You might have heard about egg donation from someone you know or perhaps you are simply a little curious. In some corner of your mind you might be wondering, “Is egg donation for me?”, “Do I meet all the requirements?”, or  “Do I have what it takes?”.

To help answer your questions related to egg donation, we’ve organized the ten most important, wide-ranging factors that are considered when evaluating an egg donor application. We have compiled these factors over the years as the top egg donation agency in California. If you are seriously considering egg donation, be sure to read through the list as it may answer many of your questions.


Physical and Mental Health

For some Intended Parents, the first step in the journey to starting a family is when they decide to rely on an egg donor. There can be many reasons they can’t start a family through normal means. With the expenses involved in using eggs from a donor, Physician’s Surrogacy ensures  a healthy and viable match. There are certain physical and mental concerns that can contribute to you being a suitable egg donor.

  • You are between the ages of 19 to 29.

Physician’ Surrogacy accepts egg donors between the ages of nineteen and twenty-nine. Few egg donation agencies consider egg donors who are as young as eighteen years of age. But we feel that restricting the option to women aged nineteen or older, helps to ensure prime reproductive health. It also ensures that a woman is well-informed and understands this life-affecting decision.

  • You do not currently smoke.

This is an absolute must. The consumption of tobacco products has been proven to damage the reproductive system and is very likely to affect unfertilized eggs. A woman has every right to do whatever she wants with her body, but we cannot accept a current smoker as an egg donor. This includes both tobacco and marijuana. If you are a past smoker, we require that you have been smoke-free for at least 6 months before applying.

  • You’re physically and mentally fit.

We accept the fact that no one is perfect, but as an egg donor, you should be both physically and mentally healthy. Additionally, it is also required that a prospective egg donor should have no family history of severe congenital health problems, such as cancer or diabetes. Additionally, past history of STD’s must have been treated and not currently active.


Character and Personality Traits

Personality is very important!  It can potentially have some bearing on the type of child to be born from your eggs, but also the right personality traits reduces stress and anxiety  inherent to the egg donation process. They also make it far more rewarding for the egg donor!

  • You are compassionate.

It is a very deep and personal gesture that a woman makes by donating her eggs.  At Physician’s Surrogacy, we look for prospective egg donors with a sense of generosity. The egg donor is compensated, but the procedure is tiring and not entirely without risks; a well-informed donor should be interested in helping others.  

  • You’re committed!

Many young women find that they enjoy the responsibility of being an egg donor, but that doesn’t make it any easier. There are many needles involved that include a blood draw and daily self-administered medications. It isn’t as bad as it may sound and besides, there’s no way around it if you are going to be an egg donor.

  • You’re dedicated.

Dedication and motivation are crucial to the process of being an egg donor. If you are the stick to your guns type and you like to finish what you’ve started, then you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

  • Making others happy makes you happy!

We’ve talked about this already, but we feel it’s so important that it bears repeating. A woman who enjoys the sense of helping other people in a deep and profound way is an ideal egg donor.   If you take pleasure in helping others, then you’ve got one of the most vital qualities that we’re after!

Other Factors that Make a Great Egg Donor

There are few other things we’re looking for that might come as a surprise to many people, mostly because they don’t immediately leap out as obvious assumptions. However, these few remaining factors can make all the difference in deciding whether a women’s application to become an egg donor can be accepted or not.

  • You have a flexible schedule.

We make every effort to accommodate work, school, and similar concerns so that you don’t have to make yourself available 24/7. However, scheduling conflicts may occur. There are many factors at play, and some of them aren’t under our direct control. As a prospective egg donor, you will need to be patient, as well as somewhat flexible.

  • Extra money wouldn’t hurt.

Even though the egg donation process covers a relatively short period of time, you’ll be compensated, which can serve to help with educational or other expenses.  Compensation for egg donation covers for time, inconvenience, and that very important vital nature of yours to help someone in need. For many individuals, there are a number of areas in which the money could go.

  • You’re in high demand!

We accept egg donors from all races and ethnic groups.  Those of Chinese, Asian or Caucasian descent are especially wanted due to the preferences of the current pool of intended parents. As a result, the demand for eggs is higher from women who fall within certain broadly defined categories. Compensation may also be higher for them.


Would You Be a Good Egg Donor?

If you feel like you’re a good fit by looking at the list above, then we’d love to hear from you. If you want to become an egg donor or if you’re confused on how the process works, you should definitely consider seeking additional information from us. For additional information or to schedule a free consultation, you can visit us at or call at (858) 847-5939.