Let’s Raise a Toast for the Amazing ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo 2022

Our heartfelt thanks to you for
making this event successful.

Anaheim, CA October 22-26


It was our immense pleasure to participate in the ASRM SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS & EXPO 2022. During this event, we had the opportunity to showcase our new features, meet with you, and discuss possible ways of serving patients better together. We would love to hear from you again and if you are looking for more information, simply download our partnership brochure.

The majority of surrogacy agencies are run by former Intended Parents or Surrogates who don’t have the business background or medical expertise to manage a complex pregnancy process.
At Physician’s Surrogacy, we provide the unparalleled advantage of a physician-guided journey supporting safe pregnancy outcomes.
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Our Team of Experts Who Led Our Participation at ASRM 2022

Dr. David Harari, M.D.

President, Chief Medical Officer

Julianna Nikolic

Julianna Nikolic

Corporate Vice President

The Unique Benefits of Our Partnership

OB-designed Screening

All Surrogate candidates undergo our ob-designed, stringent screening protocol ensuring the best outcome for both your and your patients.

Gestational Carrier Availability

We are currently managing one of the largest surrogacy programs in the nation with available surrogates in almost all states where surrogacy is legalized. This enables clinics to pace up the IVF timeline.

IVF Referrals

As a valued partner, we will recommend your center for consultations to Intended Parents that have not created their embryos yet.

Outside Monitoring

We will further work with your clinic by providing outside monitoring for our Surrogates located nearby.

Ob-Vetted Reports

You will receive updates from Physician’s Surrogacy after each appointment, ensuring accurate medical information is given regarding the pregnancy.

Unique Benefits for Your Patients

Unparalleled advantages of a dedicated, physician-guided surrogacy journey.

Fast Surrogate Database Access

We made it easier for Intended Parents to find their perfect surro mama through our online surro gallery. Your patient can access our Surrogate database within 1 business day of request and choose their ideal candidate from the comfort of their home.

No Fees Until a Confirmed Match

We do not charge for any upfront fees until interested parents have found a confirmed match. We also provide complimentary consultation that allows parents to get further support and information.

Local Surrogate Match

With pre-screened Surrogates available in almost all states where surrogacy is legalized, Intended Parents have better chances of matching with Surrogates in their residence state.

Faster Matching

We boast a max 1 week matching time from profile presentation to legal referral that greatly helps minimize the time required to complete a surrogacy journey.

Additional OB-ordered Tests

OB-Ordered lab testing allows your patients to opt for additional testing that may be otherwise omitted, offering reassurance regarding the health of the child.

Multilingual Staff

We have multilingual staff with personal experience towards the surrogacy process allowing us to support the international clientele.

“I have been a practicing OB/GYN for over 20 years and have worked on countless surrogacy cases. I can honestly say I look forward to working on Physician’s Surrogacy cases the most. Physician’s Surrogacy communicates directly with me, taking out any chance of information being lost or misunderstood. All parties involved are happy, and they have made my job a lot easier!”

— Partnered Ob-Gyn, Irvine, CA

Doctor wearing surgical mask

— Partnered REI, Los Angeles, CA

“One of the most frustrating aspects of working with surrogacy agencies is receiving a huge stack of medical records or incomplete medical records. I often take the time to review each page only to find out that the Surrogate doesn’t even meet my criteria! Physician’s Surrogacy has taken the extra step to confirm my criteria each time and only presents Surrogates that meet my criteria to my patients! They save me a lot of time and headache!”

We Would Be Glad to Answer Your Questions !

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, lasting partnership. Appointments available over telephone, zoom meeting, and on-site visit with your team.
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