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Finding a Surrogate is Effortless with Physician's Surrogacy

We know that it takes a special woman to become a Surrogate. That’s why our screening process guarantees our Surrogates are physically qualified and emotionally prepared for the journey before their profiles are presented to you.

Largest Surrogacy Program in The Nation

It’s time to stop waiting and start your journey! With the largest surrogacy program in the U.S., you won’t have to spend months trying to find a match. Our average matching timeline is within one week.

Your Ideal Match

During our matching process, we rely on detailed criteria we obtain during your complimentary consultation, guaranteeing we find the Surrogate that’s right for you.

Special Considerations

Every journey is unique, and the relationship you prefer with your Surrogate is an important component. Whether you desire a close relationship or prefer to maintain distance, we will only present you with Surrogates who align with your preferences.

In-Depth & Transparent

Once you have found your match, you will receive an in-depth profile of the Surrogate, including photographs, medical history, and other relevant information.

Ready to View Actual Surrogate Profiles?


Ready to View Actual Surrogate Profiles?

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  • Surrogate is ready to deliver twins
  • Experienced Surrogate

35Years Old Experienced Surrogate

Last Delivery :


Baby Twins :

No, embryo split ok

Surrogate State :


C Section :


Relationship With IPs


36Years Old

Last Delivery :


Baby Twins :

Surrogate State :

C Section :


Relationship With IPs

Open, prefers weekly,milestones

22Years Old Experienced Surrogate

Last Delivery :


Baby Twins :

Surrogate State :

C Section :


Relationship With IPs

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The Benefits of our Surrogate Profile Database

Find Your Match First

We are confident you’ll find the ideal Surrogate for your journey. There are no agency fees until you have a confirmed match. During thematching process, our team aligns your goals, preferences and center requirements to ensure we present you the Surrogate that’s right for you.

Committed Surrogates

The profiles we share with you are of Surrogates who are committed to the journey, they’ve passed our rigorous social and medical pre-screening process and are ready to help you start your family now.

Your Decision

Why wait any longer to grow your family? At Physicians Surrogacy we’ve done the work for you, that is why our average match time is just one week.

Working with Us You Will Enjoy:

The health of both the surrogate and the baby are our number one priority.

No Fees Until a Confirmed Match

We offer a complimentary consultation and surrogate profile review, saving you both time and money.

No Waiting Time

Our average matching timeline is one week from profile presentation to confirmed match.

Comparable Cost

Intended Parents enjoy a comparable cost for a far superior service.

Multilingual Staff

Our staff speaks multiple languages in order to support international clientele.

Pre-screening Process

We ensure that your surrogate is physically qualified and emotionally ready to prioritize surrogacy.

OB-ordered Lab Testing

Parents elect for additional testing during the 1 and 2 trimester, offering reassurance about the health of their child

Financial Peace of Mind

Absolute pricing minimizing unexpected costs.

Physician-monitored Reporting

Intended Parents are able to directly communicate with our in-house physicians.