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My medical care during my pregnancy – Physicians Surrogacy

After the first trimester, your physician will release you to your local OB doctor. Your local OB will oversee your medical care for the remainder of your pregnancy.  If you need a new OB doctor, then we can provide you with recommendations. You will be able to deliver at a hospital that is local to you.

What if I am still overweight from my last pregnancy?

Our BMI requirement is 32 but if you are close to it, we are happy to assist with weight loss support. The Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has established guidelines on Surrogate BMI (below 34) to reduce the risk of complications or Gestational Diabetes. Most IVF centers also have their own BMI requirements, which typically range from 28 – 34.

Can I go to my own OB once I am pregnant?

Yes, provided that your OB accepts the health insurance utilized for the pregnancy. Together, you and the Intended Parents will decide upon the physician that cares for you during pregnancy. Many Surrogates use the physician that delivered their own children.

Will I be taking injections?

Gestational Surrogates need to prepare their bodies for the embryo transfer.  You will require injections in order to help your uterus accept the embryo. The medical team will help you throughout your injectable period by providing a calendar with a clear timetable and dosages. Generally, you will have to take the injections through the first trimester.

I had my tubes tied. Can I still serve as a gestational Surrogate?

Yes! You can still fulfill the qualifications for gestational surrogacy. The process does not use fallopian tubes. Instead, the embryo(s) are placed directly into the Surrogate’s uterus during the embryo transfer phase.

What are the health risks as a Surrogate Mother?

Surrogacy has the same risks as a regular pregnancy. There are no additional risks with a Surrogate pregnancy. Given that, please consult with your OB to talk about normal pregnancy risks.

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