Are You Cut Out For Surrogacy?

Although surrogacy is one of the most selfless, rewarding things a woman can do, not all women have what it takes to become a Surrogate. Only a truly compassionate person would be ready to pause their own life in order to help another person achieve their dreams of having a family.

As a compassionate woman, you offer the most precious resource of the surrogacy process – Yourself!

But surrogacy is a huge commitment. You are carrying the Intended Parent’s baby and all their hope is born with it. Moreover, being pregnant you must tend to yourself, and that means managing your family time.

All of these point to one question: Are you both physically and emotionally ready to become a Surrogate Mother?

Finding out whether you meet the basic physiological requirements to be a Gestational Surrogate is easy. You simply fill out an application with us and confirm your eligibility instantly. But if you have what it takes to complete the entire surrogacy journey or not is something only you can determine.

To help you find out, this post will discuss some of the qualities that you should have in order to be an ideal Surrogate.

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1. You Are Selfless

Becoming a parent is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable, life-changing events that can happen to a person, and Surrogates play a significant role in helping otherwise childless couples or individuals achieve this dream.

If you have always desired to make such a big impact in another person’s life, then you have got the selflessness required to become a Surrogate. Surrogacy is physically and emotionally demanding that can last a year or more, and selfless Surrogates know that it is not just about them undergoing the process.

2. You want to do it for the right reasons

Surely, one of the benefits of being a Surrogate is that you are handsomely compensated for your time, effort, and sacrifices. However, if that is the only reason you want to be a Surrogate, you may not be cut out for surrogacy.

Instead of seeing surrogacy as a source of income, our Surrogate Mothers at Physician’s Surrogacy see it as a wonderful gift that can change others’ lives forever.

When you assist Intended Parents to achieve their dreams of having a baby, you are making an immense impact on their lives.

3. You enjoy being pregnant

This may sound odd to some people, but there are many women out there who actually enjoy being pregnant. All of our Surrogates have completed at least one successful childbirth without any major complications before they are accepted to the program.

If you enjoyed your last pregnancy journey, then the chances are that you would be a great Surrogate.

Pregnancy is a unique, wonderful experience, and if you are not looking to grow your family but wish to help others achieve this, becoming a Surrogate Mother might be the ideal solution for you.

4. You have got a strong support system

You already know that pregnancy can be a difficult journey. However, it is even more so when you are carrying another person’s baby. Therefore, it’s crucial that you surround yourself with a strong support system in order to have a successful surrogacy.

Having trusted friends and relatives around for assistance, guidance, or even calming conversations can be helpful for the Surrogate. Although the Intended Parents and the team at Physician’s Surrogacy are always available to support you, having people you can rely on in your daily life truly helps.

5. You are well organized

A successful surrogacy does not just happen – it takes several months of planning, meetings, screenings, and more before you even start the pregnancy process.

During pregnancy, it is crucial to monitor important pregnancy metrics, attend doctor’s visits, and keep up with your daily life at home while planning for the upcoming delivery. Therefore, it is important that Surrogate Mothers have good organizational skills to be able to do so many things at a time.

6. You communicate well and often

We believe you already know the kind of impact surrogacy can have on the Intended Parents’ lives. Now imagine another person carrying what would mean the world to you in a couple of months – wouldn’t you like to know every single thing that is occurring along the line?

Surrogates Mothers need to communicate with the would-be parents, surrogacy agency, and physicians to ensure a successful surrogacy journey. Also, it is important to carry the Intended Parents along as much as possible during the surrogacy process.

7. You maintain sound health

While you are required to meet certain health metrics before you can become a Surrogate, it is essential that Surrogate moms keep healthy habits during and after the pregnancy – for your and the baby’s sake.

We understand that life can get busy sometimes, but no matter what, you shouldn’t neglect your physical and mental health. If you need any assistance during the process, do not hesitate to inform the Intended Parents, your support group, and our surrogacy team. Turn to those around you for help – whether you need someone to attend doctor’s visits with you or share your feelings with.

Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

Now it’s evident that surrogacy does have its pros and cons. You must maintain your health for the sake of the Intended Parents’ baby and manage your personal life. But as said earlier, surrogacy is a life-altering experience for both the hopeful parents and the Surrogate.

The perks surrogacy presents to you cannot be fully explained in words. Along with the health benefits of surrogacy, here are some other advantages you get to enjoy.

1. Giving the Gift of Life

Only mothers know the joy that comes with giving life. And it is no doubt one of the most impactful, life-changing decisions you can make.

However, a lot of families out there cannot experience the joys of having a baby for certain reasons. Surrogates can help actualize those dreams of parenthood for people who are unable to have children unassisted. You can be that life-giver Intended Parents have been looking for!

2. Life-altering experience

Pregnancy is an incredible journey for every woman, and it’s even more meaningful when you are the reason Intended Parents are able to experience the joys of parenthood.

Becoming a Surrogate enables you to be the connection between hopeful parents and their new lives. And when you see the smile on the parent’s faces while holding their new bundle of joy, we know it will be an experience you will live to remember!

3. Financial benefits

Another advantage of being a Gestational Surrogate is the financial benefit. Although money is not the sole reason a lot of Surrogates make this decision, receiving compensation is an extra incentive.

In most US states, surrogacy compensation starts at $45,000 for women who are becoming Surrogates for the first time. It may even be higher in surrogacy-friendly states, like California and Nevada.

Aside from base compensation, Surrogates also get other allowances and benefits that can significantly increase the amount they receive at the end of the process. The primary compensation is higher for second and third-time surrogacies, giving you the chance to financially support your family while helping another person build their own.

4. Long-term relationships

When you make the decision to be a Surrogate, you instantly become a part of something bigger than yourself. The altruistic act of surrogacy enables you to build a meaningful relationship with the Intended Parents, whose lives would be changed forever.

A lot of Surrogates and Intended Parents establish special, lifetime bonds with one another during the surrogacy process.


Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way. A lot of mothers enjoy their pregnancy journey and wish to experience pregnancy again – but they are not looking to add a new member to their families. Surrogacy gives compassionate women the opportunity to experience the joys of pregnancy, again and again.

Being a Surrogate, you make positive changes to the Intended Parent’s life, and of course, your life. If you would like to become a Gestational Surrogate and change someone’s life forever, start by filling out an application. If you want more details, visit our website and have a chat with us.

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Looking for Reliable Surrogacy Info?

Physician’s Surrogacy is the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency. Join our community to get updates on surrogacy, expert insights, free resources and more.