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When you choose the only OB-managed surrogacy agency, the safety of your Surrogate and health of your baby are top priorities.
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At Physician's Surrogacy

We recognize the journey to parenthood, through surrogacy, comes with a wide range of emotions. Selecting the right agency is one of the most important steps. As the only physician-managed surrogacy agency in the country, you can expect to have the support of world-class doctors supporting you on this journey. We guide you through the family building process, minimizing cost, time spent, uncertainty and risk.

The Physician Advantage

The health of both the Surrogate and the baby are our primary focus.

No Fees Until a Confirmed Match

We offer a complimentary consultation and Surrogate profile review, saving you both time and money. Other agencies will require you sign an agency agreement and charge between $20,000- $40,000 to begin the surrogacy review process. With us, you will not sign agreements or pay any fees until you find your ideal match.

Your Perfect Surrogate is Waiting for You

Having the largest surrogacy program in the nation, there is no wait time to find your perfect Surrogate. Unlike other agencies where you have to wait, on average, 6-12 months to find a Surrogate, our timeline is on average one week from consultation to confirmed match.

Stringent Pre-Screening Assures Commitment

Before you start the surrogacy selection process, each Surrogate candidate goes through our stringent physician-designed, comprehensive pre-screening process to ensure she is physically ready and committed to the journey.

Improving Surrogacy Standards

At Physician’s Surrogacy, our specialty is obstetrics, which allows us to establish the highest surrogacy standards in the industry, providing our Intended Parents with piece of mind. Intended Parents can rest-assured with medical confidence

Multilingual Staff

Our staff speaks multiple languages in order to support international clientele.

OB-ordered Lab Testing

As an OB-managed agency, only Physician’s Surrogacy provides you with the option to elect for additional Antenatal testing. This allows Intended Parents to remain in control of the decision-making and provides reassurance of the healthy progress of your baby.

Financial Certainty

We are transparent from the start when it comes to costs. This means you won’t be surprised by unplanned expenses half-way through your journey. We offer absolute Surrogate compensation structures, flat-rate Surrogate insurance and newborn insurance plans, minimizing unexpected costs and giving you financial confidence.

Physician-Monitored Reporting

You’ll receive detailed updates from Physician’s Surrogacy rather than the Surrogate, after every appointment. The support team works with Surrogates one-on-one while our in-house doctors and case managers closely monitor the journey.

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