Being a Surrogate: The Surprising Truth About What Your Cravings Mean

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Whether it’s for a relative, friend, or stranger, being a Surrogate is a wonderful experience. By being a Surrogate, you’re helping a would-be parent actualize their dream of having a baby – something only a few people can do. If you have an interest in becoming a Surrogate, there are a variety of surrogacy agencies you can contact. While the experience of becoming a Surrogate can be very rewarding, it may also be a bit challenging. During gestational surrogacy, your body goes through many changes. A common side effect of pregnancies is the food cravings you can get. One out of every two women reports having cravings when pregnant. Researchers have studied this phenomenon in every possible way to understand why it happens, but don’t have a definite answer.

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During pregnancy, many women start craving for popsicles or ice for quite a few reasons. Firstly, during pregnancy, your body’s temperature rises. So, you feel the need to cool down, which is why you begin to crave ice. Pregnancy may also cause a temporarily swollen tongue, and sucking on cold foods, such as ice, can help minimize the swelling and bring you ease. A swollen tongue can also be a symptom of anemia. This is why some specialists believe that an excessive craving of ice base food during pregnancy indicate an iron deficiency. If you’re worried about having anemia, we recommend getting an iron count the next time you visit your doctor. Having anemia may be worrisome, but a simple dietary supplement can come to the rescue.


Being a Surrogate? pickles are another common craving amongst pregnant women, yet there is no consensus as to why this craving occurs. Some people claim that this has to do with hyponatremia (being low on sodium), which the sour, salty pickles deliver on. Your liver may feel overwhelmed if your cravings fluctuate between sweet to salty frequently, or if you want two or more things (ice cream and pickles) at the same time. Although there is no scientific evidence to back this, some women vouch that adding lemon to water helps when they are feeling this way.

Ice Cream

There are several reasons why pregnant women may crave ice cream. In some instances, you may crave ice cream because your body wants some calcium or healthy fat. However, if your cravings are mainly for sweet foods, it may be a sign of gestational diabetes. In cases like these, experts do not know where the causation lies – whether the high sugar consumption that comes with the cravings results in gestational diabetes, or whether it’s just a correlation. If you’re worried about developing diabetes, keep your doctor up to date with your sweet cravings. If becoming a Surrogate, it is also good to note that, as a pregnant woman, you should never take soft-serve ice cream due to the high risk of developing listeria.


Lemon is the citrus fruit that is craved the most during pregnancy, and there could be many reasons for this. First of all, your taste buds change when you get pregnant, and many women begin to enjoy the strong flavor of lemon. Secondly, craving lemon may have to do with a vitamin C deficiency in the body. This is usually nothing to worry about, and you can easily fix it by giving your body what it needs. If you want to avoid a vitamin C deficiency, eat fruits, drink juice, or add citrus to your water.


Chocolate is one of the biggest cravings Surrogates report having during pregnancy. Fortunately, dark chocolate packs some health benefits as well. Apart from being a rich natural source of magnesium (Mg2+) antioxidants, it also contains nutrients that can help improve your mood. Pregnant women may crave chocolate due to their increased caloric needs –especially now that they’re eating for the Surrogate baby too.


Becoming a Surrogate? One common craving that women tend to have during pregnancy is eggs, in all forms! Whether it’s fried, boiled, or scrambled, pregnant women crave it all! While there is no definite evidence as to why many experts think that pregnant Surrogates crave eggs because they’re a source of protein. When you’re eating for two, you need all the protein you can get. Just ensure that the eggs are fully cooked. If you eat eggs that are still a little raw, you may contract salmonella.

Potato Chips

You may find yourself reaching for that bag of chips again and again during your pregnancy. Salty foods can keep your energy up during your pregnancy. However, there are many other reasons why you may be craving this salty snack. One theory suggests that pregnant women crave salty foods, such as potato chips because the salt helps their body retain more water. Keep in mind, though, that having too many chips can make you gain additional body fat that won’t be easy to lose after the baby comes. If you can’t fight the craving for chips, try swapping out sodium-filled ones for healthier alternatives such as kale chips!


Dairy is one of the better cravings to have on our food list during pregnancy. A craving for dairy is more than an inclination towards a taste; it can tell you that your Surrogate baby needs more Vitamin D to build healthier bones. When it comes to dairy, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from! It’s important to consume healthy foods during your Surrogate pregnancy. Thus, we recommend choosing low-fat alternatives to dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. If you’re lactose sensitive, then opt for lactose-free products. Pregnancy is hard enough without the side effects of lactose intolerance.


Among the list of different items pregnant women tend to crave, some women can also have cravings for inedible things, such as detergent or chalk. If you find yourself having absurd cravings like these, let your physician know. There’s usually nothing wrong with having food cravings during pregnancy, even weird ones! It’s your body’s natural response. Some cravings are even your body’s way of telling you it needs something for sustenance, such as what happens in the case of vitamin deficiencies.

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