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Surrogacy provides couples and individuals the opportunity to become parents where otherwise may not be possible. Surrogacy is a selfless sacrifice, which can provide a lifetime of happiness for both the intended parents and the child. Because of this we believe Surrogate Mothers should be rewarded and celebrated through a generous compensation package. As the best surrogacy agency serving in San Diego, California, we advise Surrogate Mothers enquire a few questions regarding the cost & compensation when choosing to work with a surrogacy agency. Such as:

  • What is the base compensation for Surrogate Mothers?
  • How much money do first-time Surrogate Mothers make with your agency?
  • Is there any change in Surrogate Mother pay for Repeat Surrogates? Or, How much do Experienced Surrogates make using a San Diego based agency?
  • How much do Surrogate Mothers for gestational surrogacy in San Diego as well as in California cost?
  • Am I getting extra compensation to pay for maternity clothes?
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Surrogacy Compensation

Generally, surrogacy compensation is calculated by a base compensation amount plus a variable benefits package. We understand packages like these may be confusing and are not representative of every case, so we developed our structure with these challenges and you in mind.

Our package does not include variable allowances or uncertainties. While our program includes many benefits, these are not paid as itemized payments, but instead are divided into equal, lump sum monthly payments.

How Much can Surrogate Mothers make with Physicians Surrogacy in San Diego, CA

As you are researching surrogacy compensation packages, you may find that many agencies have misleading advertisements when it comes to how much surrogate mothers get paid. Some advertise high rates that are only available for experienced surrogates. With Physician’s Surrogacy in San Diego, first-time surrogates can make up to $60,000 plus signing bonus, and experienced surrogates are able to make well beyond that. We do not advertise a higher range that is unattainable for first-time surrogates.

We understand the challenges and complexity in deciphering all these uncertainties, which is why we are transparent with our compensation packages, aiming to help you understand your benefits.

Why our Surrogate Mother Compensation is a Better Package

With other agencies, you may find the average range to be between $30,000$45,000. While Physician’s Surrogacy compensation for gestational surrogacy varies; it is the highest compensation in the industry, ranging from $43,500 to $60,000 for first-time surrogates as seen in the table. How much surrogates make depends on a few factors such as where she is located, her employment status and past experience.

how much do surrogates cost

State-wide differences are due to varying cost of living and extra travel-related costs for nonlocal surrogates. For local surrogates, travel and other expenses are fewer for the intended parents due to the proximity to our San Diego clinic.

Employment based differences arises as surrogates who are employed may be entitled to lost wages through the state. We like to also compensate for this and have decided to include a stipend for lost wages at the outset. Whether it’s needed or not, we believe the money should be made available. We leave it up to you how to best allocate those funds and should you need to file with the EDD, you still have that option.

What is considered employment?

To be considered employed, you must have a gross annual income of $15,000. Employment is verified by pay stubs and/or a tax return.

What can you do with the compensation from your surrogacy journey?

Although money isn’t the only consideration, the compensation package from surrogacy can be life-changing. It can provide real flexibility in your life. Many of our surrogates use it as a way to stay home with their children. Some of our surrogates have even paid off debt or put a down payment on their dream house!

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy is an agreement for a woman to carry a pregnancy for another couple or individual, who will then become the legal parents. There are two types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy uses the eggs of the surrogate while gestational surrogacy uses the process of IVF to create an embryo. The embryo is created by using the intended father’s sperm or a sperm donor and the intended mother’s egg or an egg donor.

This means the child is not genetically related to the surrogate mother. At Physician’s Surrogacy we only provide the gestational surrogacy option, which is much more common in today’s time and has been used by many celebrities such as, Lucy Liu, Kim Kardashian and Tig Notaro, just to name a few!


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