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Our Goal.

We Are not
an Agency

We are the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency

What does that mean for you as an Intended Parent, a Surrogate or a Clinical Partner? It gives you peace of mind knowing that only one party is responsible for managing your journey to becoming a parent, your surrogacy journey, or your patient’s journey. The health of both the Surrogate and the baby is our number one priority.

Whether you’re looking to start a family, become a Surrogate, or partner with us, we’re here to help make your dreams become a reality.

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Your Dreams Become Reality

Physician’s Surrogacy Difference

Today almost 95% of surrogacy agencies are managed by former Surrogates
or Intended Parents. They can relate to the emotional aspects of the
journey but often lack the clinical expertise and business background to
facilitate this complex process of family building. We provide the advantage of a
dedicated, physician-guided, third party reproduction journey.

Our Surrogates

Our exceptional Surrogates are not only qualified but also have the desire
to help create families. Unlike any other agency, our in-house
physicians closely monitor the entire journey. We ensure support from
the start, throughout the pregnancy, and after the baby is born.

Family is the Motivation

Family is the motivation behind our team. Our multilingual staff isn’t just
comprised of industry-leading doctors; they’re also compassionate people
who’ve had personal experience with the surrogacy process, just like
you. We welcome you with open arms into our family here at Physician’s

Physician’s Surrogacy: Best surrogacy agency in California

The Physician Advantage

The health of both the Surrogate and baby is our top priority.

Medically-guided Surrogacy

Through comprehensive education, case management, and support, our team of physicians and other medical professionals guide you through the entire journey, ensuring the highest degree of safety and peace of mind all the way to the baby’s healthy arrival.

Our Advisory Board

We’ve put together a unique Advisory Board of certified medical experts who are outstanding in their fields of perinatology, obstetrics, and neonatology. Our Advisory Board offers its experience and expertise to support our Intended Parents and Surrogates, in receiving state-of-the-art medical care. Together, we navigate and mitigate the uncertainties and potential complexities of the pregnancy and delivery process, to ensure the safety of the Surrogate and baby.

Improving Surrogacy Standards

At Physician’s Surrogacy, our specialty is obstetrics, which allows us to establish the highest health standards beyond the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Hence our Surrogates are protected while providing our Intended Parents with optimal outcomes. We ensure that the Surrogate is a healthy candidate both physically and emotionally.

Clinical Communications

Count on detailed updates from Physicians Surrogacy rather than the Surrogate, after every appointment. The support team works with Surrogates one-on-one while our in-house doctors and case managers closely monitor the journey. Timely reports are sent directly to the Intended Parents, allowing the Surrogate and Intended Parents to focus their conversations on the emotional aspects and progress of the journey.

Additional Medical Testing

Most Intended Parents undergoing surrogacy are not aware that additional tests are offered by OB’s and more importantly, don’t have the opportunity to elect to have them done. As an OB-managed agency, Physicians Surrogacy provides you with the option of electing for additional Antenatal testing to be done, providing reassurance of the healthy progress of your baby.

Your Dream. Your Journey. Our Goal

As the only physician-managed surrogacy agency in the country, you can expect to receive world-class care throughout this journey. Our multilingual staff isn’t just comprised of industry-leading doctors; they’re also compassionate people who’ve had personal experience with the surrogacy process, just like you. Family is the motivation behind our team.
Intended Parents

For Our Intended

Safety is our Top Priority

The safety of your baby and the health of your Surrogate is our primary concern. We ensure support from the start, throughout the pregnancy, and after the baby is born. Unlike any other agency, our in-house physicians closely monitor the entire journey.

We Choose the Best Surrogates

Before you start the surrogacy selection process, each Surrogate candidate goes through our stringent physician designed pre-screening to ensure she is physically ready to become a gestational carrier and is committed to the journey.

Physician Monitored Updates

You’ll receive updates directly from Physicians Surrogacy, rather than the Surrogate, after every appointment. The Surrogate and Intended Parents can focus their conversations on the emotional aspects and progress of the journey while doctors relay all medical information to the Intended Parents case manager. This ensures that you’re receiving timely and accurate information regarding your baby
Do you have more questions about how surrogacy works? Do you want to know how much it costs to have a Surrogate Mother? Are you curious about the average cost of gestational surrogacy in California? Reach out to us by setting up a complimentary Consultation.
Clinical Partners - Physicians Surrogacy

For Our Clinical

We have the largest surrogacy program in the nation

No Fees until a Confirmed Match

We offer a complimentary consultation and Surrogate profile review, saving your patients both time and money for the treatment plan. The Surrogates presented to them are already pre-screened to ensure they meet our qualifications and the Surrogate requirements of the IVF center.

Optimal Outcomes

All candidates complete our OB-designed proprietary pre-screening process ensuring the best outcomes for both you and the Intended Parents. Our clinical expertise allows us to enjoy less than 50% of the national average preterm delivery rate.

No waiting time for your patient

Having the largest surrogacy program in the nation, there is no wait time for your patient to find a Surrogate. Our average matching timeline is one week from profile presentation to legal referral.


Physician's testimonial

Regina G


“I LOVED my experience with Physician’s Surrogacy! Everyone I was in contact with was very nice and made the whole process easy. Their staff is professional and genuinely caring. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and well taken care of. My support person, Yoko, was awesome. She always answered my questions quickly and was easy to reach. Their support groups also helped answer a lot of questions, even ones I didn’t know I had. I was very thankful that those were offered during the process. The whole surrogacy experience was amazing and special. The match between me, my family, and the Intended Parents couldn’t have been more perfect. I would recommend being a surrogate to anyone, and I would highly recommend having it with them!

Physician's testimonial

Tom and Gary C

Intended Parents

“After signing on with a different agency for our first journey, paying their agency fee, and then being told we would have to wait 6-12 months for a surrogate; my husband and I were ecstatic to find Physician’s Surrogacy for our second journey! They were able to match us with our ideal Surrogate within a week, and we didn’t pay any fees until we confirmed the match and were ready to move forward! I can’t believe more agencies aren’t like this! They have so many pre-screened Surrogates available, and it was hard to choose only one!”

Physician's testimonial


Irvine, Ca

“I have been a practicing OB/GYN for over 20 years and have worked on countless surrogacy cases. I can honestly say I look forward to working on Physician’s Surrogacy cases the most. Physician’s Surrogacy communicates directly with me, taking out any chance of information being lost or misunderstood. All parties involved are happy, and they have made my job a lot easier!”

Physician's testimonial

Lizette and Greg S.

Intended Parents

“Not only was Physician’s Surrogacy able to order antenatal lab testing for my Surrogate and baby, they also had one of their physician’s hop on a call with my Surrogate’s OB to review the test results! It was a seamless process, and they were able to explain everything to my wife and I so we could rest easy! It’s amazing how they can go that extra mile!”

Physician's testimonials

Nevada H.


“I recently finished my second journey with Physician’s Surrogacy, and it was just amazing as the first, if not more!” I loved all the support I had from their excellent team, and my case manager Claire was with me from the beginning. She is hands down the BEST, always checking on me to see how I was feeling and keeping the Intended Parents updated! I never had any issues with compensation during both journeys and, all bills were paid on time. I definitely would recommend Physician’s Surrogacy and look forward to doing one more journey with them!!”

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Los Angeles, CA

“One of the most frustrating aspects of working with surrogacy agencies is receiving a huge stack of medical records or incomplete medical records. I often take the time to review each page only to find out that the Surrogate doesn’t even meet my criteria! Physician’s Surrogacy has taken the extra step to confirm my criteria each time and only presents Surrogates that meet my criteria to my patients! They save me a lot of time and headache!”

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