Our Surrogate journey was relatively easy until she had unexpected bleeding and pre-term contractions

Our Surrogate journey was relatively easy until she had unexpected bleeding and pre-term contractions. A physician stepped in and did a peer-to-peer with her managing OB and they both decided on the proper protocol in order to ensure a safe journey and delivery. Our Surrogate was put on bed rest and she had our full support along with her Surrogate support manager, case manager and the entire Physician’s Surrogacy team! Without our agency being physician managed, I don’t know what our outcome would have been! I am so happy our Surrogate was healthy and safe and so was our baby boy!

My Surrogate was medically cleared and completely healthy when we started our journey

My Surrogate was medically cleared and completely healthy when we started our journey, but during a routine check-up, her OB noticed she had an elevated AFP level during the second trimester. Naturally, we all got really scared and imagined the worst-case scenario. Luckily, a physician from Physician’s Surrogacy was able to coordinate a meeting with a Perinatologist, GYN Oncologist, and the OB to devise a plan to ensure that both the Surrogate and baby were safe. I am happy to say our surrogate’s amino fluid tested normal and we have a healthy baby!

During our surrogacy journey, our embryo split resulting in twins!

Our Surrogate was originally going to visit her previous OB who had delivered her children. However, due to the distance from where she lived to the hospital, she needed to see a doctor at a closer location. Through their vast network, Physician’s Surrogacy was able to find a practicing OB closer to the hospital and ensured that they had the capacity to handle a high-risk case. They also made sure that the hospital had the proper level NICU. It was all worked out so quickly and our surrogate was able to be seen by the new OB the same week!

Physician’s Surrogacy has surpassed all my expectations

I learned about Gestational Surrogacy about 9 years ago, before I had children of my own. I thought it was an amazing idea and an even more amazing gift to give to a growing family. Time passed and I forgot all about surrogacy. I gave birth to two beautiful boys of my own and knew that my family was complete. However, I enjoyed being pregnant and thought I was really good at it. I took really good care of my body and pregnancy/birth had became very important in my life.

A friend of mine mentioned egg donation to me and I thought that was a great idea. I looked into it and quickly learned I was just a little too old to donate my eggs. But this research led me to rediscover Gestational Surrogacy, which I was NOT too old for! I was ecstatic and immediately knew this is what I wanted to do. I talked to my husband and a few close friends about it while I was doing research into agencies. I found an agency that I liked and my husband and I decided this was a journey we wanted to take to help another family. I quickly matched with a couple and within a year and a half I had delivered their baby to them! There were a few bumps in the road along the way but in the end it was 100% worth it to gift that family their very own baby.

My first surro-baby is now 19 months old and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with surro-baby #2! I switched agencies and I am so glad I did! I didn’t have anything against my first agency but Physicians Surrogacy has surpassed all my expectations! It took a little longer to get matched with a family than I thought it would but I think it was meant to be as the baby is due on my birthday! I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and support from all the staff across every department. They have made this second journey less stressful than my first journey and I can’t express how much I appreciate them. I don’t know at this point if I will do a third journey but if I can/want to I will definitely be returning to Physicians Surrogacy! They are amazing!

My Surrogacy Journey was Incredible Thanks to Physician’s Surrogacy and Their Wonderful Coordinator

I feel so lucky I found them when I was researching on becoming a surrogate. When I first came into contact with the Coordinator at Physician’s Surrogacy she made us feel so comfortable, I knew I had found the right agency. I felt confident that everyone knew what was going to happen and no questions went unanswered. Making the decision to become a Surrogate was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life (aside from having our own beautiful daughter). The adventure from meeting the Intended Parents to finally watching them interact with their baby is indescribable. I was able to help give them a beautiful Read more

This was the most amazing experience

Just completed my first journey with Physician’s Surrogacy and this has been the most amazing experience for myself and my husband. Physician’s Surrogacy made this process so smooth and enjoyable. I was always being checked on and felt like I could ask any questions or voice any concerns.Ileska and Ivory were my case managers and they were absolutely amazing, and extremely supportive.

I highly recommend anyone to the agency especially if it is your first journey.

Thank you Physician’s Surrogacy for helping me through this amazing experience!!“

This experience gives someone the opportunity to experience parenthood

“I’m 23 years old, and have a family of my own, so I know the excitement of being a parent. I think every couple who wants a family deserves it. If I could help them accomplish that, it’d be a great experience for everybody involved. I’m very family oriented and couldn’t imagine not being able to produce a child.

This experience gives individuals that are unable to carry a child the opportunity to experience parenthood. The compensation is also a plus. It will help secure a future for my family

My ultimate goal in this is to bless a family the way I was blessed with my angel baby

“I don’t plan on having another child of my own. My body is perfectly capable of carrying a child, so I decided it would be the perfect choice to become a surrogate. Pregnancy is an amazing experience from start to finish. Not being able to bare their own children isn’t something that women ask for. I feel for those who want it so badly but can’t do it on their own. I understand what it means to be a Surrogate.

I understand the child is not “mine” even though it will be in my body. My ultimate goal in this is to bless a family the way I was blessed with my angel baby

It was a calling for me to help bless someone and make their dreams come true

The first time I ever heard of the term “surrogate” was a few years ago. At the time I had no idea what it really was. It was not until I had a close personal experience with my older sister wanting another child but not knowing if she herself was able to carry the pregnancy. She asked if I would ever consider carrying a child for her.

The hope and the little bit of faith it gives a woman with a chance to have a child was so beautiful.

The term and idea lingered since then. It was a subject that came up over and over, and peaked my interest to do more reading and research on it. The deeper I looked, it felt right, like it was a calling for me to help bless someone and make their dreams come true

Helping a family through surrogacy

“In my quest to fulfill my dream of helping a family though surrogacy I researched several agencies in the California area. I found so many great reviews on Physician’s Surrogacy. I called and the staff was quick to answer all my questions. They certainly helped put my mind at ease and was the first agency (I called several) that I spoke with where I finally sensed “this is where I belong.” I immediately felt like they had my best interest in mind and walked me through every step of the matching process. No question of mine was ever too big or too small. Within just a couple of months of my profile being listed I had a conference call with a potential set of Intended Parents. A short time later, it was a match! It just took one phone call and I knew that all my wishes in what I was looking for in a set of Intended Parents had been listened to and met. Not long after, I had to travel for my initial medical clearance. They made all my travel arrangements and were in constant contact with me.Not quite a year after my matching process and I am quickly approaching the delivery date of my first surrogate baby.

The entire staff has helped make this the most positive and joyful experience I could’ve ever imagined. If I ever needed anything, my coordinator was quick to get on it and be sure it was taken care of.

I have gotten phone calls and texts from the staff congratulating me on important milestones (heartbeat confirmation, 20 week ultrasound, first, second and third trimester, etc.) Physician’s Surrogacy has always made me feel like family, I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience