Surrogacy in New York

Surrogacy is a wonderful way for hopeful parents to start/grow their families who are otherwise unable to pursue pregnancy by natural means.

As per the new Child-Parent Security Act, Intended Parents residing in New York can now legally start their gestational surrogacy journey. This allows LGBTQ couples and people experiencing infertility to start/grow their family through this process. If you have come to this page then you have surely chosen the best ally to pursue surrogacy.

Why Consider Surrogacy?

Uterine Irregularities

You’re unable to conceive because of uterine irregularities

Failed IVF Cycles

You have a history of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause 

Great Risk to yourself or your Baby

You have an underlying medical condition that could cause great risk to yourself or your baby during pregnancy

Delayed Parenthood

You delayed parenthood during your prime childbearing years due to career or other life circumstances. 

Unable to Carry a Pregnancy

You wish to have your own child biologically but due to circumstances, are unable to carry a pregnancy. 

The Surrogacy Process

Gestational Surrogacy Costs

The average cost of surrogacy can reach from anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000 due to a plethora of factors involved.

Remember that every individual case is unique and thus the expenses vary greatly. Nonetheless, there are many options to finance the costs of surrogacy. The image here depicts the various components of a typical gestational surrogacy and what they cost. The costs generally cover the following services:

Parents Testimonials

During our surrogacy journey, our embryo split resulting in twins!

Our surrogate was originally going to visit her previous OB who had delivered her children. However, due to the distance from where she lived to the hospital, she needed to see a doctor at a closer location. Through their vast network, Physician’s Surrogacy was able to find a practicing OB closer to the hospital and ensured that they had the capacity to handle a high-risk case. They also made sure that the hospital had the proper level NICU. It was all worked out so quickly and our surrogate was able to be seen by the new OB the same week!

My surrogate was medically cleared and completely healthy when we started our journey

My surrogate was medically cleared and completely healthy when we started our journey, but during a routine check-up, her OB noticed she had an elevated AFP level during the second trimester. Naturally, we all got really scared andimagined the worst-case scenario. Luckily, a physician from Physician’s Surrogacy was able to coordinate a meeting with a Perinatologist, GYN Oncologist and the OB to devise a plan to ensure that both the surrogate and baby were safe. I am happy to say our surrogate’s amino fluid tested normal and we have a healthy baby!

Our surrogate journey was relatively easy until she had unexpected bleeding and pre-term contractions.

A physician stepped in and did a peer-to-peer with her managing OB and they both decided on the proper protocol in order to ensure a safe journey and delivery. Our surrogate was put on bed rest and she had our full support along with her surrogate support manager, case manager and the entire Physician’s Surrogacy team! Without our agency being physician managed, I don’t know what our outcome would have been! I am so happy our surrogate was healthy and safe and so was our baby boy!

We are not JUST an Agency

Physician’s Surrogacy is the only physician-managed, all-inclusive surrogacy agency in the country. With dedicated physicians overseeing your journey from screening the Gestational Carrier to beyond delivery, we provide an unparalleled advantage over the traditional agency model. Our team of physicians and other medical professionals work diligently to ensure your path to parenthood is a smooth journey. Your goals and happiness are our primary concern.

Intended Parents FAQs

What You Need to Know About Surrogacy.

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