Clinical Partners

Physician’s Surrogacy works closely with our clinical
partners to build a coordinated approach to enhancing
pregnancy outcomes and to ensure a seamless journey
for all parties.

Setting the Agency Standard

Today, 95% of all traditional surrogacy agencies are started and managed by former Surrogates, Egg Donors or Intended Parents.

While these parties may understand the emotional aspects, they lack the clinical background to effectively manage the intricacies of this complicated and costly medical process.

At Physician’s Surrogacy

At Physician’s Surrogacy, we understand the medical steps it takes to ensure successful outcomes for both our Intended Parents and Surrogates. This is why the nation’s leading fertility clinics partner with us to support their patients in achieving their goal of creating the family of their dreams. 

Why Partner with Us?

Peer to Peer

As peers, we understand the most significant pain points that you face when helping your patients navigate this delicate journey. We address these issues head-on, creating a program that mitigates the known challenges and pro-actively work together with you to streamline the process.

Extensive Years of Experience

As experienced OBs, we make your job easier! Our stringent proprietary pre-screening process provides the best outcomes for both you and the Intended Parents. Our pre-screening process includes an extensive OB review of our Surrogate’s medical records and preliminary diagnostic screenings. This ensures you are working with the most qualified candidates and eliminates drop-off rates and disappointment.

No Waiting Time

We have the largest surrogacy pool in the nation! Due to the size of our surrogacy candidate program, your patients do not have to wait to find their ideal match. Our average matching timeline is one week from profile presentation to a confirmed match. We also offer a complimentary consultation with the Intended Parents, including potential surrogate profiles review, saving your patients both time and money.


IVF Referrals

As a valued partner, we will recommend your center to Intended Parents that have not created their embryos yet.

Increased Outside Monitoring Opportunities

We will further work with your clinic by providing outside monitoring for our Surrogates located nearby.

World-Class Clinical Program

Our world-class clinical program supports a smooth workflow, a collaborative effort, and expedites the surrogacy process for your patients. We create customized protocols for each Intended Parent’s journey.

Our Model Instills Confidence

A recommendation is the highest compliment that can be given. Our model offers your clinic the confidence in making this recommendation with our centralized control of all facets of your patient’s 3rd party reproduction journey.

We realize the needs are different for each party, which is why we provide both you and your patients distinct support teams, working together to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Parents enjoy multilingual support from dedicated case managers.
  • Surrogates enjoy a dedicated support team.
  • Our clinical coordination team liaises with the IVF center clinical team.
  • A team of psychologists to support surrogates.
  • Transparent, integrated financial services including accounting and escrow.
  • Legal representation provided for each party.
  • Proprietary, insurance policies (6 all together) designed to eliminate the financial stress.

Our Clinical Partners

Our Partnership Begins Here

If we don’t currently work with your fertility center, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, lasting partnership. We invite you to complete the form below and schedule a discovery call to learn how we will customize our services to support your facility, protocols and processes.