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Physician’s Surrogacy at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center

Welcome to Physician’s Surrogacy at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center. Our surrogacy and donor center is a unique and all inclusive model in the world of surrogacy.

Our mission is to provide all necessary resources to help make this process as streamlined as possible while offering our personal touch.

We are a team of individuals with over 25 years of experience in third party reproduction. Some of our staff have also been surrogates and can offer first-hand experience and knowledge of the entire process.


Experience Makes the Difference!

  • Each surrogate is carefully screened prior to entering our program with only 4% of applicants actually becoming active in our database.
  • A procedure known as a hysteroscopy is performed on every surrogate, prior to being accepted. This screening allows our physician’s to assess the uterus to determine that she is fit to be a healthy, surrogate. This extra step offers our Intended Parents peace of mind that it will be less likely that the surrogate will fail medical screening once matched.
  • Our in house psychologist will fully assess each surrogate candidate through a series of tests to determine if she is psychologically fit to be in our program.
  • Our Obstetrician liaison, who is familiar with and in support of surrogacy, is only a phone call away for any medically related questions from either a surrogate or Intended Parent.
  • Our attorneys specialize in Third Party Reproduction and are familiar with the surrogacy laws in California. This will ensure that your legal contracts are binding and alleviate any issues that may arise throughout the process.

RSMC success rate

Physician’s Surrogacy is here to help your dreams become a reality.

The Physician’s Surrogacy team and been the guiding light for over 1,000 families, leading them through successful surrogacy and egg donation cases.  Our team has over 25 years of first-hand experience working with families from all over the world and have become the leaders in the industry, proving we are doing it right.

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