What Can a Surrogate Expect in the Delivery Room?

What Can a Surrogate Mother Expect in the Delivery Room - Surrogate Mother - Surrogacy Contract - Surrogacy California

As a Surrogate Mother, you have experienced pregnancy and childbirth at least once before. Although this will not be your first time, things will be a little bit different. The child that you are giving birth to will be going home with the Intended Parents, and not you. Different surrogacy agencies and clinics may have different rules and contract policies for surrogacy. However, there are some common rules when it comes to giving birth as a Surrogate Mother.

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As a Surrogate Mother, Plan Your Delivery Ahead

Before you conceive, you will be entering a surrogacy agreement contract with the Intended Parents of the baby. If you have any questions about your pregnancy and labor experience, make sure to address it in the surrogacy contract. Almost everything concerning your childbirth needs to be specified in the delivery plan in the surrogacy agreement. It will ensure that the Surrogate Mother and the Intended Parents know for sure what to expect and look forward to on the delivery day.

Here are some of the things you and the Intended Parents should include in your delivery plan:

  • Which hospital are you going to give birth?
  • Will you or the Intended Parents choose the obstetrician?
  • What type of medication will be in use during the birthing process?
  • Who would you like to be with you in the delivery room?
  • Will you allow taking any videos or pictures of delivery?
  • Who is going to cut the child’s umbilical cord?
  • What medical procedures will be carried out on the baby post-delivery?
  • Would you be allowed to hold the baby after birth?
  • Will you feed the baby with breast milk after its delivery?
  • Do you have to keep breastfeeding for the child’s Intended Parents after birth?
  • Will the Intended Parent be in the same room with you while you are at the hospital?

There are other questions you may want to have answered within the delivery plan. Our team can help you address all these questions and several other things to take into consideration in your surrogacy agreement. It will help prevent any late surprises on the day of delivery.

On The Delivery Day

Regardless of how well you have your delivery planned out, things can change on delivery day. It is essential to keep this in mind and be flexible on the day of delivery. When your water breaks or you have a schedule for a cesarean section (c-section), the Hopeful Parents will probably follow you to or join you at the clinic. From that moment on, your delivery plan would be strictly followed. The staff at the hospital should have the information ahead of time that you are a Surrogate mother giving birth for the Intended Parents. At Physician’s Surrogacy, California, we will ensure that all the clinic workers who need to know about your situation are well informed. Thus, it will not be a concern.

In most surrogate deliveries, hospitals will permit at least one of the Intended Parents to be present in the delivery room during childbirth. This person or persons (as the case may be) will support you during delivery. He/She may even be the first to hold the child after it is born. They are also going to cut the umbilical cord of the baby. (If you want a friend, family member, or anyone else to be in the delivery room for additional support, please specify this in your delivery plan). Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus, the number of people allowed to be in the delivery room might vary by state or even county. In a lot of cases, only one support person is allowed.

There are other variables regarding what will happen after birth. For example, whether or not you will hold or breastfeed the child, should be followed according to the delivery plan.

After Birth

The next steps after childbirth would be specified in your delivery plan. Shortly after birth, the baby will undergo medical testing to ensure everything is fine. You may rest in a private room while the would-be parents stay with the child in another room. However, there are some cases in which both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents would agree to stay together in the same room at the hospital. It depends on what each party is comfortable with. Also, it should be addressed ahead of time in the delivery plan.

You, the Surrogate Mother, will stay in the hospital for to days after the delivery of the baby. Your friends and family members may currently not be able to visit you during this time due to heightened safety measurements. The lawyers and our representatives will make sure to have all the important documents signed before anyone leaves the hospital. Based on what you and the child’s Intended Parents have in the surrogacy agreement contract, you may still remain in touch after delivery or say goodbye to the baby and the Intended Parents at the clinic. It all depends on what you want, what you and the Intended Parents agreed upon, and how comfortable you are with the situation.

After your discharge from the clinic, you will go home to fully recover from the childbirth. (You should apply for the maternity leave offered by your employer. Although you are not taking care of the baby, your body is yet to recover completely from the rigors of delivery). You might notice some residual sadness after childbirth. It usually happens due to your ever-changing pregnancy hormones. If you feel like talking about your conflicting emotions, one of our representatives at Physician’s Surrogacy, California, will contact you and provide emotional support.


Each pregnancy is different, and so is the journey of every Surrogate. There is no “wrong or right” way to birth a baby for the Intended Parents. There are only ways that work best for both of you. The important thing to note is that, by being a Surrogate Mother, you are providing a priceless service. You are giving the Intended Parents a gift that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

All in all, giving birth as a Surrogate mother is very similar to giving birth to your own child. The Surrogate and the Intended Parents should agree upon the stipulations of the birth and delivery experience beforehand. At Physician’s Surrogacy Clinic, California, we make sure to guide you through each step of the process. We ensure that the journey is as smooth as possible from beginning to beyond delivery. If you’re interested in becoming a Surrogate with Physicians Surrogacy, California, fill out an application here or get more information about how to become a Surrogate

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