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Together we build a coordinated approach to enhancing pregnancy outcomes and ensure a safe journey.
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Setting the Agency Standard

Prospective Intended Parents benefit from the many advancements made in the science and technology of IVF. Unfortunately, the evolution of the third party reproduction agency model has not paralleled those advances. The majority of surrogacy agencies are run by former Intended Parents or Surrogates who don’t have the business background or medical expertise to manage a complex pregnancy process. At Physician’s Surrogacy, we provide the unparalleled advantage of a physician-guided journey supporting safe pregnancy outcomes.


To Help Build Happy Families

Nation’s leading fertility clinics partner with us to support their patients in achieving their goal of creating the family of their dreams.

Why Partner With Us?

Surrogacy Screening

All candidates complete our OB-designed proprietary pre-screening process ensuring the best outcomes for both you and the Intended Parents.

We Save Your Patients Time and Money

We offer a complimentary consultation and surrogate profile review. There are no fees until your patient has found an ideal match. Plus, we have already done pre-screening on these candidates and ensure they meet our qualifications and also the requirements for the IVF center.

Your Patients Won’t Need to Wait.

Our average matching timeline is one week from profile presentation to a confirmed match. Other agencies average six month to one year to secure a match.

IVF Referrals

As a valued partner, we will recommend your center for consultations to Intended Parents that have not created their embryos yet.

Increased Outside Monitoring Opportunities

We will further work with your clinic by providing outside monitoring for our Surrogates located nearby.

Proactive Clinical Approach

We understand the most significant pain points that you face when helping your patients navigate this delicate journey. We address these issues head-on, creating a program that mitigates the known challenges and proactively work together with you to streamline the process.

Our Model Instills Confidence

You’ll feel confident recommending us because our physician-managed staff of professionals, provide your patients with distinct advantages over the traditional agency model. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, lasting partnership.

Our model includes features such as:

physician guided surrogacy agency
  • Parents enjoy multilingual support from dedicated case managers
  • Our clinical coordination team liaises with the IVF center clinical team.
  • OB-Ordered lab testing allows your patients to benefit from additional testing that may be otherwise omitted
  • Surrogates have an experienced staff support team during the journey and after 3-6 months after delivery
  • Parents receive updates from Physician’s Surrogacy after each appointment, not from their Surrogates, ensuring accurate medical information is given regarding the pregnancy
  • Absolute pricing and six insurance policies eliminate unforeseen costs

Our Fertility Clinic

Our Fertility Clinic

Our Partnership Begins Here

If we don’t currently work with your fertility center, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, lasting partnership. We invite you to complete the form below and schedule a discovery call to learn how we will customize our services to support your facility, protocols and processes.