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Finding your ideal surrogate match is our priority, and we guarantee it can happen in as little as one week. We’ve proudly partnered with surrogacy clinics nationwide, and we can provide you with clinic referrals near you. Plus, our OB-managed surrogacy services offer expert guidance and support, which you can learn more about with a free consultation. Your journey to parenthood begins here!

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Matching You with Your Perfect Surrogate

Our average match time is one week from consultation to confirmed match.

Is she a good legal fit?

Our legal team ensures the surrogacy laws in your Surrogate mother's home state are surrogacy-friendly and compatible with your unique situation.

Does her vision for the journey match yours?

The Surrogate undergoes an extensive preference-defining process with the Physician’s Surrogacy team to ensure her personality, expectations, and communication level suit your preferences.

Does she meet the requirements of your IVF Center?

At Physician’s Surrogacy, we make sure to match Intended Parents with a Gestational Surrogate who meets the requirements of your IVF Center, preventing delays or broken matches.

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Finances Won't Stop Your Parenthood Dreams

Without question, costs and finances are essential considerations for Intended Parents planning a gestational surrogacy journey.

We have partnered with the best financial providers to ease the financial burden. These partnerships allow you to get customized loans and leverage employer benefits easily.

Our financial coordinators can help you identify the best resources for your situation, and you can apply directly for the benefits without impacting your credit.

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Arrangement Before Surrogacy | Physician Surrogacy

Can I start the process without an embryo?

Yes, you can! If you don’t have an IVF center yet, we will also provide you with options for embryo creation. We partner with the best fertility clinics in the U.S. and can also create embryos here at one of our partner clinics

How can I find a Surrogate? Where do your Surrogates come from?

You have come to the right place! Aside from our OB-managed model, we are known for always having prescreened Surrogates ready to match! Here at Physician’s Surrogacy, we receive applications from women in 41 states nationwide. They must undergo our extensive pre-screening process, including medical, psychological, and social screening. We manage the details and will present the candidate that most closely aligns with your clinic’s criteria, your criteria, and her personal preferences, making it the perfect match. This comprehensive approach allows us to match you with the ideal Surrogate, whether she is a first-time Surrogate Mother or an experienced Surrogate.

How much does it cost to have a Surrogate?

There’s not one answer to this question of a Surrogate Mother price, as the overall cost depends on several factors involved in surrogacy. Your Intended Parents’ coordinator will outline the services required during surrogacy and our fixed-rate compensation cost structure. Immediately after your complimentary consultation, we will provide a price quotation. The quotation will follow your circumstances and preferences. At Physician’s Surrogacy, we pride ourselves on our transparency with our services and pricing. Schedule a free consultation today to receive a transparent quote that will help you understand the total cost of surrogacy.

How much does surrogacy cost ?

Due to the variability in Surrogate compensation and other state-specific factors, surrogacy in the US can cost anywhere between $120,000 to $160,000.

How to find a Surrogate?

The best way to find a Surrogate Mother is to go through a reputable surrogacy agency, such as Physician’s Surrogacy. It is crucial you have surrogacy professionals carry out the process so your journey remains safe and seamless.

Some ask a family member, and others pursue independent journeys, but both scenarios lack safeguards for yourself and your Surrogate. Moreover, an agency ensures you have legal support from the surrogacy contract to parentage, which you may be missing otherwise.

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

A Gestational Surrogate or a Gestational Carrier is a woman who becomes pregnant using an embryo created by the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Surrogate may achieve pregnancy using the mother’s eggs and the father’s sperm. Gestational surrogacy also offers the option to use donor eggs or donor sperm. There will be no genetic relationship to the Surrogate. 

What is surrogacy?

In surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother carries and delivers a baby for another woman, couple, or individual person (the Intended Parent). In gestational surrogacy, the gestational carrier does not have a biological relation to the child, due to the Surrogate Mother’s eggs not being used in the process. Instead, the embryo is created by using the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm and the intended mother’s eggs or donor eggs.

Who can become a parent with our surrogacy program?

Anyone can. Physician’s Surrogacy wants to help you build your family regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The U.S. states that our Surrogates come from all have very favorable legislation and don’t restrict surrogacy to only traditional family models. That means that, unlike a lot of other countries that offer surrogacy programs (e.g. Ukraine), anyone can become a parent with us in California. Other countries don’t permit single parents, unmarried couples, homosexual couples, or intended parent(s) who need a double donor to become a parent through surrogacy due to legislation. This is why the U.S. is such a popular place for surrogacy journeys from parents around the world.

Who is a Surrogate mother?

A Surrogate is a woman who carries and delivers a baby for another individual/couple who is otherwise unable to have a baby or carry a pregnancy. In traditional surrogacy, the Surrogate gets artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm/donor sperm. A traditional Surrogate is the baby’s biological mother as her eggs were used to create the embryo. This practice is antiquated and has been replaced with gestational surrogacy.
A gestational Surrogate or gestational carrier does not have genetic connections with the baby as intended mother’s eggs/donor eggs are used to create the embryo. Physician’s Surrogacy only offers gestational surrogacy.

Who requires a Surrogate mother?

Having a Surrogate mother can be a viable option in cases such as:

  • Inability to conceive because of uterine irregularities
  • History of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause
  • Delayed parenthood due to career or other life circumstances.
  • Due to circumstances, unable to carry a pregnancy and have a biological child.
  • Underlying medical condition that could cause great risk to yourself or your baby during pregnancy
  • Same-sex male couples or single fathers

Surrogacy Timeline | During Surrogacy | Physician Surrogacy

Contact Occurs During The Journey – Physician’s Surrogacy

The amount of contact between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate varies case by case. Both parties shall determine & agree upon the contract during the matching process. Some cultures are a little more closed off than others; however, the relationship and communication develop as the journey progresses.

How long does it take until I find a Surrogate?

It depends on the agency you choose to work with. Most agencies have a 6-18 month waiting list to match with a surrogate. Some also require you to sign a contract and pay agency fees for them to begin the process of matching. Physician’s Surrogacy offers complimentary matching, and you can match with your Surrogate as quickly as a week. On average, the typical timeline is two weeks.

International Intended Parents-How many times do I have to come to the U.S. during the process?

If you do not live in the United States, you will need to travel to the U.S. at least once. This trip is for the delivery of your child. Another time would be to create your embryos at a U.S. clinic. If you prefer creating the embryos without having to travel, you can choose to either have your embryo transported or send your eggs/sperm to the U.S. clinic. Should you choose to come to the U.S. for the embryo creation the trip will include an introductory meeting with the Surrogate. On the same visit, we conduct your medical screening and then the creation of the embryos at the IVF clinic.

What does the surrogacy process entail?

The surrogacy timeline can be broken down into six stages: Consultation, Matching, Screening, Legal, Conception, and Pregnancy/Delivery.

*Consultation: The entire process begins with a complimentary consultation with our experienced team. In this meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to share your story with us and why you’ve chosen surrogacy to grow your family, we will explain our process and program offerings, and answer any questions you have. 

*Matching:  Our average matching timeline is one week. We attribute this successful and dynamic matching time lime to our comprehensive 3-4-month medical pre-screening of our Surrogates done through OB supervision. Before you are presented with a potential Surrogate candidate, she has already gone through a thorough background check, all of her medical history has been screened by our physician team, and lastly, she has undergone proper and necessary lab work which then qualifies her to become an eligible candidate through our agency.

*Screening:  Once we have a confirmed two-way match (Intended Parents & Surrogate) the Surrogate will then go through the final stages of medical screening and psychological screening through the IVF clinic chosen by the Intended Parents. Once the Surrogate has been cleared, we then move into the legal phase.

*Legal: Since all our pricing across the board is a flat rate, the surrogate’s compensation as well as legal insurance and the agency fee, have already been predetermined. This makes the contract portion of this process very streamlined. You will have unlimited access to your attorney and your Surrogate’s attorney during the contractual phase as well as the entire journey. 

Our flat rate cost structure includes:
The Surrogate mothers’ compensation cost.
Legal representation for both sides.
Medical expenses.
The agency fee.
Almost all of these surrogacy-related procedures come with predetermined costs.

*Conception:  Your Surrogate can begin her IVF treatment once medical clearance and legal clearance are completed.

*Pregnancy/Delivery:  Throughout the pregnancy phase of the journey, you will have weekly detailed updates from your case manager outlining any, and all new information regarding your Surrogate and child.

After Delivery | Success With Surrogacy | Physician Surrogacy

Birth certificate include any information regarding the Surrogate?

You, as the Intended Parent will be the one who will have full parental rights to the baby. Also, it is your name that will appear on the birth certificate.

Chances of Success With Surrogacy – Physician’s Surrogacy

There are several factors that influence the overall success rates of Surrogacy pregnancy. These factors can include the health and viability of the embryos used and the health of your Surrogate. As an Ob-Managed surrogacy agency we ensure that our Surrogates are medically prescreened before even being presented to you. The IVF clinic you work with also plays a vital role. Your fertility clinic can help you determine your best chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Not only that but also the clinic will perform it under your specific circumstances. Besides, most surrogacy professionals will perform multiple embryo transfers. It continues until achieving a healthy pregnancy. This makes the overall surrogacy success rate very high.

How are finances handled?| Intended Parents | Physician Surrogacy

All funds related to your surrogacy (including medical expenses for the Surrogate) will be held in a trust account. An experienced escrow company will manage the account. This way all monies due for your Surrogate fees and reimbursement of related expenses are paid in a timely manner. Finally, the surrogacy agency will be handling all financial matters. This arrangement effectively removes the payment related component from your relationship with the Intended Parents during the process.

What are my financing options to pay for the Surrogate price?

There are different options to finance your surrogacy journey such as fertility loans, surrogacy grants, or personal lines of credit. To read further about how to finance your Surrogate price click here.

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