Normalizing Surrogacy in Our Society

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Sometimes, Intended Parents who are considering surrogacy to build their families worry about the “stigma” associated with this new concept. Clearly, their only worry should be to try and find the best surrogacy agency. However, they find themselves busy worrying that their friends and family may not support or understand their decision. Fortunately, the normalization of surrogacy is on the rise. Gestational surrogacy has become more and more popular in recent years. In addition to that, many celebrities are now building their families through surrogacy. Along with the advances in fertility treatment technology, each of the states is now adapting to surrogacy laws. Thus, the surrogacy process is quickly becoming a part of our daily lives. Moreover, there are plenty of parents who are looking to find a surrogate nowadays.

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Gestational Surrogacy is Now a Mainstream Family Building Method

According to statistics provided by, every year, 750 children are born through gestational surrogacy in the United States. Intended Parents consider surrogacy to start or grow their family for several reasons. Maybe the woman can’t conceive due to medical reasons, or it’s not medically advisable for her to become pregnant. A lot of Intended Parents have also faced rejection from other family-building methods like adoption. The reason was that they were single or “too old” to become parents through adoption. Left with no other option, these Intended Parents turn to surrogacy to start a family. Obviously, their journey begins by trying to find a surrogate and the best surrogacy agency to partner with. Regardless of their sexual orientation, surrogacy has shown to be a viable family-building solution for not only heterosexual and gay couples but singles as well.

What Can be Improved

Gestational surrogacy is now a recognized, legitimate method of fertility treatment. However, one should remember that the laws governing surrogacy and the cost of Surrogate Mothers vary from one state to another and from one country to another. According to an article published in the journal Human Reproduction, surrogacy should be examined again. The journal also mentioned that some global criteria of surrogacy need to be drawn up. These criteria should address the legal aspects, as well as medical and mental concerns. It would go a long way in normalizing surrogacy as a viable family-building option for people all around the world.

There is another thing that would further help to normalize surrogacy. That is if government departments of health could come up with specific agencies to be in charge of surrogacy to help standardize healthcare and provide guidelines. Such guidelines can ensure that not only the best of the surrogacy agencies but all of them within a state or country need to follow the standards.

Advances in Fertility Treatment

Surrogacy is now more common than before, thanks to technological and medical advances of fertility treatment. The most common type of surrogacy is gestational surrogacy. In this case, you will find a surrogate mom who will be implanted with the embryo(s). The embryo(s) are made of a sperm cell and egg cell from either the Donors, Intended Parents, or a combination of those. The embryo formation takes place in a laboratory via the IVF process. Then fertility doctors introduce the embryo into the womb of the Surrogate mother through an embryo transfer.

Think about the wonderful technology that has enabled doctors to foster life in this way. Out of different types of surrogacy processes, in the most common type of surrogacy, that is, gestational surrogacy, selflessness on the part of the sperm and Egg Donors, and the Surrogate mom’s altruism combine to produce a new life in the Gestational Carrier. Needless to say, the baby has no biological ties with the Gestational Carrier. A few months after, the Intended Parents receive the best gift in the world. Not to mention, the credit goes to the miracle of modern medicine and advances in fertility technology.

All these processes are becoming common in the medical sphere. The more IVF cycles are carried out; the more fertility technology will keep advancing. Also, more “normal” gestational surrogacy will become in our society. In the end, the most challenging path of gestational surrogacy is to find a Surrogate. It is crucial that the Surrogate perfectly aligns with your preferences on how the pregnancy should look like.

Celebrities Using Gestational Surrogacy

A lot of celebrities have helped bring gestational surrogacy into the spotlight. They made the entire process even more “normal.” When famous people tell the world that they are growing their families using surrogacy, it increases the “normality” of this procedure in society. In the past few years, the following celebrities have revealed that they would be adding a new member to their families via gestational surrogacy. In doing so, they helped make surrogacy more popular:

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

This celebrity couple has added two new members to their family through surrogacy – named Psalm and Chicago. It was revealed that the couple opted for surrogacy because of the pregnancy problems Kardashian-West had when carrying her first two babies.

Andy Cohen

The American radio and television talk show host announced in 2019 that his first baby, Benjamin, was born by a Surrogate. This announcement further helps to normalize the surrogacy process for unmarried men.

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade 

This basketball star and actress added to their family when a Gestational Surrogate gave birth to their daughter in 2018. Union told the media that she pursued surrogacy after finding it difficult to get pregnant.

Neil Harris and David Burtka

This gay couple used a Surrogate and an unnamed Egg Donor to add twins to their family. They named their children Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. It’s an example of gestational surrogacy in which, the process used donor eggs and the Intended Parent’s sperm. The procedure successfully produced two embryos for transferring into the Surrogate’s womb.

The list continues… Many celebrities are deciding to begin or add to their family through gestational surrogacy. It is good news for Intended Parents who are considering surrogacy but might be reluctant to start the process. The higher the number of celebrities who are bringing gestational surrogacy into the limelight, the more “normal” the whole concept becomes in our society.


Although the normalization of surrogacy is something that is on the rise, the process can still seem a bit overwhelming. If you have any questions regarding the surrogacy process, surrogacy costs, or the next steps, please contact Physician’s Surrogacy at 858-345-3273. Schedule a free consultation to get all of your questions answered. We are not only called the best surrogacy agencies in the country, but we also find the perfect Surrogate for you!

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