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When you choose the only physician-managed surrogacy agency, the safety of your Surrogate and health of your baby are top priorities.

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We recognize the journey to parenthood, through surrogacy, comes with a wide range of emotions. Selecting the right agency is one of the most important steps. As the only physician-managed surrogacy agency in the country, you can expect to have the support of world-class doctors supporting you on this journey. We guide you through the family building process, minimizing cost, time spent, uncertainty and risk.

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The health of both the Surrogate and the baby are our primary focus.

Your Journey to Becoming a Parent

Advantages of Surrogacy in the United States

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Available for Everyone

Surrogacy in the U.S. is available for all family models. There are no restrictions for Intended Parents who want to welcome a baby to their family through surrogacy. Other countries don’t permit single parents, unmarried couples, homosexual couples, or Intended Parent(s) who need a double donor to become a parent through surrogacy due to legislation. Here in the U.S., anyone can become a parent through surrogacy.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is legal and recognized in the U.S. PGD is the process in which one or two cells of an IVF embryo are removed to check for genetic abnormalities and diseases. It can also be performed to determine the baby’s gender.

Various Donor Options

There is a wide range of egg and sperm donors to select from, making it easier for intended parents to find the race, physical attributes, and other traits they are looking for. Embryo adoption is also a possibility for intended parents who need double donors.

Surrogacy Favorable Legislation

Surrogacy in the U.S. is legal and we only work in States with surrogacy friendly laws. With surrogacy being fully regulated by laws, it gives you peace of mind that only you will be the parent on the birth certificate and have the rights to the baby. Obtaining both the birth certificate and passport are an easy and quick process, which means that you can go back home within one month of the delivery.

Ethical Reasons

Although surrogacy in other countries may be substantially cheaper, it also means that your Surrogate won’t get the same level of care and compensation she deserves. By doing surrogacy in the U.S. you can rest assured that your Surrogate Mother is being properly cared for and receives a generous amount of compensation that is tied to the average living wages of the state she lives in. Surrogates from poor countries see surrogacy as a chance to get out of poverty or may even be pressured to turn to surrogacy. U.S. Surrogates often have an altruistic motive. There are plenty of other ways to make money so if a woman in the U.S. chooses to do surrogacy it is always paired with the desire to make another family’s dream come true.

Surrogacy in the United States Compared to Other Countries

COUNTRY Single Women Single Men Unmarried Couples LBGT IP(s) Do NOT Need To Have Medical Indication IP Does Not Have to Be National Of The Country Surrogacy With Double Donor Allowed (both egg and sperm donor) IPs Can Be Of Any Age Surrogacy Laws In Place Protecting The IP and Surrogate PGD ALLOWED
USA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YES Both Medical Reasons and Gender Selection
Cyprus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO* Only For Medical Reasons
Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO* Only For Medical Reasons
Georgia NO NO NO NO NO Yes NO*
Greece YES (need medical indication though) NO Yes NO Yes NO (>50 years) NO* Only For Medical Reasons
Mexico Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO* YES Both Medical Reasons and Gender Selection
Russia Yes Yes Yes NO NO Yes Yes Yes NO* Only For Medical Reasons
Ukraine NO NO NO NO NO Yes NO Yes Yes Only For Medical Reasons

*What could the consequences be of going through surrogacy in a country where surrogacy isn't regulated?

An unregulated surrogacy program is just a private agreement between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. The contract has no legal weight and can’t be enforced. There is no legal protection for the parents if the Surrogate should choose to change her mind and request custody of the baby. Any dispute of the child’s custody will be resolved in local Family Court, where laws invariably support the rights of the birth mother. The lack of any legal framework opens the possibility of “regulation at whim” of the local authorities. This has happened several times in other countries where, in the absence of a legal framework, a conservative administration proclaimed overnight (literally) that surrogacy would be treated as a form of Human Trafficking. The result was swift, unexpected and severe actions by the local police against both Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Our Fertility Clinic Partners

Physician’s Surrogacy is partnered with leading fertility clinics all over the United States. Due to our stringent medical screening, short matching times, and smooth process, these clinics entrust us with their patients. Please contact us if you don’t see your clinic on the list. We consistently try to update our list of partners.

Here is a list of fertility clinics we are partnered with:


Financing your Surrogacy

Our surrogacy program is customized towards your unique journey. We will help you plan and minimize any unexpected costs.

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