of not meeting specific requirements. We feel it is important the surrogate be given the opportunity to work with her established OB and deliver at the hospital of her choice.We do everything we can to ensure this desire is met by offering an insurance policy that provides coverage for the facility or provider of your choice.

Independent legal counsel is given to you to provide support before, during and after your surrogacy journey to ensure you have appropriate, dedicated guidance and protection.

This support extends from establishing the agreement to ensuring agreement is enforced and all terms of the agreement are met.

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Comprehensive Care/Support

As an agency we have a responsibility to provide equal support for our surrogates as we do for our intended parents, and that often times one person doesn’t have the experience or to support all of the different needs. For this reason, we provide distinct support teams, working together to ensure a successful, supported outcome for you.

  • Intake team to focus on guiding you through application process
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team
  • Clinical coordination team to ensure comprehension of medical protocols to ensure successful outcomes
  • Team of psychologists available 24/7
  • Separate case management team for intended parents so no one’s needs are compromised.

If you have questions about the process or your application, we would love to help you navigate through this process.


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