Complimentary Consultation

We understand the time, resources, and effort it took to create your embryos. Selecting your IVF center, choosing the right Reproductive Endocrinologist, the egg retrieval process, and finally the anticipation of receiving your PGT results.

During your initial consultation, our goal is for you to understand our process, get to know us, and be confident that your Surrogate journey will be as smooth as possible

We will go over all your preferences, goals, and requirements that are vital in creating your unique path to parenthood. We want to learn more about the physician you are currently working with, so we can find a Surrogate Mother that will fit both you and your IVF center’s preferences.

Our consultative approach takes into consideration that every journey is unique, and one pre-defined option doesn’t suit everyone’s needs.

Application Process

Complete your application to see if you meet with the primary qualifications for surrogacy. Afterward, one of our intake coordinators will reach out to you. We will schedule a brief interview. This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the program.

After your interview, you will enter our pre-screening process. This includes a comprehensive review of past pregnancy and current health status.

This is a vital step because we want to make sure that you meet the basic surrogacy qualifications. Also, it ensures that surrogacy is right and safe for you and your family.

Matching Process

During your initial interview, we discuss your vision for your journey. The session normally looks into your preferences regarding contact and types of families you would like to work with. We align your preferences with those of your prospective Intended Parents to create the perfect match.

Once a prospective Intended Parent selects you, you and your family will have an option to “meet and greet” via video chat.

This is the time to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have.

Screening Process

The Surrogacy screening process further assesses your qualifications. The screening process consists of two components, That is, the psychological and comprehensive medical screening. Oftentimes, both of these may occur simultaneously. In many cases, psychological screening can even be done from the convenience of your own home. The medical screening takes place on-site at the IVF center you are matched with. Typically, you travel to the center for a single screening appointment.

All expenses and travel arrangements will be taken care of for you.

Generally, the IVF center will issue the results of the screening as well as your medical clearance letter.

Legal Process

Once the screening process confirms your qualifications to become a surrogate, the legal process of surrogacy will start. Both you and the Intended Parent(s) will have independent legal representation. The legal Representer will assist you with the contract phase and support you throughout your journey. The legal process typically takes two to four weeks. This contract lays the foundation of your journey before, during and after the pregnancy.

This contract clearly sets everyone’s expectations and your legal team will be there to support you. They will ensure that you are protected throughout the process.

IVF Process

Once the legal agreement is complete, We will create an IVF cycle calendar. The calendar will include medication information, appointments, and major milestones. You will work with your IVF coordinator, who goes over the medications and instructions on use. During your IVF cycle, you will continue to be monitored at a local facility. The monitoring is vital to track your progress as you prepare for the embryo transfer.

The embryo transfer will occur approximately four weeks after the start of your medication. You and your support person will have to travel to the IVF clinic.

We take care of all accommodations for you and make sure you have a comfortable environment to relax in. The transfer itself is about a ten-minute non-surgical procedure, and your physician will require you to be on bed rest for 24 hours following the embryo transfer. Appointments for blood work between the transfer and the pregnancy test will be done locally to monitor hormone levels.

After two to three weeks of the transfer, a heartbeat ultrasound will take place to confirm the pregnancy. After confirming your pregnancy, the IVF center will continue to supervise you for several more weeks. Once the pregnancy is stable, you will be placed under the care of a local OB to support you for the remainder of the pregnancy.

OB/GYN Supervised Pregnancy

Our medical team closely monitors your pregnancy through constant communication with your OB. Your dedicated Surrogate support case manager will be with you at every step of the way. If needed, you will also have unlimited access to a psychologist.

You will have a team rather than just one doctor supporting you throughout the pregnancy.

Creation of Your Pathway to Parenthood

Immediately following your consultation, you will receive a quotation based on the scenarios discussed. Your quote outlines all variables, including financial considerations (Surrogate experience, employment status, and location), additional testing preferences, and logistics.

If you have not created an embryo yet, we will refer you to one of our partner fertility clinics to start the process. In the case that you already have embryos, eggs, or sperm that you would like to use, the transfer to a U.S. clinic can be initiated. Your Pathway To Parenthood Plan that we will create for you will take all of these factor into consideration.

Creation of Your Pathway to Parenthood

Immediately following your consultation, you will receive a quotation based on the scenarios discussed. Your quote outlines all variables, including financial considerations (Surrogate experience, employment status, and location), additional testing preferences, and logistics.

Our Surrogate Matching Process

During the Surrogate matching process, our team aligns your goals, preferences, and center requirements to create your ideal match. You are presented Surrogates who have passed our rigorous social and medical pre-screening processes, which includes a comprehensive background check, internal OB review of prior pregnancy, delivery records, and preliminary diagnostic screenings.

We further confirm the candidate meets the gestational carrier criteria of your IVF center and Reproductive Endocrinologist.

To start the complementary matching process, we collect the necessary identification followed by hand-selecting your matches based on your pathway to parenthood plan. Picture profiles of your potential Surrogates are sent to you.

Once you’ve selected the profiles that you’re interested in learning more about, we will share their public profile with you. If there are any FDA or medical considerations, a potential Surrogate needs to be made aware of, one of our physicians is available to discuss this with them before moving forward. The final step is to schedule a meet and greet video chat with your potential Surrogate Mother, allowing you to move forward with confidence.