For Intended Parents: 6 Financing Options for your Surrogacy Journey

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In this article, we will look at some ways to finance your surrogacy journey and the cost of surrogate mothers using a surrogacy agency in San Diego, California. We believe these will help you get ready to meet several milestones of the process. The average cost of a surrogacy journey using a Gestational Surrogate can run upward of $120,000 to $160,000. However, you should be prepared to spend more than this amount when looking to become a parent through gestational surrogacy.

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Below are six options for financing your surrogacy journey:

1. Home Equity Loan

A lot of Intended Parents may not have the money to finance their surrogacy journey. But thanks to the increase in the costs of commercial real estate and single-family homes, you may have equity in your house that you didn’t even know was there.

Home equity loans come with fixed interest rates, and the monthly payment is manageable. So, don’t worry if you don’t have the money to fund your surrogacy. Just contact your local home lender. You’ll find out if your house has enough equity to finance the costs of growing a family using a surrogate mother with the help of the best surrogacy agencies in San Diego.

2. Other Loan Programs to cover the costs of using a Surrogate Mother

Some loan providers, like Capex MD, Prosper Lending, and New Life Fertility, may also help you with your surrogacy. These money lenders understand the journey of surrogacy and the intricacies of finding a gestational surrogate and financing the process.

3. Fertility Grants

Although you may not know, there are a lot of people in the world that understand the struggle of becoming a Parent. And they often help the causes of Intended Couples pursuing fertility treatment or surrogacy. Below are some online grants you may qualify for if you apply and meet the requirements:

Intended Parents considering this type of funding are encouraged to check online for more options. Also, they can ask around at local businesses in their area. You never know what resources are available to assist you through the process!

4. Credit Cards or Combination to pay the costs & expenses of a Surrogate Mother

Many couples are discouraged to find out that they don’t have enough money to bear the costs of getting a surrogate mother. The case becomes even more concerning when they have finished the IVF process and have embryos ready to implant.

Don’t allow this to discourage you! Physician’s Surrogacy located in San Diego, California can assist you in proposing ways to cover the agency fees. Using credit cards will help lessen the cash burden substantially. It will also enable you to begin the search for a surrogate mother as you look for the remaining funds through loans or other options.

When looking for money to finance your surrogacy process, don’t be afraid to use a combination of sources. You can even commence the process of looking for a gestational surrogate while still finding the money you need to finish the process. It is advisable to start searching for a surrogate now. That is, even if you are several months away from being able to completely finance your surrogacy journey.

5. Family and Friends/ Crowdfunding

You may be surprised at the compassion people have for intended families who are in need. If you are finding it difficult to start a family and have been longing to realize the dream of having your own child – don’t allow finances to be the stumbling block! The baby is worth more than whatever amount you could or would spend to complete the IVF process or the surrogacy journey.

If you are dealing with any medical condition that is preventing you from having a baby, you know you need a Gestational Surrogate! So, inform your friends and family members. You may be amazed that a lot of them are able to help you with the costs of surrogacy to achieve your dream of having a family!

Many Intended Couples funded their surrogacy journey and paid the costs of using a surrogate mother through the generosity of friends and family! And, it is never too late to ask and look for who may assist you.

You may have heard about what other people have been able to achieve through crowdfunding. If you need money to fund your IVF or surrogacy journey, don’t hesitate to start your own crowdfunding campaign today! Narrate your story and post it across different social media platforms. This will help people to know what you are passing through.

6. Job and Savings or 401K

Intended couples can quickly reach the amount needed to finance their surrogacy journey if they work hard and diligently. A lot of couples were able to put together all the funds they needed in just a couple of years.

It is not advisable to withdraw from 401K retirement savings unless you understand the specifics of what it costs to do so. Having said that, however, this might be a good option for couples who have money lying around.

Especially if you are the type that changes jobs, you may have 401K savings in some of your previous jobs. So, search out your past jobs because you may have money in those accounts you opened with your old employers. Also, understanding the specifics of how much your surrogacy journey would cost and the related expenses of using a surrogate mother. This will help you as you begin the search for a gestational surrogate.


If you are someone who has struggled with infertility and wants to have your own family – we can help. Do you want to know more about how to finance your surrogacy? How much surrogates may cost in San Diego, California? and what other surrogacy options do you have? schedule a free consultation with the Physician’s Surrogacy agency in San Diego, California.

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Physician’s Surrogacy is the nation’s only physician-managed surrogacy agency. Join our community to get updates on surrogacy, expert insights, free resources and more.