Would You Make a Great Egg Donor?

You might have heard about egg donation from someone you know or perhaps you are simply a little curious. In some corner of your mind you might be wondering, “Is egg donation for me?”, “Do I meet all the requirements?”,

Understanding the Risk of Surrogacy Twins

Surrogacy can be a physically demanding and emotional journey. But the impact that you have on a family’s life and the joy that you bring them is priceless. However, some Intended Parents feel that having multiple pregnancies will help save

Helpful Tips for Feeding Your Surrogate-Born Miracle

Hello, Intended Parents. If you are reading this article then you are probably thinking about using a surrogate, you might already be having a baby through surrogacy, or maybe just doing your research. Physician’s surrogacy is located in San Diego,

Will Donating My Eggs Affect My Future Fertility?

Becoming an egg donor is a rewarding and selfless experience. The process involves helping an individual or couple grow their family tree. However, many young ladies like to understand the risks associated with egg donation. The most common question we

Do Surrogates Develop Attachment With the Baby?

Do Surrogates Get Attached to the Baby? This is probably the most common question surrounding gestational surrogacy. At times it’s a big concern of the intended parents or the general population who try to understand such a selfless act. The