What Are the Financing Options for a Surrogacy Program?

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Gestational surrogacy has given new hope to couples struggling with infertility, single parents, and members of the LGBT community to complete their families. This process formulates a sound method for Intended Parents to maintain a biological link to their child. Moreover, Surrogacy offers Intended Parents the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with the Surrogate Mother. However, we must remember gestational surrogacy is an intricate medical procedure. Thus, To-be-parents often find themselves having many questions about their surrogacy journey. For example, what would be the best surrogacy agency for them? How much does it cost to have a Surrogate Mother? And, what would be the total cost of their surrogacy journey?

Due to the number of people and services required, the surrogacy process can be very costly. It usually ranges between $120,000 to $160,000, or even more using a surrogacy agency in San Diego.

Although not all families have that kind of money lying around, Intended Parents don’t need to be discouraged by the surrogacy cost. The good news is, there are several financing options that help make the surrogacy journey more affordable.

In this article, we are going to provide you with valuable information about financing your surrogacy. These are some of the useful tips on how you can afford surrogacy even as an average-earning family.

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Loans for covering the Surrogacy Cost

Intended Parents often depend on loans to help offset the costs of using a Surrogate Mother for gestational surrogacy. Apart from traditional credit lines, such as credit cards and home equity loans, there are a lot of organizations offering financing options for surrogacy and fertility treatments.

Below are some loans Intended Parents may want to consider:

– Home equity loans

People who want to Become Parents may secure loans using their house as collateral. You need to have a good credit history to qualify for these loans.

– 401 (k) plans

Intended Families may decide to borrow money from their savings retirement accounts. Typically, 401 (K) loans allow an individual to borrow up to half of the money in his or her account. However, the money needs to be repaid within a particular timeframe. Also, the payments are made automatically through deductions from the borrower’s paycheck.

– Credit cards

You can make certain surrogacy payments with credit cards. However, you need to remember that interest on credit cards can add up pretty quickly if you don’t pay the balance on time.

– Friends & family members

We do understand that not everyone is okay with requesting financial assistance from friends or family members. However, this may be a good option to cover the costs of surrogacy.

– Fertility financing loans

Some financial organizations offer loans and payment plans for Intended Parents who are dealing with infertility. A lot of these options can be used to finance a surrogacy program. Given that, here are some of the organizations offering fertility financing loans to Intended Parents:

– Agency financing programs

A lot of surrogacy agencies give Intended Parents the chance to pay on a fee schedule instead of covering the whole surrogacy costs in advance. Some even have their own financing programs or are in partnership with financial organizations that offer fertility grants and loans. Hence, we suggest you ask your surrogacy agency for financing suggestions. It will help you to know if there are any loans you can take to help you cover the cost of using a Surrogate Mother.

Surrogacy Grants

Another good option for financing surrogacy is through grants. A lot of organizations give out non-repayable funds to help relieve the financial burden of infertility treatments and surrogacy.

Most of these grants are awarded every year to Intended Families who fulfill an organization’s criteria and complete the application process. However, each organization has its own requirements for applicants. For instance, some grants require residency in a particular state or certain religious affiliations. In most cases, surrogacy or IVF grants require that the applicant has been diagnosed with infertility.

Here is a list of organizations that provide surrogacy grants:

  • Baby Quest Foundation – gives financial assistance to people who are unable to afford the high costs of fertility procedures such as egg freezing, IVF, artificial insemination, egg and sperm donation, embryo donation, and surrogacy.
  • Journey to Parenthood Grant – This charitable organization dedicates itself to helping individuals and couples build families through fertility treatments. It offers aid for IVF, IUI, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy.
  • Life Grants – The Life Foundation provides grants up to $10000. It is for the qualified Individuals and Couples who want to cover the costs of adoption, infertility treatment, and third party reproduction such as, taking service of a Surrogate Mother.

Surrogacy grants usually depend on donations. So, if you or a close one is dealing with infertility, consider donating to infertility or surrogacy fund to help other Intended Parents build their families.

Fundraising for collecting the Surrogacy Cost

There are several ways Intended Parents can raise funds for their surrogacy journey. You can choose to host an online fundraiser or become creative with special events. Fundraising is one of the financing options available for Intended Parents.

Below are some fundraising ideas to help you start with:

  • Host an online fundraiser – As an Intended Parent, you can set up a free fundraiser on online crowdfunding platforms such as YouCaring.com. This will be helpful to raise money for your surrogacy – all without any fees, deadlines, or goal requirements.
  • Ask for donations – You can simply ask for donations towards your surrogacy instead of birthday or Christmas gifts.
  • Sell something – You may also consider selling baked goods, sell handmade products online through marketplaces such as Etsy. Moreover, you can also partner with a sales consultant and ask if they could get a commission from a party you host.
  • Host an event – As an Intended Parent, you can organize a golf tournament, silent auction, or a car wash and use all the profits to finance your surrogacy journey.

Money-Saving Tips

Whether you are organizing fundraisers, obtaining a surrogacy loan, or applying for grants, you need to know that getting the money you need for surrogacy takes time, effort, and discipline. Below are some helpful tips for saving money and financing your surrogacy:

Consider your insurance options. Figure out the medical costs that your insurance will cover, and research the available options for insuring the surrogate mother and the baby.

  • Select the right surrogacy agency. When selecting a surrogacy agency, make sure to carefully investigate their costs, programs as well as fee structures, so that you only choose the best one. Look for hidden fees and other expenses that are not included in the agency costs. Create a list of surrogacy professionals you want to consider and compare their costs and services.
  • Open a dedicated savings account. Include surrogacy savings in your budget plans. Set up an account for your surrogacy program and save money the same way you would for a new house, a college degree, or a big vacation.
  • Ask around. Contact other hopeful parents and support forums for suggestions and tips on how to afford surrogacy. People who have undergone the process may know about other loans, funds, and grants. They may also have other suggestions regarding how to raise money for your surrogacy.


There are several ways to finance your surrogacy journey. With good planning and research, you can find out which methods will be the best for you.

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