The culmination of this exciting journey is welcoming your newborn into the world. Leading up to the delivery, you and your Surrogate Mother enjoy around the clock support, preparing everyone for the arrival of your bundle of joy. Once the baby is born and in your loving care, we continue to provide post-delivery support to the Surrogate for an additional 3 to 6 months.

For international parents, arrangements can be made for on-site concierge support during the delivery of your baby and the hospital stay.

If needed, help is provided to secure passports and visas, allowing you to focus on your new family.

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You’ll receive updates directly from Physicians Surrogacy, rather than the Surrogate, after every appointment. This ensures that you’re receiving timely and accurate information regarding your baby. As an OB-managed agency, Physicians Surrogacy provides you with the option of electing for additional antenatal testing to be done providing reassurance of the healthy progress of your baby.

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Physician’s Surrogacy

IVF Medical Process

Physician’s Surrogacy acts as a liaison between your Reproductive Endocrinologist, your Surrogate, and their IVF coordinator, providing additional resources and support until graduation. You have peace of mind knowing that you have two physician teams working together to prepare your Surrogate for the embryo transfer.

We help with the coordination of logistics and monitoring, including making sure that your Surrogate Mother maintains timely contact with the IVF center and attends all necessary appointments.

Collaborating with your IVF center guarantees that we are working together as a team, providing you with the best possible outcome.

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Physician’s Surrogacy

Agency Agreement

After confirmation of a match by both you and your Surrogate, our agency agreement is signed, and you officially become an Intended Parent with Physician’s Surrogacy. We do not ask you to sign a contract until a two-way match is confirmed. Your Surrogate then goes through a comprehensive medical screening at your IVF center.

A psychological screening is conducted, ensuring that your Surrogate is medically and emotionally prepared to prioritize a surrogacy journey.

Once your Surrogate completes the screening, a medical clearance letter
is issued, allowing you to proceed to the legal contract phase. Both you and your Surrogate Mother have your own legal representation. The legal contract takes approximately 2— 4 weeks; however, your legal representation stands
by to support you and your Surrogate throughout the journey.

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Physician’s Surrogacy

Our Surrogate Matching Process

During the Surrogate matching process, our team aligns your goals, preferences, and center requirements to create your ideal match. You are presented Surrogates who have passed our rigorous social and medical pre-screening processes, which includes a comprehensive background check, internal OB review of prior pregnancy, delivery records, and preliminary diagnostic screenings.

We further confirm the candidate meets the gestational carrier criteria of your IVF center and Reproductive Endocrinologist.

To start the complementary matching process, we collect the necessary identification followed by hand-selecting your matches based on your pathway to parenthood plan. Picture profiles of your potential Surrogates are sent to you.

Once you’ve selected the profiles that you’re interested in learning more about, we will share their public profile with you. If there are any FDA or medical considerations, a potential Surrogate needs to be made aware of, one of our physicians is available to discuss this with them before moving forward. The final step is to schedule a meet and greet video chat with your potential Surrogate Mother, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Begin your Journey with
Physician’s Surrogacy

Creation of Your Pathway to Parenthood

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Immediately following your consultation, you will receive a quotation based on the scenarios discussed. Your quote outlines all variables, including financial considerations (Surrogate experience, employment status, and location), additional testing preferences, and logistics.