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How are finances handled? | Surrogate | Physician Surrogacy

All funds related to your surrogacy will be held in a trust account that is managed by or an experienced escrow company, so that all monies due for your Surrogate fees and reimbursement of related expenses are paid in a timely manner. All financial matters will be handled by the surrogacy agency, removing this component from your relationship with the Intended Parents.

Does this cost me anything?

No, the Surrogate Mother does not bear any cost of this process. The Intended Parents will pay for and handle all the medical expenses, Surrogate Mother benefits, legal fees, and travel expenses.

Will I miss work?

We try to work around your work schedule, however, you will be required to complete your medical screening, pre-transfer testing, and embryo transfer at the facility of your intended parent’s choice, which may cause you to take time off from work. During the initial stages of the IVF process you will also be required to complete blood work and have ultrasounds which can be done locally, but, may also cause you to miss work. Once you are confirmed pregnant you will be released by the IVF physician and will be able to see your OB in your area and schedule appointments per their recommendation.

What are the advantages of this type of compensation structure?


  • What are the advantages of this type of compensation structure?

This compensation structure fosters a groundbreaking concept in which all parties mutually benefit.

  • For Surrogates:

Our Surrogates receive more payment with a fixed compensation package than with a line item package.

Surrogates are paid more upfront during the beginning of their journey. In most cases, our Surrogates can earn $4-5k+ even before confirmation of pregnancy (COP).

Less tedious paperwork: we eliminate the need for submitting miscellaneous expenses such as childcare, mileage, pay stubs and instead entrust you with the reimbursement of your expenses.

  • For Intended Parents:

Straightforward compensation – they know upfront what they will have to pay and can plan accordingly. Takes into consideration the additional expenses incurred such as travel and monitoring expenses in different regions.

Why does compensation vary from state to state?

For local Surrogates, travel and other expenses are much less for the Intended Parents. It is because of the proximity of the local Surrogates to our Southern California location. Additionally, as does the cost of living, average surrogacy compensation also varies greatly from state to state.

Employed Surrogates | Higher Rate | Physicians Surrogacy

Employed Surrogates may be entitled to lost wages through the state. We realize this may be a factor. So, we have decided to include a stipend for lost wages at the outset. We believe whether you need it or not, the money should be there. Also, we leave it up to you how to best allocate those funds. Should you need to file with the EDD, we leave that to your discretion. Although your compensation package includes lost wages, this does not preclude you from filing directly with EDD for lost wage benefits.

What constitutes employed vs unemployed?

To be considered employed, you must have a gross annual income of $15,000. Employment is verified by pay stubs and/or a tax return.

What is the compensation package? How much am I getting paid?

  • Once you complete your online application, a Surrogate coordinator will contact you to discuss the surrogacy journey in more detail. He/She will provide you with a more detailed explanation of our compensation package. You will find the general compensation information on this page.
  • Our compensation structure ensures our Surrogates receive an absolute, fixed amount as their payment. We want prospective Surrogates to learn all facets of the journey. They should also know that their unique situation will translate to a clear, financial end result.
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