Why Single Men Are Seeking Surrogacy


When you think of single parenting by choice, it’s usually a woman who has never married and decides to have a baby without a partner. However, there is an increasing number of single men who turn to surrogacy to start their families.

Many men do feel a strong drive to have a family. They may want to have someone to pass down family traits or have a strong biological connection with. Some men have always pictured themselves as a father but never meet the perfect partner. They still feel strongly about starting a family and look for alternative ways to do so. For some, this means not relying on a partner and seeking the assistance of a surrogate. Surrogacy allows a man to have a child on their own terms. In the past this was unusual, but now it is more common. Family dynamics are changing. Single-parent families are more common, and single dads are raising their kids. In addition to having a child on his own terms, there will be no instability associated with a rocky relationship.

It is also possible for men to feel as if their biological clock is ticking away as women do. More and more men are opting for surrogacy as a family-building option due to their inability to find a partner as they attain maturity age. Most of these men do not consider surrogacy a final Plan A. They have a Plan B, which is to meet and tie the knot with a partner one day.

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Single Men and Surrogacy

Single men willing to pursue fatherhood on their own have the dedication it takes to become successful parents. First, it can be expensive. Between the surrogacy fees and the egg donor fees, the costs can add up quickly. Add in the time that it takes to complete the whole process, it is fairly obvious that anyone willing to go through all that will be a committed father.

There are also many other challenges single men may face. Many find it difficult to find an agency willing to work with them. There are also some surrogates who may not want to carry for a single man wanting to solo parent. There are also stereotypes that single males cannot be nurturing or provide a stable home and family life for a child without a mother.  

Everyone has the right to have their own family, and we work with any client who wants to become a parent, regardless of their lifestyle, race, religion, or personal background.

We can make your dream true of becoming a single father as we are one of the best surrogacy agencies in California

Gestational Surrogacy Using Donor Eggs

The common method for single men to have a biologically related child is using a surrogate and an egg donor. In this case, eggs from a donor will be fertilized using the intended father’s sperm. The intended father providing the sperm will undergo routine testing to analyze sperm motility, volume, and concentration. The resulting embryos will be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus and the pregnancy will be carried to term. 

Finding an Egg Donor 

We have substantially customized the process of choosing donor eggs for the convenience of single men who wants to become solo parent. Physicians surrogacy will assist you in finding an egg donor based on your preferences. Some intended fathers seek a donor with specific characteristics or a family resemblance. Others may choose a donor based on educational background, talents, or hobbies. There are several options when it comes to choosing a donor:

  • Anonymous Donor: This is a donor that you do not know. Both parties will remain anonymous throughout the selection process. When selecting an agency to partner with, find out detailed information about their screening process.
  • Known Donor: This can be someone that you know, such as a close friend or family member. In this case, you’ll already know your donor’s personality, and potentially their health and family background. You will still require a known donor to go through the same screening and retrieval process as an anonymous donor. 

Finding a surrogate through our in-house surrogacy program

Finding your surrogate is one of the most important decisions you’ll make on your path to fatherhood, and Physician’s Surrogacy is here to help. All our surrogates are pre-screened with our proprietary process, through our in-house OB-managed journey. Ensuring their medical and emotional readiness gives you confidence and peace of mind. Ate our surrogacy agency in California we do a complete overview of the surrogate you will find. 

An experienced physician will also closely monitor the pregnancy along with your case manager. You will directly receive detailed reports on a weekly basis. Your surrogate will also have a dedicated case manager and psychologist to support her throughout the journey.  


There are many different ways to start a family. Surrogacy and egg donation are just two of the ways. Luckily surrogacy is not a passing trend but is growing and more single men are using it to have their own kids. 

If you are looking to start a family, Physician’s Surrogacy is here to help! We (One of the best surrogacy agencies in California) are a surrogacy agency located in San Diego, CA, and have a staff that is not only dedicated to helping you find the perfect surrogate but will be there with you every step of the way. You can visit us at (858) 345-3273 to learn more!

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