Become a Surrogate

You can help others achieve their dreams of a family, while helping your own.

Surrogate Compensation

  • Traditionally, surrogacy compensation is a combination of a base amount plus a variable benefits package, which can be confusing.
  • We have thoughtfully designed our compensation plan with you in mind, which is why our Surrogates get paid an absolute fixed amount. Your compensation is divided into equal lump sum monthly payments helping you understand your benefits and financially plan.
  • Here is an overview of our compensation plan. Once you complete your application, you can ask your coordinator questions about compensation and they can even show you ways to increase your earnings.

First Time Surrogates Earn

* Experienced Surrogates earn more
State Employed Unemployed
Southern California $ 60,000 $ 53,500
Northern California , Nevada $ 55,000 $ 48,500
Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Washington $ 50,000 $ 43,500

Why Become a Surrogate with Physician’s Surrogacy?

Expert Team

You have a team of physicians working to support you and make sure you receive the best care. Our program streamlines the journey and ranks 50% above the national average for preterm deliveries.

Surrogacy Sisterhood

We encourage our Surrogates to develop relationships with other Surrogates. You will have ample opportunities for these lasting connections to grow. These friendships offer you unparalleled support and create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Lifetime Opportunity

At Physician’s Surrogacy, you can count on medical expertise and compassionate support throughout your surrogacy journey and well beyond the delivery. Many of our Surrogates and their families enjoy the positive experience so much, they decide to come back for another journey.

Your Surrogate Journey: An Overview of the

Surrogacy is a rewarding experience, and you’ll have a dedicated team with you every step of the way. Below is an overview of our process. However, keep in mind that every journey is unique, and the process may vary.