15 Reasons Why I Decided to Become a Surrogate

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Becoming a surrogate is a decision that can change your life and the lives of others in countless ways. It is a selfless act of love and kindness that requires a significant commitment of time, energy, and resources. Here are compilation of 15 reasons why some of our surrogate mothers decided to become a surrogate:

1. I enjoy giving life, it’s a gift that I relish sharing.

Giving birth to my two children were two of the most incredible experiences of my life. It’s still hard to believe I was able to create such perfect little life forms. I’m not done giving life, even if it isn’t practical for my family to have more children.

By becoming a Surrogate, I can continue to give life and help another family experience the joy of having a family.

2. I love being pregnant, but we don’t want more children.

Pregnancy was easy for me, I wasn’t terribly sick the first three months and not much at all after that. My skin glowed and it felt great. Plus, feeling the baby kick is an amazing feeling.

3. I love being a mother and feel so terrible for women who can’t have their own children.

I know a lot of people say their kids are their lives, for me it’s true. Since I don’t know what I would do without my children, I feel horrible for women who can’t have children of their own.

By becoming a Surrogate mother, I can help these women achieve the joy I experience mothering my children.

4. I can make money and stay home with the kids.

When people discuss “why become a Surrogate,” one of the points always discussed is surrogacy compensation.

My children are young, and I want to stay home with them, they change so fast and I don’t want to miss anything. Being a Surrogate Mother allows me to make enough money that I can stay home with the kids and still contribute to our household income.

5. I love being a role model for compassion.

One of the lessons I want to teach my children is compassion. But compassion can’t just be discussed, it’s best learned by modelling.

When you’re a Surrogate you’re showing incredible compassion for another family. I love the fact that I can model compassion through my actions.

6. I want to show my children that anyone can be a hero to someone.

Children watch everything their parents do. They tend to think of heroes as sports figures or comic characters.

My children hear the positive comments I receive from people when they find out I’m a Surrogate. They also hear the outright thanks I get from the Intended Parents and people at the surrogacy center.

This has expanded my children’s thinking as to what a hero really is and that anyone can truly make a difference in people’s lives.

7. I want to do something on my own that will help me build my confidence.

Now I’ve never been a wilting flower, but when you’re a stay-at-home mom you can lose your own identity when you start identifying solely as a wife and mother. I realize that I need to do something to rebuild my self-confidence.

By becoming a Surrogate, I’m taking control of a situation, the steps to becoming a Surrogate, and handling all the details. This helps build my confidence within myself.

8. I want to help another family experience the miracle of parenthood.

I love children, they are a miracle and I’m eternally grateful that I was able to have mine when I wanted to.

Many families are never able to conceive or carry to term, which means they might never experience the miracle of parenthood. If, by becoming a Surrogate Mother, I can help one or more of these families’ experience parenthood I will have added love to the universe.

9. I know several women who are surrogates and joined a surrogate community, I would like to join this amazing group of women.

Several of my mom’s friends are Surrogates already. The things I’ve learned from them, and their Surrogate community, have convinced me that not only can I do this, but I can also rock it.

What an amazing group of women, I can’t wait to join them and start helping others. They are so generous with their time and knowledge, they are probably surrogacy’s best ambassadors.

10. I believe everyone deserves a family!

I’ve known a gay guy since high school, he and his husband wanted to be parents. I believe they will be amazing parents.

However, the only way they can conceive is by having a child that is only biologically related to one of them through surrogacy. I would love to help more homosexual couples become parents. I would feel honoured in helping them achieve their dream family.

11. I want to help the woman who never met Prince Charming and, because she decided to wait, it was too late for her to carry.

One of my husband’s aunts is the family’s babysitter. She’s wonderful with kids and loves them like crazy.

However, at the age of 40 she is yet to meet the right partner. Recently she decided she couldn’t wait any longer to become a parent. Despite freezing some eggs about 5 years ago, she has found out she would not be able to carry a pregnancy because she has endometriosis.

If this woman never becomes a mother, it would be a loss to the world. Since she has eggs already, and sperm is available, she is the perfect candidate to use a Surrogate. I would love to help her and other women in her situation.

12. I want to help single men who want to become parents.

Women aren’t the only ones who want to be parents but have never found the right partner. Helping a single man fulfil his lifelong desire for a family would be a magnificent thing to do.

13. My sister is a cancer survivor. I want to help women who triumphed over cancer only to have chemo and radiation leave them infertile.

When my 35-year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer she and her husband couldn’t think of anything but her survival. Their plans for a family had to be pushed aside.

Fortunately, my sister not only survived but is now thriving. They are tentatively discussing the long-buried plans to start a family. However, the chemotherapy and radiation therapy my sister endured during her cancer treatment has left her infertile.

Any couple that has been through the wringer with cancer therapy, and still has the desire and optimism to start a family, is going to make fantastic parents. I know that surrogacy is an excellent option for cancer survivors and being a Surrogate for a family like this would be an honor.

14. Female empowerment: I can give life and support women.

Women are the life-givers, it’s a superpower greater than anyone featured in comic books or movies. Many of us are also nurturers by nature.

When you’re a Surrogate for a woman with a strong desire to nurture, but who can’t carry a child, you’re supporting her by assisting her with becoming her true self.

15.  My family is committed to service and wants to help another family.

We’ve always been one of those families that helps with school projects, church projects and community service. The feeling in our hearts when we help others is awesome, like a natural high.

I view surrogacy as an extension of what our family does to help others. There are different ways to help a family rebuild their lives and becoming a Surrogate is one of them. I also view surrogacy as another form of service, one that my family and I are more than to perform.

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