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What happens if there are travel restrictions in place for the Intended Parents to come to the U.S.?

As of 9/15/2020 direct travel is no longer as limited as it was before. With the current new travel guidelines Intended Parents from all countries can enter the U.S. and apply for visas if necessary that will be granted on an “emergency basis”. With the birth of their baby, surrogacy is labelled an emergency which removes the travel ban that a lot of countries had previously.

If the Intended Parents are still unable to come to the United States a Newborn Care Nanny has legal guardianship through a power of attorney to care for the child until the Intended Parents can pick up their baby. Our Surrogates never have to care for the baby under any circumstances.

Chances of Getting Coronavirus From Becoming a Surrogate

If anything, the chances of acquiring coronavirus are greater in the grocery store, at work or at a gas station. IVF centers and OB offices are not the types of doctor offices that people would go to when they are seeking treatment for non-pregnancy related illnesses. These sterile environments follow extra precautions and include increased screening and testing.

Current Travel Restrictions Affect My Application Process?

It won’t. There is a pre-screening process for surrogacy qualifications that you can complete remotely. You can do so prior to moving forward and becoming a Surrogate. When presented with a possible match with Intended Parents, you will learn where their IVF center is located. You will have the option to accept or decline the match. Travel, if any is required, would not take place until the last phase, the full medical screening.

What does the timeline look like?

The application process is quick. Fill out an application and find out instantly if you’re eligible and meet the initial qualifications of surrogacy. Also, the phone interview is brief which allows you to ask all of your questions and discuss your preferences. Pre Screening, such as background, OB record review as well as preliminary lab work, can all be done remotely near your home.

Do I have to travel?

You likely won’t have to travel anytime soon. You can complete the entire application process, including intake, through the phone. The only time you will have to travel is when you get a match with an Intended Parent. There are options for electing for matches within driving distance. While it may reduce your options, you would be in control of the travel method.

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