Olivia’s Surrogacy Journey

Olivia’s Surrogacy Journey - A Surrogate Mother's Experience

We have passed through all the medical testing, and the contracts have been signed, which means that we can now become pregnant and start our surrogacy journey!

We began to take the medication about one month before the embryo transfer. Although I have a phobia for needles, I know I would need to do it and that it was just for a short time. I have done it before; I can definitely do it again.

Each appointment we had prior to the transfer was great news. My body was responding well to the medication and was ready to carry a baby.

We took a flight to our fertility clinic some days before the transfer and had our final blood work and ultrasound done the day preceding the transfer. Fortunately, everything came back okay!

Expectedly, my Intended Parents were very anxious, and everyone was extremely nervous. The big day finally arrived, and I couldn’t have been more nervous. I was nervous because I wanted things to work out fine, hoping it would work the first time, and wanting to ensure my Intended Parents were also present at the clinic. After all, we are both embarking on the surrogacy journey together.

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The doctors and nurses were very patient and kind. They were also extremely supportive, and that helped calm our nerves. After the embryo transfer, we rested for a while and went back to our hotel room for additional rest until it was time to return home.

Although we knew we have to wait for about 10 days after the transfer before having our blood test to confirm pregnancy, ten days seemed so far away.

The wait was hard.

Everyone was hoping for the best, excited, anxious, and of course, still full of nervousness. While it is possible to do a pregnancy test before then, it is not as accurate as a blood test.

My Intended Parents didn’t want the pregnancy test performed straight away. They said we should wait for about one week, and so we did. Although I wanted to take a test so badly, I did not.

Exactly 7 days after the transfer, I woke up in the morning and carried out the test. Immediately I saw the double line; I went wild with excitement! I felt like informing the Intended Parents straight away.

The double lines came up really, very fast. Oh! The excitement was indescribable.

Seeing the smile on the Intended Parents’ face is the best feeling ever and makes you want to do your best to help them actualize their dreams.

We did blood tests and ultrasounds, and my Intended Parents could see each ultrasound via video. I could hear their cries of joy and laughter due to so much excitement. Little Champ (which is the nickname my son gave the baby) was growing, and its heartbeats were so strong.

When you approach the 12th week of pregnancy during your surrogacy journey, you can stop taking the medication, which I was very happy about.

We scheduled an appointment with my obstetrician. This is the time it all started to feel more real because I often fell sick in the first few months of pregnancy and even going into the second trimester.

It was a difficult experience. I couldn’t eat or drink without vomiting. I had to visit the emergency room several times due to dehydration, but I took some vitamins, and it was gone.

Sometimes, you forget the reason why you are going through all this when you are throwing up here and there, but when you receive supportive calls and messages from the Intended Parents, it all comes back. The couples were simply amazing and more supportive than I have ever imagined.

My hubby also stood by me during the whole surrogacy journey and allowed me to rest more while he took care of our kid. My son always cuddled me and did all he could to make me feel better. I was so lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful support team. Speaking with ex-surrogates and receiving advice from them also helped.

I try, as much as possible, to respect my Intended Parents’ feelings. I always want them to feel that the pregnancy is theirs and have them involved as much as they wanted. Also, I let them know Little Champ is doing okay and is well taken care of. We still talk regularly and often share our feelings and concerns, even though I feel lucky to have had little to no concerns. We have kept an open and honest relationship right from the start, and my husband and I are very happy about this. Little Champ is growing and growing, and we send the couple as many photos and videos as we can.

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Then the time for “The” ultrasound came!

Is Little Champ a boy or a girl?

Everyone was so anxious. Although they don’t care whether it’s a he or she, we made guesses and had fun trying to figure that out. Seeing the baby’s health profile and heartbeats was an amazing feeling. It is good to know the baby is healthy, but I couldn’t wait to know what I was carrying.

Although I was really eager to know Little Champ’s gender, I let the couple know that it’s okay if they don’t want to find out. Fortunately for me, they also wanted to know! And now we are confirmed that Little Champ is Boy. Oh my God, so much joy and happiness. We were all happy to hear the good news of a healthy baby boy!

He keeps growing and has started to become very active. We are now in the last trimester of pregnancy, which means that my surrogacy journey will soon be over, but an entirely new story is about to start.

We have already decided I would have a cesarean section, and we have had the date scheduled. Our Intended Parents have gotten us a place to stay near the clinic, and it’s becoming more exciting around here.

Aside from being sick a lot in the first semester of my surrogacy journey, it has been an easy pregnancy. We have already discussed what the birth plan would be with the Intended Parents, which is different than when we are preparing for the delivery of our own baby.

This time, the discussion is not only about if or when you go into labor but also about other important things. Things I had not really thought about until the delivery date started to draw near.

You have to know details like who is allowed to be with you in the delivery room. That’s a huge one because I want my hubby to be in there with me. After all, he is my #1 supporter, and this would have been impossible without his help and support.

We have talked to my physician, and we are waiting to know how many people will be permitted to be in the delivery room with me. But if the hospital only allows one person to be in the room, I’m okay with that being the intended mother. She has been extremely supportive, and I couldn’t bear not having her in the room with me because I want her to feel like she’s a part of this delivery.

When I first began researching about becoming a surrogate mother, my greatest concern was how I would prepare myself for the delivery of my surrogacy. And one of the first things I came across was a recommendation to have the child handed directly to the Intended Parents. I know Little Champ is not my own child, and I’m not preparing to add a new member to my family.

Although I can’t wait to cuddle this special baby boy, I also can’t wait to see the couple become parents.

I told my physician and the Intended Parents that the baby should be handed to them immediately after birth.

The Intended Parents are very understanding about my preferences and how I hope that everything goes. They said I could hold the baby as soon as he is born, but I’ve decided to wait until I get into the recovery room. But as we all know, delivery does always go as we expect or hope. Being a Surrogate, you should just accept whatever happens and know that you are gifting the Intended Parents the best gift in the world!

I also let the couple know I would like my son to come over and meet the baby because he is as much a part of this as we are. My son would like to see Little Champ move around. I always tell him that the baby won’t be living with us and that he will have a new friend in his life. He is very excited!

Fortunately for us, our Intended Parents also want this. I’m looking forward to spending the maternity leave with my family. I’m a full-time worker, so it will be special to spend some quality time with my son and husband.

Presently, we are working on getting the parental rights paperwork done and signing all the necessary documents, and preparing for Little Champ’s birth. This is essential because we want the hospital to know I’m only giving birth but not the baby’s real mother.

We are getting closer to the baby’s arrival every day. I’m really enjoying being pregnant and helping bring Little Champ into the world.

Again, I can’t describe how lucky I feel to have been matched with such a wonderful family. There are no words to describe how I feel about this! Thank you, Physician’s Surrogacy!

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