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For a surrogate, nothing beats the feeling of giving life to someone else’s family and giving the gift of parenthood to those people. Choosing to become a Surrogate is one of the biggest selfless acts that not every woman can do. Most women do consider their experience as a surrogate as something wonderful and extraordinary.

But you should also know these surrogacy pros and cons before making a final decision to become a surrogate. Prospective surrogates should be aware of various benefits and risks that could come as a result of the process. One of the main benefits is how rewarding surrogacy can be. Giving the biggest gift of life to a family who otherwise would not be able to have a child is very rewarding.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the United States between the ages 15 to 44 have difficulty becoming pregnant or completing pregnancy to full term.

However, there are many women out there who want to conceive and get pregnant but are unable to do so even though they can produce viable eggs. There are no issues with their fertility, but because of a certain medical condition, they can’t carry a baby to full term.

In this case, a fully vetted surrogate mother can help bring a life into this world and help couples and individuals build the family of their dreams. Surrogacy offers these couples and individuals the opportunity to have a biological child even if the woman cannot carry the pregnancy themselves.

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Basic Surrogate Requirements at Physician’s Surrogacy

A surrogacy journey is not only physically demanding, but emotionally as well. Our team works diligently to make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible. Our surrogacy agency is located in San Diego, California. Below are the basic requirements to become a surrogate mother with Physician’s Surrogacy.

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 37 years old
  • Have at least one child of your own
  • Can pass a background screening
  • Have a BMI under 32- you can calculate your BMI here
  • Be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident
  • Be a resident of CA, CO, IL, OR, NV, WA or TX

The Pros of Being a Surrogate

Women who decide to become a surrogate have different reasons for doing so. Most of them find this to be an amazing and wonderful opportunity through which they can contribute to another family’s growth. They find their journey to be an extremely satisfying and highly rewarding experience. Let’s take a look at the advantages that come with the decision of being a surrogate.

Surrogacy is a fulfilling experience

Surrogacy can be a fulfilling experience, for both the surrogates as well as the Intended Parents.  Nothing compares to the joy of carrying a child for someone who is unable to do so themselves. The Intended Parents get a sense of completeness by welcoming a new family member, but for a surrogate the feeling is one of pride from having provided the parents with their bundle of joy they’ve waited so long for. 

Surrogate mothers are usually caring and compassionate women with a strong urge to help others in need. They make dreams come true for those who are unable to have a child on their own. They also complete their family by participating in such a wonderful and life-changing event, which results in happiness, satisfaction and an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Surrogates are supported by a strong surrogate community

Surrogacy is a singular experience but the road to becoming a surrogate can be challenging. Potential surrogate mothers must undergo extensive medical screening processes and psychological evaluations.

Luckily, surrogates have banded together to create a solid community of support and sisterhood. The opportunity to share your surrogacy experience with other surrogates can be encouraging and fun.

Surrogates can relive the feeling of pregnancy

Every surrogate has one thing in common, they all truly enjoyed being pregnant. One of the basic requirements in order to become a potential surrogate is to already be a mother. By choosing to carry a pregnancy for someone in need, you can enjoy the experience of being pregnant all over again without expanding your own family.

Surrogates receive generous compensation

Surrogates receive financial compensation for their commitment, time and risk involved in the process of surrogacy. wondering how much are Surrogates get paid in California? On average, in California, a surrogate can receive between $40,000 to $60,000 for their efforts and dedication to carry the pregnancy to term.

Expenses such as travel are covered as well. You’ll also receive health insurance throughout your surrogacy journey. You can achieve your personal goals like buying a house or paying for education with the compensation that you will receive.

Legal contracts are placed to protect both the Intended Parents and the surrogate mother. They come into place after you’ve gone through the Surrogate screening and matching process.  These contracts clearly outline the obligations and responsibilities of both parties to ensure not only a healthy pregnancy, but a smooth journey.

These contracts also ensure that a surrogate is reimbursed for her time and contribution and reinforces the fact that she won’t have any responsibility for the child after birth.

The Cons of Being a Surrogate

While there are great benefits once you become a surrogate, there are also some risks and disadvantages that you should consider.

Surrogacy is demanding

It is mandatory for every surrogate to undergo medical screening processes and psychological evaluation to see if they are fit to carry a child to term. You, as a surrogate, will have to meet all the physical demands of being pregnant, attend regular appointments, and receive treatment. The process can also be emotionally challenging as carrying a baby for someone else is a huge responsibility.

Most surrogates will experience ups and downs throughout the journey. Having a reliable emotional support system is very important at this time. It is recommended that you use a counseling service or participate in support groups organized by social workers or agencies when you require emotional assistance.

Surrogacy is not accepted by everyone

Most people are becoming more accepting of surrogacy, however there are those that are still against the idea. Just keep in mind that not everyone will be accepting or understanding of your decision. This is due to a lack of information and misconceptions.

Surrogacy is a lengthy process

The process of surrogacy is considerably lengthy and requires commitment. From filling out the application to delivering the baby, there are many steps involved. Finalizing the surrogacy contract and completing the IVF process takes time as well. It takes around 12 months for the entire process to be completed. As a surrogate should not make any major travel plans during this time.

Surrogates are required to take medications to become pregnant

Part of the surrogacy process does involve taking medication. In some cases, you may be given birth control as well. Medications may include estrogen and progesterone. Some surrogates are caught off guard by the amount of medication required to just prepare for the embryo transfer. However, you need to keep in mind that it’s essential in order to guarantee a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Being a surrogate has health risks

There’s always a risk in carrying a pregnancy, and being a surrogate is no different.  There’s the slightest chance of pregnancy complications that can have a negative effect on your health. You will also have your blood drawn for tests and receive regular ultrasound checks to ensure that both you and the baby are healthy.  It’s important to understand that all these are essential for guaranteeing a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Do you still have questions about becoming a surrogate? Physician’s Surrogacy’s team of experts can guide you through the entire process. To learn more you can visit us or call (858) 299-4580 to learn more.  

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