Before Surrogacy

Why Surrogate mother cost vary?

The total cost of a surrogacy arrangement includes numbers of factors such as agency fees, surrogate compensation, medical expenses, fertility clinic fees and legal fees. However, there are more parameters that also affect the surrogacy costs like country, state, special medical condition etc. Hence, depending on these variables, total expenses incurred in surrogacy differs greatly. It is always best to consult a surrogacy expert to get a better understanding about different factors that can impact the surrogacy costs.

How much does surrogacy cost

Due to the various procedures and steps involved in surrogacy, surrogacy in the US can cost anywhere between $90,000 to $150,000.

How to find a Surrogate?

The best way to find a Surrogate Mother is to go through a matching professional or reputed surrogacy agency, such as Physician’s Surrogacy. This ensures that the process is carried out by the surrogacy professionals and your journey remains safe and seamless.
However, you can go on your own by advertising for a surrogate or asking a family member, but you’ll be compromising the safeguard of yourself and your Surrogate. Moreover, an agency can provide legal consultation and paperwork, which you will be missing otherwise.

Who requires a Surrogate mother?

Having a surrogate mother can be viable option in cases such as:

  • Inability to conceive because of uterine irregularities
  • History of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause
  • Delayed parenthood due to career or other life circumstances.
  • Due to circumstances, unable to carry a pregnancy and have a biological child.
  • Underlying medical condition that could cause great risk to yourself or your baby during pregnancy
  • Same-sex male couple or single fathers

Who is a Surrogate mother

A Surrogate is a woman who carries and delivers a baby for another individual/couple who is otherwise unable to have a baby or carry a pregnancy. In traditional surrogacy, the Surrogate gets artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm/donor sperm. A traditional surrogate is the baby’s biological mother as her eggs were used to create the embryo.
A gestational Surrogate or gestational carrier does not have genetic connections with the baby as intended mother’s eggs/donor eggs are used to create the embryo. Physician’s Surrogacy only offers gestational surrogacy.

What is surrogacy?

In surrogacy, the (Surrogate Mother) carries and delivers a baby for another woman, couple, or individual person (the Intended Parent). In gestational surrogacy, the gestational carrier does not have a biological relation to the child, due to the Surrogate Mother’s eggs not being used in the process. Instead, the embryo is created by using the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm and the intended mother’s eggs or donor eggs.

Can I start the process without an embryo?

Yes you can! When consulting with us we can discuss your options where it is best for you to have your embryos created. We partner with the best fertility clinics in the U.S. and can create an embryo here at one of our partner clinics.

Who can become a parent with our surrogacy program?

Anyone can. Physician’s Surrogacy wants to help you build your family regardless of martial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. The U.S. states that our Surrogates come from all have very favorable legislation and don’t restrict surrogacy to only traditional family models. That means that unlike a lot of other countries that offer surrogacy programs e.g. the Ukraine, anyone can become a parent with us in California. Other countries don’t permit single parents, unmarried couples, homosexual couples or intended parent(s) who need a double donor to become a parent through surrogacy due to legislation. This is why the U.S. is such a popular place for surrogacy journeys from parents around the world.

How much does it cost to have a Surrogate?

There’s no exact answer to this question of a Surrogate Mother price, as the overall cost depends on several factors involved in surrogacy. Thus, Intended Parents should have a good understanding of the different services required during the surrogacy process and the base compensation cost structure. This will help you to completely understand the total cost of surrogacy. At Physician’s Surrogacy, we pride ourselves on our transparency with our services and pricing. Immediately after your complimentary consultation, we will provide you with a price quotation. Also, the quotation will follow your circumstances and preferences.

Will there be contracts with my Surrogate?

Yes. Once you get a match with a Surrogate, we will draft an agreement. We will negotiate it on your behalf with your Surrogate’s independent attorney. These contracts cover everything from the medical procedure to your Surrogate Mother’s reimbursement costs during the whole surrogacy process. It will also clearly mention the amount of contact you would like to have with the Surrogate during the process. There are two separate attorneys in the process. One will represent you, the Intended Parents while the other represents the Surrogate. This avoids any conflict of interest.