Clinical Partners

Physician’s Surrogacy works closely with our clinical partners to build a coordinated approach to enhancing pregnancy outcomes and to ensure a seamless journey for all parties.

Clinical Partners

Physician’s Surrogacy works closely with our clinical partners to build a coordinated approach to enhancing pregnancy outcomes and to ensure a seamless journey for all parties.

Why the Nation’s Leading ART Clinics Partner with Us

Over the last 40 years, there have been many advances made in the science and technology of IVF. Unfortunately, the evolution of the 3rd party reproduction agency model has not paralleled those advances. Today 95% of all surrogacy and egg donor agencies are created and managed by former surrogates, egg donors or intended parents.

While the emotional aspects may be relatable, these individuals often lack the clinical background, business skills and infrastructure to effectively manage the many intricacies of this complex medical, legal and financial process.

At Physician’s Surrogacy, our physician-managed staff of service-oriented professionals, provide your patients with distinct advantages over the traditional agency model. Most importantly, we provide the unparalleled advantage of a dedicated, physician-guided, third-party reproduction journey.

Our in-house team of professionals partner in all aspects of the journey, with an all-inclusive, integrated service approach to help guide your patients while minimizing costs, time spent, uncertainties and mitigating risks.

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Benefits to Your Clinic

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With the largest surrogacy program in North America, an extensive donor egg bank and ample matching donor database, your patients will enjoy an accelerated timeline from selection to delivery. This unparalleled advantage allow us to reduce the average time of a journey by 50% or more.

For your clinic, this means your patient will have little to no wait time and our efficient process will allow you to more quickly fulfill the clinical aspects of family creation.

As experienced OBs, we understand there are many more factors that could potentially impact a successful surrogacy pregnancy or donation cycle. As a result, we have developed a proprietary pre-screening process, including an exhaustive OB review of retrieval, medical and delivery records. Preliminary diagnostic screenings are also conducted to ensure the physical readiness and commitment of the surrogate or donor.

This benefit not only ensures you will be working with the most qualified candidates but also minimizes the heartbreak caused by attrition and the need for rematching.

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A dedicated provider is assigned to each partner clinic for physician-to-physician interaction, including direct communication with the IVF specialist. Additionally, as experienced OB/GYNs, we have an extensive national network of providers to monitor and care for our surrogates and donors.

A recommendation is the highest compliment that can be given. Our model offers your clinic the confidence in making this recommendation with our centralized control of all facets of your patient’s 3rd party reproduction journey.

We realize the needs are different for each party, which is why we provide both you and your patients distinct support teams, working together to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Parents enjoy multilingual support from dedicated case managers.
  • Surrogates and donor enjoy a dedicated support team.
  • Clinical coordination team liaises with IVF center clinical team.
  • Team of psychologists to support surrogates and donors.
  • Transparent, integrated financial services including accounting and escrow.
  • Legal representation provided for each party.
  • Proprietary, 6 insurance policies designed to eliminate the financial black hole.
Our Model

Our Partnership Begins Here

If we don’t currently work with your fertility center, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, lasting partnership. We invite you to complete the form below and schedule a discovery call to learn how we will customize our services to support your facility, protocols and processes.