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Our passion is making your dreams of building a family become a reality. Surrogacy in Houston can be complex and overwhelming when looking at the available options. Several parties are involved in the surrogacy process. In order to mitigate risks, you’ll want to work with a highly qualified and professional surrogacy agency in Houston, who have extensive knowledge about the surrogacy process in Texas.

Our Surrogate program

Physician’s Surrogacy is a top surrogacy agency with a large pool of available Surrogates throughout the United States. For over a decade, our surrogacy program has been providing third party reproductive services to Intended Parents around the world. Our Intended Parents from Houston have sent us countless notes describing their experience with us as transparent, service-oriented, and compassionate. We have a strong network of partnering with the top surrogacy agencies in Houston. By providing all the solutions and services you need in one place, you will be able to enjoy the journey to parenthood from the first day until you have your baby in your arms.

We Are The Best Surrogacy Agency In Houston

We provide our clients with all the services of a full-service surrogacy agency in Houston while offering competitive fees. Physician’s Surrogacy is the largest surrogacy agency in the United States. We are being known in the surrogacy community for high success rates due to our physician-managed surrogacy approach. We adhere to guidelines that far exceed ASRM and FDA standards. With less than 50% of the national pre-term delivery average, our numbers reflect the importance of a physician-managed program.

Our compassionate team consists of some of the most respected doctors, attorneys, and psychologists in the surrogacy field. Basically we are highly committed to helping Intended Parents in Houston make their dream of building a family reality.

Simple Legal Process

We partner with only the most experienced surrogacy attorneys in Houston. Because we have partner attorneys in every state with favorable surrogacy laws, we are able to offer the best legal representation and advice to our clients. In Texas, for Married Couples, we can also offer our Legal Included Program. This program includes a direct referral to our experienced partner attorneys who will take advantage of the most favorable state surrogacy laws in the country. Texas offers married couples enforceable ‘court validated contracts‏,’ providing protection for all parties involved.

Why Choose Surrogacy In Houston, Texas

Our friendly and caring staff of doctors, attorneys, and licensed mental health professionals have helped build over 1,500 families by offering a highly successful fully physician-managed surrogacy journey. We combine outstanding obstetrician-guided services, with cutting edge technology to give our Intended Parents the quality arrangement they deserve and provide the best care for Surrogates and the unborn children they carry.

Physician’s Surrogacy has a unified program to simplify matters for our intended parents. In addition to medical care, our staff lawyers and counselors will handle every step of your arrangement. We also have a proprietary industry-leading screening process developed to provide you with the most qualified Surrogates.

Our surrogacy agency is operated by licensed professionals for your protection, all working to guide you through the most important adventure of your life. We also provide creative solutions for your convenience, including online video conferences and e-documents so you can start and follow the process from the convenience of your home.

Learn About Our Staff

Our staff is bi-lingual, and always available to help you, whether it’s in English or Spanish. Also, our friendly experts are happy to answer your every question no matter where you are in the world. We work with dedicated and experienced professionals in every area of the surrogacy field, starting with a background check, psychological screening, and medical screenings through the IVF process, and legal representation for all parties involved.

If you’re interested in becoming a parent with the best Surrogacy Agency in Texas, we want to hear from you! Simply fill out the easy online application, and a Case Manager will be in touch soon to discuss the steps to follow.

We are proud to offer our service to intended parents and surrogates in Houston, and we look forward to working with you. Good luck to you as you gather information and begin the process of surrogacy! For questions about our Physician’s Surrogacy’s Houston surrogacy program or more information about becoming a parent through surrogacy in Houston, contact us by filling the form below.

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