What Is Covered in the Surrogacy Cost?

Cost of Surrogacy Process & Services

It’s the dream of many couples to become parents and the surrogacy process is sometimes the best and only choice left for them. But surrogacy requires patience, emotional resolve, professional supervision, and many services to complete this journey successfully.

It’s no wonder that hopeful parents should possess the financial resources and options to make this endeavor. And, that compels us to ask, “How much does a surrogacy process really cost, and what services are included in it?”

Before we go into the cost structure, know that there are 3 main expenses that determine the total cost of surrogacy:

  • The program fee
  • Surrogate compensation and reimbursement for her pregnancy-related expenses
  • Other professional services, including medical costs

Physician’s Surrogacy, California, offers a comprehensive surrogacy program, providing professional legal services and surrogate hiring, screening, case management, and other important agency services.

The following is a brief analysis of the surrogacy agency services you will be requiring and will be covered in the program cost.

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Surrogacy Agency Services

Marketing & Recruitment Services

Physician’s Surrogacy advertises to prospective surrogates in California, North Carolina, and many other southern states, making us the largest surrogacy program running agency.

We accept women from different social and racial backgrounds, giving you the chance to find the ideal surrogate that meets your requirements.

Screening Services

Each potential surrogate that gets in touch with us goes through a strict screening process, which may include interviews, background checks, reviews of health insurance, and so on.

We get acquitted with our surrogates on a personal level to know whether they can be trusted and are ready for the journey ahead. Moreover, we arrange the medical screening of your surrogate in any fertility clinic of your choice after a match has been made.

Matching Services

Our surrogacy program ensures each of our clients gets the ideal match. We offer the necessary services to assist you in finding the perfect surrogate for your family and help both of you build a strong and healthy relationship.

Referrals to other professionals

With over 30 years of experience in this field, Physician’s Surrogacy has connections with leading fertility clinics, surrogacy experts, mental health professionals, gynecologists/obstetricians, and hospitals.

Moreover, we can give you great recommendations if you are yet to select your fertility clinic and medical professionals.

Unlike a lot of agencies out there, Physician’s Surrogacy includes the legal fees for representing the hopeful parent in the surrogacy cost.

Our teams of lawyers will render the necessary legal services regarding the surrogacy contract, and that includes counseling, negotiation, drafting, and implementation. We also offer all legal services concerning a court action to establish the parentage of the surrogate baby.

In addition, we will get an attorney for the surrogate and negotiate the fees for the legal services, which are going to be paid separately.

Coordination of Trust Services

The surrogate’s compensation will be put in an escrow account. Physician’s Surrogacy will give you a referral, who is going to be in charge of the account and oversee the trust.

Case Management and Oversight

Our case manager will offer oversight and coordinate the case throughout all phases of the surrogacy. Our staff will be there to answer any questions you may have and provide valuable information and guidance during this process.

  • Note that our agency costs are paid in installments!
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Surrogate Compensation & Reimbursement

Surrogate compensation is one of the main expenses that impact the total cost of the surrogacy process.

Intended parents pay the surrogate base compensation for her time, energy, and sacrifices and reimburse all the pregnancy-related expenses that came up during the surrogacy journey.

The compensation received by a surrogate often varies depending on some factors, such as her location, surrogacy experience, and more. This cost will be determined before the embryo transfer takes place and is going to be included in the surrogacy contract.

The Gestational Surrogate receives a fixed amount of money that she can use for anything she wants (i.e., maternity clothing).

Based on the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, there may be a few extra expenses. For instance, additional compensation may be needed if your Gestational Carrier is carrying two or more babies, if she needs to undergo additional invasive procedures, or if she has to be put on bed rest.

Once the surrogacy contract is signed, the money for the total base compensation and surrogate’s costs will be added to an escrow account. Physician’s Surrogacy will figure out the exact amount depending on the financial terms in your surrogacy contract.

Highlights of Our Surrogacy Services Price Structure:

  • Retainer and early-stage expenses (one-time fee only) – no matter the number of surrogates you have to change due to health reasons.
  • Surrogate compensation and benefit (fixed) – no additional fee, such as lost wages, maternity clothing, cesarean section compensation, or wellness allowance after twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, whereas many surrogacy agencies require that the intended parents pay for those extras.
  • Incidental Insurance – There are 4 insurances to cover incidental events that may occur in the course of the surrogacy process. For example, a surrogate receives between $5000 and $10000 as compensation if she loses her reproductive organs. The insurance will cover such cases with Physician’s Surrogacy, unlike many other agencies.
  • Maternity Medical costs (fixed) –This is the riskiest part of the entire surrogacy journey since nobody can tell if there will be any complications or emergencies. Physician’s Surrogacy can help lower this risk by offering a fixed price to give intended parents rest of mind, whereas other surrogacy agencies usually exclude uncertainties and insurance coverage.

Overall Cost of Surrogacy

As one can see, the price actually depends on many factors, like the experience of the surrogate and the course of the pregnancy, making it hard to provide a definitive answer to the question, “how much does surrogacy cost?.”

One more thing you need to remember is that surrogacy costs also depend on the country if you are choosing international surrogacy. Keeping this in mind, Intended Parents can expect the cost of surrogacy anywhere between $120,000 to $160,000 including the above-mentioned expenses.

Although surrogacy can cost a significant amount of money, there are many surrogacy financing and fundraising options intended parents could consider.

Physician’s Surrogacy will give you a detailed explanation of our program fees and other expected costs at the start of the surrogacy process. We’ll also help you set a reasonable budget and look for a surrogate that is ideal for you.

Begin Your Journey

The above discussion asserts the fact that a number of professionals and services are needed to complete a surrogacy journey. Hence, it is important that you work with a reputable agency, like Physician’s Surrogacy in San Diego, California, that’ll help you oversee and handle the process.

Our agency provides free consultations for all intended parents looking to grow their family through surrogacy. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss the surrogacy process, pricing plans, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, our surrogacy team will be able to provide you with a personalized price quote.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn what your surrogacy journey would look like. You can also visit our website for more information.

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Physician’s Surrogacy is the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency. Join our community to get updates on surrogacy, expert insights, free resources and more.

Looking for Reliable Surrogacy Info?

Physician’s Surrogacy is the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency. Join our community to get updates on surrogacy, expert insights, free resources and more.