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We get plenty of questions from women who are not sure how their previous health history or present conditions can affect their chances of becoming a Surrogate. Some medical conditions and histories are nothing to worry about. However, there are certain issues that can impact the IVF process and might prevent you from meeting the requirements of being a Surrogate with our surrogacy agency in California. In this article, we will look at some common conditions and what they mean for women who are trying to become Surrogates.

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BMI (basal metabolic rate) may hinder you from fulfilling the requirements of becoming a Surrogate with our California surrogacy program

Q: My BMI is above what’s acceptable according to your requirements for becoming a Surrogates in California. But I’m 100% healthy and can give birth to healthy children. Then why does that matter?

A: Our BMI criterion is below 32. At Physician’s Surrogacy located in San Diego, California, we set these requirements for medical reasons and to make sure that a Surrogate reacts properly to the medications needed for this process. A higher BMI can raise the time to conceive. Whereas, an underweight woman whose BMI is below 19 may take four times longer to become pregnant. Plus, there are certain risks for having a higher BMI when you are pregnant. Speaking of surrogacy, a longer time to conceive means more time and money expenditure for the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. Screening prospective Surrogates for BMIs below 32 can help forestall any complications that can occur during the IVF process. Women who have higher BMIs are more likely to have preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other conditions associated with pregnancy.

History of C-Section

Q: I’ve done a C-Section, and I may need to have another one. Can I still apply to be a Surrogate?

A: Even if you’ve had up to three C-sections before, you can be a Surrogate Mother. The only condition is that you can still have healthy pregnancies.

Tubal Ligation

Q: I’ve done tubal ligation, will they need to untied my tubes if I want to become a Surrogate?

A: Tubal Ligation does not stop you from being a Surrogate, and there’s no need to untie your tubes. This is not an issue at all since gestational surrogacy utilizes a donor’s eggs or eggs from intended parents.

STI or STD: Which ones prevent fulfilling Surrogate requirements for our California surrogacy program

Q: I’ve tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease/infection…… can I still apply?

A: Your application will be declined if you have certain STIs/STDs, such as Hepatitis or HIV. The same goes for any other STD/ STI that can be transferred to the baby. However, sexually transmitted infections/diseases like Chlamydia and genital warts won’t prevent you from meeting the basic requirements of being a Surrogate with our California surrogacy program.

Herpes Simplex

Q: I am an HSV-1 or HSV-2 carrier, does this affect my chances of becoming a Surrogate?

A: Herpes does not disqualify you from being a Surrogate. We would only ask you to take preventative anti-viral medications in the final month of pregnancy. Moreover, based on your circumstances, a cesarean section may be required.


Q: I’ve been diagnosed with HPV in the past, will I be rejected?

A: A history of HPV will not make you ineligible to be a Surrogate.


Q: I’ve had a miscarriage in the past, does this automatically rule me out?

A: Having a miscarriage will not necessarily disqualify you from being a Surrogate if it happens before the 10-12 week mark. Our team evaluates applicants’ medical histories on a case-by-case basis. They will make sure that you meet the requirements of becoming a Surrogate with our Surrogacy agency in California. Miscarriage is not a ground for disqualification, but some underlying conditions that cause miscarriage might be a reason to prevent you from meeting the surrogacy requirements.

PCOS can also deter you from fulfilling the Surrogate Mother requirements of our surrogacy agency, California

Q: I have PCOS, can I still apply to be a Surrogate?

A: Sad to say, but fertility clinics won’t allow you to be a Surrogate if you have PCOS. This is because women dealing with PCOS may find it difficult to get pregnant. They may be more likely to develop complications during pregnancy.


Q: I’ve been placed on anti-anxiety or anti-depression medications in the past…. will I be turned down?

A: You are not going to be rejected just because you have been prescribed anti-anxiety/anti-depression medications in the past. However, you must have stopped the drug at least six months before applying. Also, include a note from the prescribing doctor stating that you don’t need the medication anymore.

Other health issues…

Our screening team evaluates health histories on a case-to-case basis. If you want to become a Surrogate Mother, the first step is to submit your pre-screening application to find out if you fulfill the basic requirements of our Surrogacy agency in California. To know whether or not you are qualified to be a Surrogate, please fill out an application.

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