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If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’ve decided that surrogacy is the right path for you. Choosing surrogacy isn’t an easy choice. We’re sure that you have carried out all the necessary research and discussed coming to this decision with your physician, friends, and family. Now, the next thing to do is to find a surrogate mother through a reliable and best surrogacy agency. Also, you will need to find surrogate mother cost among those top surrogacy agencies.

A simple Google search for ‘find Surrogate mother’ will show you that there’s a huge variety of agencies that you can use. Many hopeful families have chosen to work with us because of our experience in the field, friendly staff, and devotion to employee and customer satisfaction. We want to educate you on how to choose the best surrogacy agency by providing some important criteria and questions you should consider. Use this article to gain the knowledge you need to identify what differentiates a mediocre surrogacy agency from a good one.

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  1. How long has the agency been in business?
  2. What do their previous clients and employees say about them?

Learning about the reputation of the agencies you’re looking at is a good starting point. Does the agency look legitimate? What type of awards or accomplishments have they earned? Are they certified? The last question is an important one. You should make sure that the agency you’re choosing to sign with follow the guidelines for surrogacy stipulated by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. With hundreds of surrogacy agencies available all around the country, filtering out the unpopular or unqualified ones will help narrow down your search.

A good way to gauge an agency’s reputation is by checking out their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. This is not to say that you should judge an agency based on the number of their reviews, but the quality instead. Go through each comment left by Intended Parents and Surrogates explaining their experience with the agency. Some social media websites also allow you to leave comments on reviews, so you can ask past clients any questions you may have.


  1. What does their screening process look like?
  2. Who works there?
  3. Do they work together with legal experts or fertility agencies?
  4. Who are the experts that determine the suitability of a gestational Surrogate?

As important as reputation is, an agency’s expertise is equally valuable. It’s important to find out exactly what work the agency does, and where their expertise lies. Begin with their Surrogate screening process and requirements – what criteria do they consider when choosing their Surrogates? Do they allow them to have separate legal counsel, or do they have to use the company’s counsel? What costs are they willing to cover? What is their framework for contracts between Intended Parents and Surrogates? These are all questions that’ll have different answers depending on which agency you apply to. It’s important to already have an idea of what kind of expertise you’d like the agency you’re signing with to have and then look for one accordingly.

A successful baby delivery and healthy Surrogate experience both depend on the way an agency treats the parties involved. For the agencies you’re considering, check their LinkedIn pages to know more about their past work and client profiles. See what other agencies they employ. For example, it’s a good idea to check what law firms and fertility clinics an agency works with. If the other companies have a lot of experience and expertise, chances are the surrogacy agency will too! Our agency is the only physician managed surrogacy agency in the nation that offers a full OBGYN managed surrogacy journey to ensure the baby’s health. Steer clear of agencies that do not list the companies they work with. Surrogacy is no easy business to be part of, and you should make sure that you’re not dealing with inexperienced people.


  1. What are the agency fees you will have to pay?
  2. How comprehensive is the agency’s team?
  3. How many tasks do they outsource to be “comprehensive”?
  4. Are there any protections in place for both Intended Parents and Surrogates?

Instead of asking how much the surrogacy cost is, ask for the value of the services rendered by the agency. This is because a lot of planning and resources go into the surrogacy process, and it can sometimes be pricey. For example, agencies carry out fertility tests for potential surrogates to find the best one for you. Try to find out what costs the agency will cover, so you can plan accordingly.

If you’re wondering about the Surrogate mother cost, don’t take on too much stress! A top surrogacy agency will walk you through all the expenses incurred during the process and let you know what they cover and what they don’t. Sometimes they’ll just provide you an overall cost but will happily tell you what their price breakup is. When you’re comparing fees and prices between agencies, don’t forget to balance it out with the brand’s reputation and expertise.


You may also want to consider what additional services the agency will provide you with. Some agencies, like ours (Physicians Surrogacy), don’t ask for upfront payments. This means you won’t have to pay the agency any fee to sign up with them; all fees are paid only after you have been matched to a Surrogate. If an agency is asking you to pay a fee beforehand, that’s usually a big red flag.

As the largest surrogacy agency in the country, Intended Parents can also benefit from no wait time. Our priority is getting your process started as soon as possible. On average, we take only a week to match our Intended Parents with a Surrogate. So, if you’re in a hurry, it’s a good idea to look for an agency with low wait times.

The average cost of surrogacy can also be quite high, and many unprofessional agencies will attempt to scam you out of more money than you need to pay. Professional agencies, like ours (Physicians Surrogacy), offer absolute pricing to ensure you never pay beyond what is necessary. These pricing strategies make the surrogacy process more affordable and bring the average cost of surrogacy down considerably.

Also at Physicians Surrogacy, we are transparent about surrogate mother costs and fees.


Considering the number of available options, selecting the “ideal” surrogacy agency is a matter of choosing the one that is best for you and your family. You would want to work with an agency that treats both the Intended Parents and Surrogate with respect and fairness. With our range of multilingual staff and absolute pricing, we guarantee an excellent surrogacy experience from finding a surrogate mother to good and reliable surrogate mother costs and fees.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate with Physicians Surrogacy, you can call us at (858) 345-3273 to book an appointment or visit us at to know more about how to become a Surrogate.

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