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Chances of Success With Surrogacy – Physician’s Surrogacy

There are several factors that influence the overall success rates of Surrogacy pregnancy. These factors can include the health and viability of the embryos used and the health of your Surrogate. As an Ob-Managed surrogacy agency we ensure that our Surrogates are medically prescreened before even being presented to you. The IVF clinic you work with also plays a vital role. Your fertility clinic can help you determine your best chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Not only that but also the clinic will perform it under your specific circumstances. Besides, most surrogacy professionals will perform multiple embryo transfers. It continues until achieving a healthy pregnancy. This makes the overall surrogacy success rate very high.

Birth certificate include any information regarding the Surrogate?

You, as the Intended Parent will be the one who will have full parental rights to the baby. Also, it is your name that will appear on the birth certificate.

What are my financing options to pay for the Surrogate price?

There are different options to finance your surrogacy journey such as fertility loans, surrogacy grants or personal lines of credit. To read further about how to finance your Surrogate price click here.

How are finances handled?| Intended Parents | Physician Surrogacy

All funds related to your surrogacy (including medical expenses for the Surrogate) will be held in a trust account. An experienced escrow company will manage the account. This way all monies due for your Surrogate fees and reimbursement of related expenses are paid in a timely manner. Finally, the surrogacy agency will be handling all financial matters. This arrangement effectively removes the payment related component from your relationship with the Intended Parents during the process.

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