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Have you ever wondered about how we choose our surrogacy candidates? Our full-scale approach is beneficial for finding the perfect match with more success for a Surrogate- Intended Parent based on their personality and preferences. As the best surrogacy agency, our thorough surrogate screening process and strict requirement of surrogate mothers are the things that set us apart from other agencies in the United States.

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Best surrogacy agency to Find a Surrogate

This helps you find a Surrogate you are compatible with. Additionally, it enables us to provide you with the best possible experience. This is how we ensure to maintain our position as leaders in the field and being considered the best surrogacy agency in the country.

Surrogate Screening

Initial Application Process

After a would-be Gestational Surrogate sends in her application, we contact her for a phone interview. She has to answer several questions on topics ranging from embryo transfer preferences to her religion. This will give us the chance to review the submitted application and find out her reason(s) for applying. The surrogacy applicant will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that she might have and find the initial details of becoming a surrogate. She will be provided with an overview of the forthcoming steps in the process. We will tell her what to expect after she is paired with the intended parents.

Provided the phone call goes well, we will then ask the applicant and her partner to sign an agreement. Also, to sign a waiver, proclaiming that while we are helping make the surrogate’s journey easier. We are by no means her legal counsel. Each surrogate candidate is going to have her own legal counsel who will represent her during the process.

Background Checking

After this comes a check-up of the criminal records of the applicant and the adults she lives with. We also find out about the prospective surrogate’s prenatal and delivery records from her obstetrician or gynecologist, acknowledging that she’s suitable for surrogacy. The doctor’s report not only tells us whether there’s anything unusual in the candidate’s history like postpartum depression or gestational diabetes, but it also lets us know whether she had complied with the doctor’s recommendations and appointments in the past.

Cross Referencing

One of the ways we get to know more about our would-be surrogate is by talking with a minimum of two people who know her very well. References usually include the mother of the applicant or a person. An applicant has to know the person for five or more years. We may also contact a professional reference. Our reference can let us find more about the would-be surrogate’s trustworthiness, stability, and responsibility.

We are a Supportive Surrogacy Agency

Thanks to references, we get to discover things a surrogate applicant may not disclose about herself. We look at whether she is financially and emotionally stable. These people also let us ascertain the kind of support the gestational surrogate is likely to have throughout her journey.

We have the candidate’s insurance plan reviewed by experts to find out if it can be used for surrogacy. We take pride in being one of the few surrogacy agencies in the US. Organize and carry out an in-house visit for our surrogacy candidates. As we always say, we would never recommend a gestational carrier for a client unless we are 100% comfortable with her carrying our baby. During these visits, we get to see the place where the surrogate resides to find out if it is a safe and happy environment.

Face-to-face meetings with candidates also let us vet her preferences more rigorously. We discuss subjects like whether she entirely defers to the intended parents (IPs) concerning termination and her plans, and the type of relationship she intends to have with the intended parents during and after the surrogate journey.

In addition to this, the in-house visit gives us another chance to ask some questions and talk about the steps down the line, which include the meeting and transfer to a CM (case manager), psychological and medical screening of the would-be surrogate, contracts, and transfer of the embryos. We also take some pictures of the exterior of the house and the common living rooms.

Find out and Know about Your Would-be Surrogate

Following the in-house visit, we prepare a package for the Intended Parents, who wish to find a surrogate match, to go through. Each package includes the in-house and reference reports, and the candidate’s profile. The Intended Parents can now decide whether or not to pick the candidate. If they decide the candidate is suitable, the intended parents write her a personal letter. The candidate has the opportunity to go through this letter and choose whether to go forward with the intended parents.

At this juncture, Our team is ready to go forward with an introductory meeting. This meeting takes place between the gestational surrogate, her partner, the intended parents, and the case manager.

On average, the surrogate screening process takes six to eight weeks from start to finish. During this period, our matching team performs all the tasks we outlined above. While maintaining regular contact with the surrogacy candidate to keep her in the loop as we move forward.

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