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Physician’s Surrogacy, the nation’s leading surrogacy and egg donation agency.
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Become a Parent

Physician’s Surrogacy, the nation’s leading surrogacy and egg donation agency.
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At Physician’s Surrogacy, our service-oriented medical and professional staff provide our intended parents with a unique advantage over the traditional agency model. We offer an all-inclusive, physician-managed approach to help guide you through the infertility maze, minimizing cost, time, uncertainty and risk.

We are not just an agency.

We are a fully-integrated, full-service, physician-operated agency.

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Over the last 40 years the science and technology of IVF has evolved dramatically. Unfortunately, the evolution of the agency model has not paralleled that trajectory. Today 95% of all traditional agencies are started and managed by former surrogates, egg donors or intended parents. While they may understand the emotional aspects, they don’t have the clinical background, skills or resources to effectively manage the other aspects of this costly medical process.

At Physician’s Surrogacy, our physician-managed staff of service-oriented professionals, provide our intended parents with unique advantages over the traditional agency model. Most importantly, we provide our intended parents the unparalleled advantage of a dedicated, physician-guided, third-party reproduction journey.

Our in-house physicians partner in all aspects of the journey; facilitating the direct communication among the Intended Parent(s), the REI, the supervising OB and the surrogate and/or donor.

At Physician’s Surrogacy, we offer an all-inclusive, integrated service approach to help guide you through the infertility maze, minimizing cost, time, uncertainty and risk.

Why Prospective Parents Choose Us?


With an all-inclusive service approach, our Intended Parents enjoy the efficiency of having one party responsible for management and execution of each vital phase of family creation. Our team of in-house experts handle every detail, leaving our Intended Parents to enjoy this joyful time, rather than having to coordinate  the ancillary services themselves. Additionally, with the largest surrogacy program in North America and an extensive donor bank and database, our intended parents enjoy an accelerated timeline from selection to delivery. These factors combined, allow us to reduce the average time of a journey by 50% or more.

Surrogacy cost

Third-party reproduction is a considerable financial commitment and we meet our intended parents investment with a commitment to protect your investment.We have designed a comprehensive financial structure that provides you with transparency from beginning to end. Our donor and surrogate compensation packages are flat-rate, so all parties are clear on the financial investment and end result.

We have developed a proprietary, surrogate-friendly insurance policy that allow your surrogates to receive care or deliver at the hospital of your choice. In addition to this policy, we also include 5 other types of insurance designed to minimize the concerns of entering a financial black hole. Our in-house escrow and accounting departments offer transparent, real-time reporting, leaving you with confidence and peace of mind.

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Our medical expertise allows us an unmatched advantage in creating the most stringent standards and screening process.

Our standards are much more strict than the widely accepted FDA standards. The reasons for this, as experienced OBs, we understand there are many more factors that could potentially impact a successful surrogacy pregnancy. As a result, we have developed a proprietary screening and selection process.

While many agencies rely only on the IVF physician to screen the candidate, our candidates undergo rigorous pre-screening by an OB physician, reviewing their medical and delivery records which can sometimes be up to 500 pages per pregnancy. Prior to our intended parents spending money on travel and medical screening, we require preliminary diagnostic screening to ensure the physical readiness and commitment of the surrogate. Our standards not only apply to surrogate herself, but also extend to her household and support network, who undergo screening and background check. In combination, these factors eliminate drop off rate and need for requiring rematching.

Safest surrogacy program

Our model offers our Intended Parents the confidence of centralized control of all facets, for each stage of the journey.

An experienced physician will closely monitor the surrogate and/or donor through reports and physician to physician interaction with their OB and IVF specialist. Detailed reports will be sent directly to the parents who can directly communicate with our in-house physician. Because we are experienced OB GYNs, we have an extensive national network of providers to monitor and care for our surrogates and donors.

We also realize some needs are different for each party, which is why we provide 4 distinct support teams, working together to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Intended parents enjoy multilingual support from their dedicated case manager.
  • The surrogate support team is responsible for constant communication and dedicated support.
  • Our clinical team works directly with the IVF clinical coordinators to ensure comprehension and adherence to protocols.
  • Our team of psychologists monitor surrogates and donors to ensure continued emotional stability and stable lifestyle.
Safest surrogacy program

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