8 Reasons Why Women Choose to Become Surrogates

One of the most common questions we have received at Physician’s Surrogacy is, “why would someone choose to be a Surrogate?” or what are the reasons to Become a Surrogate or why become a surrogate mother Our Surrogates have also been asked this question a million times.

There are a lot of misconceptions flying around about surrogacy and women who agree to be Surrogate moms.

While some think that they are doing it to get some cash, others believe that only a crazy woman would do that. But in reality, all these are not true.

Firstly, these women undergo a comprehensive mental evaluation, so they are not crazy at all! There are just kind and different. Not all women have what it takes to be a Surrogate.

Let’s look at some reasons that our Surrogates say drive them on this path.

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1. Altruistic love

The top reason why women become Surrogates is to give life to a much-wanted child and help create or grow a beautiful family. Intended Parents who cannot have a biological child any other way, require a Surrogate Mother, and you can be the one to make their dreams come true.

2. Reliving the joys of pregnancy 

Many women who become Surrogates say that they really enjoyed their pregnancies and see the surrogacy process as another opportunity to relive the joy and reward of pregnancy and birth.

3. Educating and inspiring others 

As a Surrogate, you will be able to answer lots of questions about how you’re helping someone become a parent. Invariably, people are excited and keen to learn more about surrogacy and your generous spirit.

4. The lifelong relationship with IPs

In many cases, Our Surrogates and parents form strong bonds that endure throughout the child’s life.

To become a Surrogate, one must be able to love and care for the baby in the womb and then relinquish the baby to the Intended Parents after birth. For a lot of people, that would be a difficult or impossible thing to do.

But Surrogates see it in a different way.

They don’t think about the emotional relationship they are building with the growing baby, but about the gift, they are giving their Intended Parents and the difference it would make in their lives. A lot of Surrogates have even told us that they feel more attached to the Intended Parents than to the baby.

This is one of the many reasons that makes Surrogate – Intended Parent relationship much more special. Surrogate Mothers take care and nurture the baby because of the love and empathy they feel for the Intended Parents.

5. Incredible fulfillment

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. When becoming a Surrogate, you know that you are giving something absolutely priceless to someone else, and changing every day of their lives for the better.

Surrogates, having already had a child themselves, know the joy that comes with becoming a parent. They believe everybody should be able to feel this joy and see surrogacy as a chance to help.

A lot of these women want to do good in some way, but not everyone can help people financially or be a doctor or a nurse. Still, they desire to do something great, something bigger than themselves. And that is why they consider becoming a Surrogate.

6. Health benefits

Apart from the emotional fulfilment and confidence, there are many health benefits of becoming a Surrogate. For example:

  1. Developing hygiene and healthy food habits
  2. Lower risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  3. Improve heart health

7. The surrogate community

As a Physician’s Surrogacy Surrogate, you’ll have many opportunities to get to know other generous women in every stage of the process. Many of our Surrogates form lifelong friendships with other Surrogates they meet.

8. Surrogate compensation 

The second question boils down to motives.

Surely, Surrogate compensation helps. It can be used to purchase a house, finance your kid through college, start a business, or support your own family. But money cannot be your singular motive if you are considering becoming a Surrogate.

As any ex-surrogates would tell you, no amount of money will help you through the emotional rollercoaster journey that surrogacy is. Despite its advantages, surrogacy is something that affects the lives of the Surrogates and their families. These women risk their health, wellbeing, and even lives to help their hopeful parents realize their dream of having a baby.

For Surrogate mothers, the motive is not just money. It is a calling – an opportunity to assist others, to do something rewarding, to help make another person’s dream a reality.

This is their opportunity to help, to give a wonderful gift.

And there is no greater gift than the gift of parenthood.

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Looking for Reliable Surrogacy Info?

Physician’s Surrogacy is the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency. Join our community to get updates on surrogacy, expert insights, free resources and more.