You have probably watched a couple go through immense troubles trying to bear their own children without success. Sometimes you wish you were in a position to help them achieve their dreams of a family. But lack of knowledge on how to do it has held you back. Don’t worry! Here’s how you can help friends and family and others struggling with infertility — become an egg donor!

Donating your eggs through Physician’s Surrogacy (PS) to help another couple is not only commendable but also rewarding. By bringing joy to infertile couples, you open more financial doors for yourself in the long run. That car you have always dreamt of. That house along the beach. That vacation of your dream. All these are just a stone’s throw away if you donate with PS.

But how is this possible? Well, women who choose to become egg donors are generously compensated. The intended parents (those who wish to grow their family) pay a sizable amount to achieve their dreams of a larger family. Egg donors are compensated for their time and effort in providing viable eggs for intended couples. While other fertility clinics advertise their compensation at around $5,000, we pride ourselves in being able to reward egg donors with an average of $7,000 to $25,000 per cycle!

Sounds a great deal, right? That’s because it is! Let’s get going on the egg donation process itself. Remember that for you to accrue all the above-mentioned benefits, you must be ready to go through intensive assessment tests. The tests are carried out to ensure a safe and smooth process as well as ascertaining that you are a perfect match for the intended parents and their preferences.

Egg donors are well celebrated and kindly regarded as helpful and selfless women. Donating is not only rewarding but also heartwarming. The gesture remains forever in your heart, bringing smiles on your face when you remember the positive impact your provided another family. But before you become an egg donor, here are key requirements that you must fully meet.

Psychological Well-being
Egg donors must be evaluated for their psychological well-being which is assessed through a psychological examination. Our psychologists will ask questions regarding your mental and emotional health to ensure that you are in the right state of mind to undergo the whole egg donation process. If you are in the right mental state, the intended parents are assured of you are an optimistic, vibrant, responsible and emotionally mature egg donor.

What’s more, a sound mind helps us know that you are dedicated and committed to the process. Additionally, it indicates that you will be communicative and plan accordingly. It will help us understand that you are able to follow up on your doctor’s appointments and the medications administered thereafter.

Healthy Family Medical History
It is important that we get a glimpse of your family’s health history. Our application process asks questions on your family health history to further understand potential genetic diseases that may occur. We carry out tests to screen for potential egg donors who do are not carriers of serious genetic illnesses. Additionally, intended parents like to understand what possible health complications may occur if they were to choose an egg donor whose family had a history of diseases. Unfortunately, due to the likelihood of certain diseases to be passed down from one generation to another, we do not proceed with applicants who have genetic diseases, heart complications, and certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Choosing egg donors with perfect body health increases the chances of achieving a pregnancy with little to no complications as well as resulting in a baby with no health issues. Intended parents like to understand the health of egg donors, otherwise they are not likely to choose egg donors who only present ambiguous answers on the family health history portion. Therefore, it is our endeavor as Physician’s Surrogacy to select healthy egg donors.

Within the Age & BMI Range
We have witnessed a lot of people trying to be part of egg donation whilst they do not meet the basic FDA regulations. This means that a majority of them are way beyond or below the required body mass index and age standards. For example, a woman who is ideal for egg donation must be aged between 19 and 29 years, since the quality of their eggs are at their prime.

On matters weight and height ratio, we are only able to work with egg donors who have a BMI between 18 to 28. A higher BMI does not indicate that you are unhealthy. Our BMI requirement is put in place because a higher BMI means higher doses of medications and possibly low production of eggs during the egg donation process.

Physical Characteristics
Your physical characteristics as an egg donor are also important in the egg donation process. Egg donor candidates must submit your photos to us during the assessment process. We, in turn, send them to the intended parents who are often choose girls that look ideal to them. Keep in mind that intended parents are choosing an egg donor they would like to continue their family line and family name. For example, most intended parents look for donors with close resemblance to themselves, a move which gives future children a sense of belonging in the long run. Intended parents also often choose egg donors who are taller, so that future generations are likely to increase the height within their family.

Educational Background
As stated, intended parents often select egg donors who are similar to them, which also includes having a similar or better educational background. For this purposes, we often look for candidates who have a 4 year degree or higher to be egg donors. An educated egg donor often shows responsibility, intelligence, and aspiration.

Other Considerations
Having a safe lifestyle is an added advantage for you in the quest for becoming an egg donor. By this, we mean that you should not have indulged in smoking and substance abuse.
Another advantage is having a special talent. For example, athletic, musically talented, and artsy egg donors are chosen by intended parents who share such talents.

Final Thoughts
We understand that some of these requirements provide a disadvantage to certain applicants, however we hope our explanations shed enough light and insight on the reasoning behind our criteria. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor please email us at or text us at 858-847-5939 and we would be happy to help you.