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Surrogacy in San Francisco

San Francisco is a unique city that enjoys a diverse population making residents with any background feel welcomed and accepted. The city also has an engaging social and political climate which makes it the best destinations to raise a family. If you want to grow your family with the help of the best surrogacy agency in San Francisco, then Physician’s Surrogacy is there for you. As, the nation’s only physician-managed agency, We work with Surrogates throughout San Francisco to help build and grow families.

Surrogacy has been legal in California for many years now, and the recent changes have made the path to legal parentage easier. The state of California allows Intended Parents to be established as the legal parents of the child carried by their Gestational Surrogate. We have a team of experienced attorneys that will not only assist with the agreement between the Surrogate and Intended Parents but will also secure a Pre-Birth Order.

How does surrogacy work with us in San Francisco, California?

San Francisco is one of the best places to live if you’re considering becoming a parent through surrogacy for many reasons. Our surrogacy agency offering any surrogacy services in San Francisco only adds to the appeal of the Golden Gate city’s appeal to Intended Parents. So, let’s have a look at why San Francisco is a great choice for surrogacy with us.

With our office being located in California, San Francisco is only a stone’s throw away from us. Intended parents in California can visit our office if desired and work with our consultation team face-to-face to plan their journey to parenthood from the very beginning till the joyful end.

Physician’s Surrogacy partners with the most successful IVF clinics not only in San Francisco but throughout California. This helps to reduce the travel costs associated with your surrogacy journey. Additionally, if you have already chosen a specific IVF clinic that we may not partner with yet, we would be happy to work with your clinic of choice as well.

We work closely with Surrogates from all over California, as well as its surrounding states. Our pool of available Surrogates in California is diverse, which means that all your requirements will be met. In addition, working with a local surrogate can cut decrease the travel costs of your surrogacy cycle.

Over the past ten years, we have worked with heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples as well as singles to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Advantages of choosing surrogacy in San Francisco

  • Surrogacy is completely legal in the state of California.
  • You will be able to establish that you’re the child’s legal parent through a legal and administrative process.
  • Your name(s) will be on the child’s birth certificate after the completion of the legal process.
  • Also, California is a progressive state, and it has world-class medical care and many options for international travelers.
  • There’s a wide pool of Surrogates available in California, so you will be able to find a Surrogate meeting all your requirements.

Why are our Surrogates the best?

We offer a combination of personal and local care, combined with the most comprehensive pool of Surrogates around, basically the largest in the nation. For Intended Parents from San Francisco, this means more care and less travel. You have the advantage of a dedicated case manager who has access to a large database of potential Surrogate mothers. Each of our Surrogates is carefully screened and counseled about her roles and obligations.

All the Surrogates at Physician’s Surrogacy are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of our legal and medical process. They are fully aware of the conditions and procedures, required for this commitment before they proceed. To make the legal aspects of the process simple and stress-free we can also assist you with the best reproductive lawyer in San Francisco.

Physician’s Surrogacy services in San Francisco

We are the only physician-managed surrogacy agency not just in California but in the entire U.S. We provide medical oversight by our in-house OB/GYNs throughout the entire journey giving our intended parents a unique advantage over the traditional surrogacy agencies in San Francisco.

Laws supporting Surrogacy

Laws in California support the surrogacy process. The court can grant pre-birth parentage orders to individuals or couples regardless of who was carrying the child to term. No matter if couples are married, unmarried, opposite-sex or same-sex.

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Our team of experts has helped more than 2,000 families. Even, we lead them through successful surrogacy journeys and shared their joy at fulfilling their dream. Our commitment is to provide transparent and professional services to both our domestic and international Intended Parents. We partner with our Intended Parents with passion and help them to realize their dream by creating miracles every day.

At Physician’s Surrogacy, we understand that starting a family is one of the most important life decisions for anyone. So, we are here to help you make your dream of becoming a parent come true. Thereafter our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff is always there to answer your every question. So, sign up today for a free consultation and discuss your goals with our experts free of charge.

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